What’s up guys. It’s WCW Booker Thomas Robinson here to update you about what’s going on with the WCW EWR series I’ve had going for the last few months. This is pretty much to say whether I’m going to continue with it, whether I’m gonna try something different with it and what you can expect to see in the next couple of weeks…


To keep everyone up-to-date with where the series is right now…

  • I’ve done TWELVE PPVs so far from World War 3 in 1998, when Sting fought Randy Savage for the WCW Title, to Halloween Havoc 1999 when Chris Jericho fought Scott Steiner for the same gold. All of these PPVs are up on the Armbar Express and if you’re an active on the EWBattleground Forum, it’s all on there as well. I’m a frequent poster on that forum, aiding people with names and ideas etc.
  • The current champions on my WCW game are WCW Champion Chris Jericho, WCW Tag Team Champions Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig, Cruiserweight Champion Yoshihiro Tajiri, US Champion Chris Benoit and Television Champion Rob Van Dam.
  • We’re still riding high as the top dogs in the wrestling world, with WWF getting creamed every week and ECW even going out of business. With that, we quickly signed Paul Heyman!
  • Ric Flair is our WCW President and currently running the ship in WCW.
  • And finally, the top stables are the Exiles lead by Raven and Randy Savage, the nWo led by Eric Bischoff, the Asian Invasion led by Keiji Mutoh and the Paul Heyman guys led by… Paul Heyman!

I like how this series has panned out. I’ve done a full year and I still want to keep it up. However, I feel you guys may want me to try something different which I totally understand. It is why I’ve decided to do this….

I am moving to another mod of the EWR game for now but will come back to WCW later on. I’m going to be doing a game with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling with the February 2010 mod. I was very tempted to do a 2015 game with TNA and Destination America but I wanted to go back to 2010 because personally, I hated TNA in 2010.

In 2010 after Hulk Hogan came on board, so did 20 different guys that TNA didn’t need and were so pointlessly signed by the company. Guys like Sean Morley, The Nasty Boys and Orlando Jordan that no-one really cared about as well. This is why I wanted to takeover the company because I would get to show you how I would have handled with all of these guys and it gives me a chance to see if I can point TNA in the right direction! Give them a chance to battle the WWE and kick their ass!

So yeah, I am moving on to a different game. However, I did do two more WCW PPVs before I began the TNA game up and will be uploading WCW World War 3 1999 and WCW Starrcade 1999 some time this week I imagine. And then I will begin the playthrough of TNA 2010! The first PPV will be Destination X and I’m looking forward to it.

So the schedule is….

  1. WCW World War 3 1999
  2. WCW Starrcade 1999
  3. TNA Destination X 2010

I hope you guys look forward to that. All three of those PPVs have been played. It’s just the case of writing it up. Be sure to look out for that on the Armbar Express blog! In the meantime, checkout the other twelve WCW PPVs I’ve done to see how we’ve come to this point in our EWR adventures!

Part 1 – World War 3

Part 2 – Starrcade

Part 3 – Souled Out

Part 4 – Superbrawl

Part 5 – Uncensored

Part 6 – Spring Stampede

Part 7 – Slamboree

Part 8 – The Great American Bash

Part 9 – Bash At The Beach

Part 10 – Road Wild

Part 11 – Fall Brawl

Part 12 – Halloween Havoc


Before we part ways, I just want to give a HUGE shout out to the NewLegacyInc folk who did an awesome job with their Royal Rumble Marathon all in the name of the Australian charity BeyondBlue. That charity helps with those suffering from depression. I’m sure we all have experienced with it in one way or another and I dig any charity or anyone in general that helps out with the cause. Anyway, nL did a marathon with rumbles from 38+ games and ALL of those matches are up on their YouTube right now! They even had Vince Russo on the stream for a while! I’m making my way through it right now on YouTube. I watched a lot of the early part of the actual stream they did but due to work commitments and stuff, I hadn’t been able to watch anymore than that. So I’m going to watch ALL of them! I’m currently half-way there! If you want to watch it yourselves, I’ve put the playlist down below!




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