Extreme Warfare Revenge: WCW 1998 – The Daniel Biggerstaff Challenge


So the developmental territory for my game has been a huge success with regards to a few wrestlers that I signed at the start of the game. Guys like AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Jamie Noble that started off with little overness but quickly became the top stars of the business. Hell, AJ Styles is the WCW Television Champion and a completely game-generated character, Silvio Maldini, is the WCW Cruiserweight Champion (as of Fall Brawl 2000). It’s been a huge success for me.

However, the developmental is currently low on numbers with regards to the talent. So I went into free agency and picked up some guys that I legitimately felt could become valuable assets to the product. A lot of those guys I wanted had Japanese bookings which was annoying, because wrestlers with those bookings are limited to how much they can work for you. Say if I wanted to sign Taz, who’s signed with Zero-One in the game. For the dates that Zero-One is on, I wouldn’t be able to use Taz on my show. That would come to be a pain if Taz was in a feud and becomes unavailable for a PPV or something.

Anyway, I was looking around the free agency. Then I found a wrestler called Daniel Biggerstaff… Yep, this was a real wrestler that I found on this mod! This man had the WORST ratings in the game, regarding speed, charisma, technical skill etc. Check him out below.


Now the US calls itself the Land of Opportunity, so it would be great for old WCW to give Biggerstaff a shot. After all, he has the marque name. The type of name that you could put on a T-Shirt. The type of name that will strike fear in the hearts of wrestler everywhere. Everybody would want a bit of the Biggerstaff….

So I decided to give Biggerstaff a 12 month Developmental deal with WCW at the Power Plant. The developmental territory that got so many stars in my game to stardom. Can they do the same with Daniel Biggerstaff?

So starting after Halloween Havoc is posted up, we will be having a Biggerstaffometer. We will be updating you with the ratings of Biggerstaff in developmental as they are updated by your head writer at the start of each month. We will see how far the worst wrestler in the game can rise in WCW!

Halloween Havoc has been booked by the way in my game, so expect to see that uploaded this week some time.


Before I leave, thoughts and prayers to the family of Perro Aguayo Jr, the wrestler that died in the match in AAA featuring Rey Mysterio. It’s a tragic event in the world of professional wrestling. It’s a reminder that wrestling is a hard-hitting, dangerous profession who take real risks that unfortunately can end badly. So to those people STILL saying that wrestling is fake, try telling that to the family of this talented athlete. Wrestling is one of the most physically demanding professions out there and these wrestlers give it their all just to make sure we get a good show.

R.I.P. Perro Aguayo Jr.

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