Hello guys. I hope you guys have been liking the EWR series as of late. It’s a totally different direction that I’ve taken my blog in since I started the series a few months ago. It’s been a lot of funny and this update is to tell you where that’s at, what kind of content you can expect and all the other projects I have in the works at the moment.

The good news about the blog is that it’s been booming in views for the last couple of days! The EWR series in particular has been a huge contributor to that and that’s good to see. Thank you guys so much for checking the series out as of late and I hope you’ll enjoy the next few months in WCW EWR! We’ve just done the Great American Bash and you can check out that post on this link!

Next on the horizon in that series is Bash At The Beach and we’ve got quite a card lined up. A lot of feuds have ended a lot of exciting new ones have been brought into the fold. In the game, I still have a lot of Nitros and Thunders to book before I get to the PPV so it might be a few days before it gets put up on the blog. Even though, I still have a bit of card in my head for the PPV. The main event of Bash At The Beach has already been decided.

It’s going to be Raven, the leader of the Exiles and the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World going up against… Booker T!

Yes, Raven vs Booker T is happening at Bash at the Beach as Booker T was injured for his scheduled title match against Raven at The Great American Bash. So he’s getting his title match here! Who do you think will walk out the WCW Title? Vot on the poll below!

Here is the updated full list of EVERY WCW post I’ve ever done! If you want to go back and relive all of the past posts and see what’s led us to this moment. How Raven won the WCW Title at Superbrawl and formed the Exiles! How Rob Van Dam became the undisputed WCW International Champion at the following year’s Superbrawl! Hell Slamboree 2000, the PPV I had Perry Saturn defend the WCW Television title in a battle royal! You can relive all of my booking, from the moments of genius to the moments of out-right stupidity! The best feuds to the worse! The swerves! The chaos! All of it in the links below…

Part 1 – World War 3

Part 2 – Starrcade

Part 3 – Souled Out

Part 4 – Superbrawl

Part 5 – Uncensored

Part 6 – Spring Stampede

Part 7 – Slamboree

Part 8 – The Great American Bash

Part 9 – Bash At The Beach

Part 10 – Road Wild

Part 11 – Fall Brawl

Part 12 – Halloween Havoc

Part 13 – World War 3 1999

Part 14 – Starrcade 1999

Part 15 – Souled Out 2000

Part 16 – Superbrawl 2000

Part 17 – Uncensored 2000

Part 18 – Spring Stampede 2000

Part 19 – Slamboree 2000

Part 20 – Nitro of Champions Special

Part 21 – The Great American Bash 2000



Also, for the TNA 2010 game, I will upload the links to all of that series if you wanted to check that out…

Part 1 – Destination X

Part 2 – Lockdown

Part 3 – Sacrifice

Part 4 – Slammiversary

Part 5 – Victory Road

Part 6 – Hard Justice

Speaking of the TNA game, I MIGHT actually come back to it. It gets a surprisingly good amount of views despite how short the series has been up until this point! So I might come back and do a few posts soon. Would you guys like me to go back to the TNA series or should I just knock it on the head? Comment below on your thoughts…

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