Previously on TNA EWR…

We kicked off the TNA EWR 2010 mod with a bang. It was Destination X. I bought a lot of guys, fired a lot of guys and I was all ready for my first show.

The show featured AJ Styles retaining the TNA World Title against Kurt Angle by getting himself DQ’d, Beer Money retaining their newly won TNA Tag titles against Raven and Rhino and Mr Anderson turned heel, followed up by him beating Sting at Destination X. This, of course, led us to Lockdown.

Even though the whole gimmick was supposed to be about every match being a cage match, I didn’t want every match to actually be a cage match! There were a lot of feuds that had just gotten started and there was no need for them to be in a cage. I needed at least one though, and I decided that it might as well be the main event! So a really cool cage match to close off the show! We’ve got a stacked line-up for this show! Tag titles on the line in a triple threat tag! A first blood match! Hardcore matches! A lot to look forward to.



Pre-Show – La Parka def. Jerry Lynn in a falls count anywhere match

I finally got to debut these guys recently on TV as they both REALLY wanted to face each other. Jerry Lynn won the first match, which hurt Parka’s overness for some reason. So I gave La Parka the win! Rarely do you see a falls count anywhere match on the pre-show. So if you’re tuning into the TNA YouTube pre-show… you’re in for a treat!


Match 1 – Raven and Rhino def. Bobby Roode (c) and James Storm (c), and Christopher Daniels and Kaz in a triple threat tag team match to win the TNA Tag Team Championship

NEW CHAMPS! Yes, Raven and Rhino are the new tag team champs. By the way, I gave them the name Deadly Sin after this match. Deadly Sin, who are apart of the Extreme Coalition, won the three way also involving Beer Money and Bad Influence with Raven beating Storm to do it. I’m not sure that Raven and Rhino will be champions for long. If anything, I thought it was a great idea to have Deadly Sin win the titles now and then perhaps have Roode and Storm win them back to end the feud. Either way, Storm and Roode didn’t lose much overness from this and Deadly Sin are both very over right now!


Match 2 – Jeff Hardy def. Eric Young

I really wanted to put Eric over, but I knew that Jeff would just complain about putting over Eric. Plus, I didn’t want to hurt one of our biggest merch sellers in Jeff. Jeff won after Mick Foley helped him win over Eric.


Segment 1 (3) – Motor City Machine Guns cut a promo on Team 3D

I really haven’t built the Team 3D/Guns feud as much as I should have. This was to help give it some points before they square off in their rematch from Destination X.


Match 3 (4) – Team 3D def. Motor City Machine Guns

This second win for 3D is getting the Guns really mad. The Guns are pissed that they can’t beat Team 3D and they attack them post-match out of frustration. They’ll be looking to try and claw a win back in this feud which Team 3D have dominated so far.


Match 4 (5) – Jay Lethal def. Kevin Nash via DQ

Kevin Nash was looking to gain some redemption after the NEW X-Division Champion Jay Lethal beat him at Destination X. Kevin pounds on Lethal throughout the match, but the X-Division star refuses to stay down. Nash eventually gets pissed and smacks Lethal with a crowbar for the DQ. Nash pounds Lethal with the crowbar, leaving him a bloody mess. Not great match-wise, but a great way to get Lethal over… pretty much the sole purpose for this feud!


Match 5 (6) – Jeff Jarrett def. Monty Brown in a No Disqualification match (No such option for a No-DQ in the game so I just went with a hardcore match!)

Jeff won the match after Stevie Richards from the Extreme Coalition tried to interfere on Brown’s behalf. However, the interference backfired and Jarrett took advantage. He was able to land the Stroke on Monty Brown ONTO the chair for the victory. Needless to say, the Extreme Coalition do have reasons for trying to getting involved in Monty Brown’s business…


Match 6 (7) – Sting def. Mr Anderson in a first blood match

Brutal match which got high ratings on the game. I think this was the second highest ranked match on the show. This would basically be a slaughter! After Anderson got Sting mad by beating him at Destination X, Sting went all out here with weapon and stuff. A VERY clean win for the Stinger. However, Anderson gained overness from the match which shows people are into both guys and this is definitely one of the better feuds on the game right now!


Match 7 (8) – AJ Styles (c) def. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a triple threat steel cage match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

So with AJ and Angle feuding and Joe earning a title shot at the last PPV, a three way cage match was the ultimate solution. I really should down the line just shot these three in just a standard triple threat. I’d imagine the cage would limit what they’d be able to do in and out the ring. However, you’d probably see a lot of high spots. AJ or possibly Kurt would probably jump off the cage. My idea for the ending is that Angle locks in the Ankle lock to AJ for a really long time. AJ is about to tap but Joe breaks it up. Angle lays out Joe with the Angle slam, while AJ unties his boot and then tries to get over the cage. As he’s laid on top, Angle locks onto the injured ankle for the ankle lock. Yeah, this would be hard to explain I know! AJ would be on top with his legs dangling down, and Angle would just grab on. AJ taps on top of the cage, but the ref doesn’t see it as he’s attending to Joe who’s out. The ref turns and then AJ is able to kick Angle off and off his boot goes as well. It’s like the Eddie/Angle spot from Wrestlemania 20! After kicking Angle off, AJ slides down the cage for the win.


Either way, this would have been a great match I think, which is why I booked it. It got the top marks on the show and the Angle/AJ feud is money right now! I can’t wait to write the next installment. I may have to end it on TV as it’s a long time before my next PPV on the game, but you will hear all about it on PART 3 of this playthrough which I think I’ll do some time this weekend. If not, then Monday I’m guessing.




So Destination X and Lockdown are both in the books! Up next… Sacrifice! What are these wrestlers willing to sacrifice to achieve glory here in TNA?



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