Previously on WCW…

Chris Jericho was the reigning WCW World Champion. He defeated Raven on Nitro to win the title for the first time and has defended the title against the likes of Sting, Randy Savage and Scott Steiner on PPV. But now, he’s facing challenge from the leader of the Asian Invasion… Keiji Mutoh. Jericho retained at Starrcade, but how long will Jericho’s reign last? He faces his toughest task yet as not only does he have to contend with the Japanese wrestling legend, but his match at Souled Out is an elimination fatal four way match also involving Raven and Bret Hart.

The dream team of Hollywood Hogan and Sting defeated Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig to become the NEW WCW Tag Team champions, ending the 162 day title reign of Asbury Perfection. Needless to say, the former champions are not pleased and with manager Ted DiBiase, declare their intention to invoke their rematch clause for Souled Out. Asbury Perfection are out to prove that their tag title loss was nothing more than a fluke, but they’ll have to beat two of the greatest wrestlers of all time to do it…

WCW President Ric Flair’s attack on Scott Steiner as the special referee cost Big Poppa Pump his WCW Title match against Chris Jericho at World War 3. Steiner attacked Flair on the Thunder afterwards, but DDP came out to Flair’s aid. Steiner began having problems with the King of Bada-Bing, which led to Steiner and his new group “The Steiner System” attacking DDP. This led to a match at Starrcade, which DDP won. Steiner was steemed at this loss and a rematch was made for Souled Out. However, Flair informed Steiner that if he lost… he would be fired!

A number one contenders match was made the Thunder after Starrcade, with the winner getting a WCW Championship match the next week. It would be Ultimo Dragon, managed by Paul Heyman, going up against Eddie Guerrero. This is a heck of a match. Dragon goes for the win but as the ref is down, Heyman turns on his client to help Eddie Guerrero win. Paul Heyman announced himself as the newest advocate for the next WCW Champion, Eddie Guerrero. However, Dragon’s music distracted Eddie during his title match, which Jericho took advantage off for the win. Ultimo Dragon vs Eddie Guerrero was made for Souled Out.


By the way, a couple of other pointers before Souled Out. There was only like two weeks in between these PPVs but a lot happened as I begun a lot of new feuds….

  • Roddy Piper has renamed the WCW United States Championship the WCW EUROPEAN title and is defending that belt tonight against RVD.
  • RVD and Paul Heyman have not parted ways yet, even though Paul Heyman turned heel on his other client, Ultimo Dragon. I might have RVD get to him later, but right now RVD’s got business with Piper and his faction, Legion.

As for the Steiner System group that was mentioned earlier on, this group consists of the following people…

  • Scott Steiner, who obviously is the leader.
  • Jamie Noble, who was just recently called up from my developmental territory – which is actually called NXT!
  • Charlie and Russ, the Haas Brothers. These two were also in developmental and will be like the Bashams of this group. Like how the Bashams were to JBL’s cabinet.

The whole point of this group is to elevate the guys that were called up from developmental. They for some reason are elevated much more quickly when they got on the main roster when they’re in a stable. Tajiri and Kensuke Sasaki were two examples. I think the only developmental guy that got super over that WASN’T a part of a stable was AJ Styles (who’s currently the WCW Cruiserweight Champion). Pretty much… this is kinda like Seth Rollins alongside his stooges – Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble… how ironic Noble’s a part of this group! Noble’s actually getting really over at the moment! I think it won’t be long before he’s in the right position to challenge and potentially BEAT AJ for the Cruiserweight title! Hail developmental guys!

Rick Steiner maybe added to the group down the line, but I haven’t really decided yet. Who knows who might join the Steiner System.

Anyway, WCW is BACK! Time for Souled Out!



Pre-Show – Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki def. Arn Anderson and Animal, Edge and Christian Cage and  Steven Regal and Fit Finlay in an Elimination Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match

I always like doing fatal four way tags! I nice little way to give people air time and potential get them over. Guys like Edge and Christian Cage. I’m kinda annoyed that Edge and Christian aren’t as over as they should be, because in real-life they were super-over in the WWF at this point! Rest assured, I do have a plan to get them over and it’s going to take a while to properly execute it! Liger and Sasaki were representing the Asian Invasion, Steven Regal and Fit Finlay were representing Legion, and Animal and Arn Anderson has had problems with the Asian Invasion in the past. In the end, Liger and Sasaki went over after beating Edge and Christian at the end.


Match 1 – Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) def. Rob Van Dam to retain the WCW European Championship

Piper went over by cheating to beat RVD. I’m very happy with the 88% rating. The fans were really into this feud a lot more than what I was expecting.


Match 2 – AJ Styles (c) def. Rey Mysterio and Yoshihiro Tajiri in a triple threat match to retain the WCW Crusierweight Championship

The crusierweights doing wonders for me as usual! Not as great as the Piper/RVD match but I don’t care! These three are HUGE favorites of mine. I know a lot of you think that I’m somebody into big guys like Ryback and Scott Steiner, but the truth is I have such a soft spot for crusierweights! I always wished they brought back the Crusierweight title in WWE. Not to plug WhatCulture or anything, but I did an article for them on the cruiserweight division a year or two ago about this that you can check out here.


Match 3 – Perry Saturn (c) vs Chris Benoit for the WCW Television Championship went to a time-limit draw. If Chris Benoit couldn’t beat Perry Saturn in 5 minutes, Saturn retained the title.

A rare DRAW in one of my PPVs. Benoit had been beating Perry Saturn cleanly over and over on Thunder in such a short amount of time that Perry challenged Benoit to a five minute challenge at Souled Out. Benoit had five minutes to be Perry Saturn for the WCW TV title, or Saturn would retain. As Benoit had Saturn locked in the crossface, Trish Stratus came down to the ring to distract the ref. This meant that the ref would miss Saturn tapping on to the crossface. The time eventually expired and Saturn retains. There’s actually no way to book a match to go five minutes long. You can in the TEW booking game (which a lot of people recommend) but not on EWR unfortunately. But we can always just make pretend 😉


Match 4 – Booker T def. Randy Savage

Randy Savage beat Booker T on Thunder this past-week after grabbing the tights of Booker. A rematch was booked for Souled Out, where Booker picked up the HUGE win over the legendary Macho Man! The highest rated match on the show so far! 89%!


Match 5 – Hollywood Hogan (c) and Sting (c) def. Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow via DQ to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

Asbury Perfection’s manager Ted DiBiase was caught smacking Hogan with the brass knuckles, causing for Bigelow and Hennig to get DQ’d. Hogan and Sting retain their newly won titles, but how long can this dream team hold onto the belts?


Match 6 – Scott Steiner def. Diamond Dallas Page

Steiner got revenge for the loss at Starrcade after The Giant came out to deliver the chokeslam to DDP when the ref was distracted by the Steiner System, giving Steiner the victory. Steiner and Giant shake hands after the match, confirming that The Giant is the newest member to the Steiner System group! You could say that this was a… GIANT coup for Big Poppa Pump!………….



I’m now £1 out of pocket. Just had to go there….


Match 7 – Ultimo Dragon def. Eddie Guerrero via DQ

I’d hate to do TWO DQ finishes on the same PPVs but for this one, it was really need for the story. The other one was just done to avoid having Asbury Perfection jobbing out clean twice. Eddie and Dragon had the best match of the night. Eddie did all he could to put the Dragon away, but Ultimo was still not going down. Paul Heyman eventually smacked Dragon with the chair for the disqualification. Eddie proceeded to do a post-match beatdown in which he delivered multiple chair shots and then hit a brainbuster on Ultimo onto a chair! A pretty dangerous spot now that I think about it! 93% rating! Fantastic results with this feud already!


Match 8 – Chris Jericho def. Keiji Mutoh, Raven and Bret Hart in a fatal four way elimination match to retain the WCW World Championship

Jericho eliminated Mutoh right away in this one. This is like the six pack challenge match at Night Of Champions 2010, when Jericho was eliminated in a minute by Orton. Ironically here though, JERICHO is the one that quickly eliminates someone! Him, Bret and Raven go at it for a while until Raven eliminated Bret after a Evenflow DDT onto the chair. It comes down to Raven and Jericho. It’s a hell of a final two but in the end, Jericho prevails and retains his title. I was really considering having Raven win the belt, but I felt that would take away from the Jericho/Mutoh which is about the WCW Title. Jericho retains but Mutoh’s not going to be happy about that quick elimination!


89% overall PPV Rating… according to the game. How do you guys rate my booking for this PPV? Vote on the poll, leave a comment or tweet @TomRobinson5199 to give your thoughts on WCW Souled Out 2000! Should I have put Raven over? What feuds do you want to see on this game? Tweet or comment with your thoughts, and it may just be a reality!

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