Previously on WCW EWR…

Raven finally fulfilled his prophecy and defeated Chris Jericho to become the NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champ… wait a minute. Is anyone else getting a strong case of deja vu? Well anyway, Raven beat Jericho to become a two-time WCW World Champion. The next night on Nitro, Jericho was not there. But WCW Co-President Ric Flair informed us that Jericho had officially activated his rematch clause for a WCW World Heavyweight Championship match to take place between Jericho and Raven at Spring Stampede. Raven stated that Jericho was making a huge mistake but Jericho simply took the fight to the Exiles. On the next Nitro, Jericho began his crusade by viciously assaulting the Television Champion Perry Saturn. He would attack every member of the Exiles, and took out Randy Savage with a conchairto, putting him out of action. His crusade included attacking Raven during a WCW Title defense against Bret Hart on the Thunder before Spring Stampede. These actions have not set well with the Hitman, who will address the WCW Universe on the Spring Stampede Pre-Show.

On the Nitro after Uncensored, Hollywood Hogan and Sting called out Eric Bischoff for costing them to the WCW Tag Team titles. Eric came out to declare that he’s just struck the deal of the century, which will guarantee the destruction of both Sting and the Hulkster at Spring Stampede. Bischoff said that he would announce this deal later on and that he wanted Hogan and Sting to be there when he does. Bischoff guaranteed that while he was a little concerned about this contract, he knows that controversy will create cash and he knows that this would bring results. Later on, Hogan and Sting came out to await their opponents for the tag team match at Spring Stampede. Out comes Eddie Guerrero and Paul Heyman who simply walks to the ring. As they do, they spot the fired Chris Benoit coming out from the crowd. He grabs a chair and joins Hogan and Sting in the ring. Heyman finally grabs the mic and utters the words, “Controversy creates cash”. As soon as he says it, Benoit smacks Sting with the chair! Hogan is shocked before he is attacked to by the Rapid Wolverine. Eddie joins him in the ring, as they batter the legends. Benoit then approaches Heyman, as they shake hands revealing Chris Benoit as the newest “Paul Heyman Guy”.

Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig have been having issues with one another. The former tag team champions have been embarrassed on a number of occasions by Bret Hart and have had a mass fall from grace. The two blamed each other for the problems but their manager Ted DiBiase tried to get them on the same page. However, this resulted in a huge brawl on Nitro that ended up with DiBiase on his ass. DiBiase went to Bischoff, who made the match of Bigelow vs Hennig at Spring Stampede. This was seen as a cool-off match where the tag team can settle their differences. Ric Flair added a special referee to the match… Ted DiBiase!


Pre-Show – Bret Hart/The Exiles confrontation.

Bret Hart interrupts the Pre-Show by stating that when he first arrived at WCW after Montreal, he thought he saw a company that he could trust. A company that wouldn’t screw him over unlike that company down in Connecticut. But what happens? Time after time, interference and injustices costed him his opportunity to become the WCW Champion and be the holder of a true World Championship. He said he respected the WCW Title, but he doesn’t respect the man currently holding the title – Raven. Bret is interrupted by Raven and his Exiles faction.

Raven told Hart that he’s got it all wrong. Raven says that Bret thinks Raven is disgracing the title, but it’s quite the contrary. Everything he and his Exiles stable have done in the last year has been done to reward true talent in WCW. Raven says that for 12 years, he had fought to be at the pinnacle of his profession. After so many years waiting for his opportunity, Raven said that somebody like him didn’t need to wait anymore and he proved his worth when he beat Sting for the WCW title back at last year’s Superbrawl.

He outlines Perry Saturn as another example. Perry Saturn was looked over and passed over by all the WCW management in the back until Raven reached out to Saturn. Now Saturn stood as the WCW Television Champion, he has a beautiful woman in Trish Stratus at his side and he has proven himself against the very best in the business. Bret responds by saying that he doesn’t believe Perry has proven anything too him. He says that Perry might have proven himself against the very best, but he’s not proven himself against the Best There Is, the Best There Was and the Best They’ll Ever Will Be. Raven proposes that since neither Bret or Perry are booked, why not have them fight tonight in an impromptu match? Saturn vs Hart in a non-title match! Bret agrees and says that after he’s done with Perry, he’s coming for the WCW title.


Match 1 – Bret Hart def. Perry Saturn in a non-title match

A match designed to make Perry look really strong. However, Bret goes over as I did have plans for Bret being in the WCW Title picture.


Match 2 – Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) and Steven Regal (c) def. Ultimo Dragon and AJ Styles in a tag team tables match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

The Legion hold on to the Tag Team titles after knocking off the exciting team of Ultimo Dragon and Cruiserweight champion AJ Styles.


Match 3 – Keiji Mutoh def. Rey Mysterio in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Mutoh beats Mysterio in a hell of a blow-off match between the Japanese legend and the rising mexican star. Suprisingly, Mysterio was a lot more over after this match! I guess Mysterio is really starting to come into his own. It took him a while, but now he’s really over. As for Mutoh, his overness is taking a tumble. That’s bad as it affects his stable the Asian Invasion if their leader is losing overness. 91% though so a strong match.


Match 4 – Rob Van Dam (c) def. Scott Steiner in a First Blood match to retain the WCW International Championship

This is a very brutal match. RVD and Steiner are just smacking each other weapons. But in the end, RVD wins by hitting Steiner with the Vandaminator for the win! RVD retains and the champ goes over in this feud! This got a 95% which I’m really happy with. The joint-top rated match on this card, alongside the main event.


Match 5 – Kensuke Sasaki def. Booker T

Yeah Sasaki going over in this was definitely the wrong call in this match and I’ll explain why. I ended up putting Booker in a REALLY big feud after this, so for him to go into this feud off the back of this loss to an Asian Invasion member was a really bad mistake! It didn’t really make him look strong! Then again, WWE had Daniel Bryan job to Bray Wyatt and then just put Bryan in the WWE Title picture! So it might work out for the best!


Match 6 – Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero def. Hollywood Hogan and Sting in a hardcore tag team match

Benoit and Eddie go over… CLEAN! Benoit and Eddie are the younger talent and not to take anything away from Hogan or Sting… their main purpose on my game now is to elevate the younger guys. I see Benoit and Eddie as the future of WCW and with Paul Heyman on their side, they are a force to be reckoned with. So there was no need to put Sting and Hogan over in this when they’ll just be super over at the end of it, win, lose or draw. 86%… nice rating!


Match 7 – Curt Hennig def. Bam Bam Bigelow with Ted DiBiase as the special guest referee

Ah well, this was the ruiner of my rating. 😦 Hennig beat Bigelow after DiBiase didn’t notice Bigelow’s foot under the rope. Hennig offered to shake hands but Bigelow drops him and leaves. Asbury Perfection seems to be broken up and that match did nothing to help them.

Now to address the elephant in the room… the 68% rating. I really don’t get why this match got such a low rating. Now I did have them both as heels and people could say that was a huge factor. But then again, Eddie and Chavo were both heels when they feuded so it can’t have been that. It’s not like Bigelow and Hennig weren’t over either. They’re definitely good workers… so why did it get such a low rating? The game said that it was because fans were still pumped up from the last match and this match was seen as a let-down but come on. Hennig vs Bigelow can’t have been SO much worse than Benoit/Eddie vs Hogan/Sting. And there’s like an actually decent storyline to Hennig and Bigelow so I don’t see how that can be the case. Bloody game! -.-


Match 8 – Raven (c) def. Chris Jericho in a steel cage match to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Raven retained the WCW title after Bret Hart came out and got into the cage to attack Raven but accidentally clocks Jericho with a chair. Raven takes advantage to escape the cage Jericho responded by brawling with Hart to the back. The WCW World Title picture is heating up!


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