Alright, this one’s going to be a little bit different from my previous ones. It’s a bit of a BONUS post! Ooooo! We all like bonuses! As for the first time, we get to post about… a Nitro!

You’re probably asking why I decided to do an episode of Nitro for a post right NOW. I’ve done a hundred of these shows off-screen. Why do a blog post of them now? Well you see, I felt my last PPV, Slamboree when HORRIBLY wrong. The battle royal in the pre-show pretty much set the tone for the rest of the show and looking back… the card could have been a lot better. I felt the game graded me a bit too harshly but I felt the WCW Universe deserved a lot more! So I decided to give them a night after Slamboree special edition of Nitro! And seeing as how ALL of my championships lost overness at Slamboree, why not put them all on the line here tonight! As we will have….


Every championship on the line live on television!

(Note: Kinda forget about the Clash Of Champions event when coming up with the name! Might bring that back as a PPV!)


Segment 1 – Authority vs Authority Confrontation Between Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff

WCW Co-President Ric Flair opens up the show saying that Slamboree was a hell of show. But he’s got to look forward and on the horizon is the next WCW PPV, The Great American Bash! He says he’s already decided on the challenger for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at the Great American Bash, and that man will take on the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. But Flair points out that tonight was the Nitro Of Champions special! He says that every title will be on the line tonight, including the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He says the winner of the WCW Title match tonight will go on to The Great American Bash against a man that symbolizes the American Dream. A man that has worked hard to get to the pinnacle of this business and a man that deserves a one on one opportunity at the WCW Title… Booker T.

Fellow Co-President Eric Bischoff cuts him off and agrees that Slamboree was a heck of a show. However, he knows that this product can be taken to the very next level and promises that tonight will be a night of fierce competition. A night in which the strongest will survive as he announces that the Whole Damn Show Rob Van Dam will get the opportunity to prove just that as he will compete not once but TWICE tonight! Tonight he will get an opportunity to challenge Perry Saturn for the WCW Television Champion and later that night, he will defend his own International title against Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner.

Flair has a go at Bischoff for announcing these match without consulting him, but Bischoff reminds him that he the majority power between the two of them and can overrule any of Flair’s decisions if he sees fit. He also announces that he’s already decided the challenger for the WCW World Title later that night. Flair cuts him off before he announces him, to announce his own matches for tonight. He says that there are two other champions that he feels needs to prove themselves to the WCW Universe. The Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri and the tag team champions Rowdy Roddy Piper and Steven Regal. Flair informs Bischoff that Hogan and Sting never got their rematch for the tag team titles that he screwed them out of at Uncensored. Flair says that tonight, they get those tag titles and hopes at last, WCW can have tag team champions that can be respected. Bischoff questions Sting and Hogan being respectful champions. Bischoff points out Hogan’s role in forming the nWo and says Sting is a vigilante no child should hope to look up to. Flair admits Eric makes a good point, but reminds him that he can’t deny Hogan and Sting their rematch and that will happen tonight.

He also announces that Tajiri will defend the Cruiserweight title against another man that never got his title rematch… AJ Styles. Bischoff doesn’t have a problem with AJ getting his rematch but wants another up-and-comer to finally get his shot… Jamie Noble of the Steiner System! Flair agrees to add Noble to the match but wanted to add one more man into the mix… Jeff Hardy! The two agree and the four way match is made but Eric gets the final word in. Booker T may have the World Title match at the Great American Bash but will be a no-win situation no matter who wins tonights WCW World Title match. Bischoff announces that Raven’s opponent tonight… will be Bret Hart!

Match 1 (2) – Perry Saturn (c) def. Rob Van Dam via DQ to retain the WCW Television Championship

The Television title lost a severe amount of image from the battle royal at Slamboree, so putting these two quality talents together for a title match was the ultimate way in getting that image back. Perry retained after Eddie Guerrero attacked him, getting Rob disqualified. Eddie and Rob argue with Paul Heyman getting between them and trying to get them on the same page. 90%! An awesome opener to this special.

Interview 1 (3) – AJ Styles Interview About Kensuke Sasaki

AJ Styles is doing an interview. He talks about how him and Kensuke Sasaki took each other to the limit last night but says it’s a damn shame that Kensuke resorted to cheating to beat him. Styles reaches out to Sasaki and challenges him to a serious rematch. No cheating, no shenanigans. AJ says he wants to find out who the best between them really is. The interviewer (probably Mean Gene Okerlund or somebody!) points out his title match tonight. AJ thanks Flair for giving him a shot to reclaim what was his. He says it doesn’t matter if he has to go through one man, two men, three men or thirty men. He will beat whoever there is to beat to prove that he is the premiere cruiserweight in this company.

Match 2 (4) – Yoshihiro Tajiri (c) def. AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Jamie Noble in a fatal four way match to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Kensuske Sasaki responded to the promo from AJ by again costing him the Cruiserweight title. Tajiri retains, but I think everybody benefited from this match! Noble and Jeff who were like in the 60s before are now very close to AJ and Tajiri as far as overness is concerned and that’s a good thing… I want a very active cruiserweight division. Hell, Noble and Hardy could be future cruiserweight champions!

Segment 2 (5) – Jamie Noble attacks Ultimo Dragon backstage

Noble is angrily walking backstage when Ultimo Dragon walks in front of him. Dragon doesn’t say a word and just looks at him. Noble then simply attacks Ultimo backstage and throws him into a wall or something. The officials pull Noble off of him, but Ultimo is severely hurt.

Match 3 (6) – Rob Van Dam (c) def. Scott Steiner to retain the WCW International Championship

Another classic between these two. Paul Heyman and Eddie Guerrero comes out to ringside and at commentary to look on. However, Van Dam is hurdled into the ref and then low-blowed by Steiner. Steiner throws him out of the ring. Eddie Guerrero comes out through the crowd and hits Steiner with RVD’s International Championship belt. RVD gets up to find Steiner down. RVD capitalizes with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win! RVD, Eddie and Heyman all celebrate in the ring when a replay off Eddie’s interference is shown on the titantron. RVD and Eddie have words until RVD lashes out at Eddie and then hits the Frog Splash, taking his championship belt with him. Things aren’t going smoothly in Heyman’s attempt to get RVD and Eddie on the same page.

Segment 3 (7) – Trish Stratus compliments Perry Saturn and leaves with him

Perry Saturn is backstage in the trainers’ room when his manager Trish Stratus pops in to see if he’s alright. Trish says she cares about him and says Saturn did great out there. She compliments him some more and the two leave.

Match 4 (8) – Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) and Steven Regal (c) def. Hollywood Hogan and Sting to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

Piper and Regal retain after Keiji Mutoh and Tajiri interfere. Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio come out to even the score. Simple tag match. Hogan and Sting genuinely never got their tag title rematch on TV or anything so why not have them compete for the titles?

Interview 2 (9) – Bret Hart Interview About His Match Later On

Bret cuts a promo talking about how he should be the WCW World Champion right now and thanked Eric Bischoff for giving him the opportunity to right that wrong and go on to The Great American Bash to defend his title against Booker T. The interviewer mentions that Booker T is expected to be here later on tonight. Bret simply replies that it’s important for Booker to be here tonight. He says tonight Booker will get a clear example of why he doesn’t belong in Bret’s league and that at the Great American Bash, he’s got no chance of beating him for the WCW Title. By the way, Bret’s not a heel now but this is all hinting towards that. Bret’s playing the bitter arsehole role that he played back in early 1997 when he would just complain about not getting the opportunities he deserves. That kinda thing.

Segment 4 (10) – Booker T Arrives At The Building

Speaking of Booker T, he arrives in time for the main event match.

Match 5 (11) – Raven (c) def. Bret Hart to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

This match is interrupted by Booker T, who comes out to attack Raven with the chair while the ref. He also smacks Bret with the chair, leaving them both out! Raven eventually comes to and covers Bret but Bret kicks out. Raven is then eventually able to hit the Evenflow DDT for the win and to retain his title. Needless to say, Booker has sent a clear message to both these guys as we are on the road to The Great American Bash….

So thankfully, this special went well. It elevated some of the up-and-comers like Jamie Noble and Jeff Hardy and ALL the titles gained image! I did what I set out to and I am a very happy camper! Coming up next… THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH! By the way, a slight change has been made to the main event of the Great American Bash announced on this post. I will tweet about it before I post Part 21, so check out my @TomRobinson5199 twitter for more details. In the mean time, have a great day guys!



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