Previously on WCW EWR….    Jericho retained the WCW Title, Raven beat Hogan and Dean Malenko got sidelined with an injury! But now it’s time for Halloween Havoc. This is the twelfth part in the series. We’re in 1999. Chris Jericho is our world champion. Raven is the biggest heel in the company. And Scott Steiner is currently going after the WCW Title! I couldn’t be happier!

However, while this WCW adventure has been fun, I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to keep doing this. I have an idea to do another thing like this but for a different timeline. Like I said at the start of this, there are all sorts of mods from the past to experiment with. Doing one of a modern-day WWE or TNA would be too obvious and I wanted to do something different. I’m probably going to do a January 2010 game with TNA because there’s a lot of potential with that one. If you guys recall, in 2010, Hogan came into the fold and brought in a bunch of new talent with him. Also, TNA decided to go head-to-head with WWE in a rather lame repeat of the Monday Night Wars. So it’s a great challenge for me. What will I do? Will I stay on Monday nights and compete with WWE? Will TNA rise to challenge the mighty WWE? So yeah, a lot of potential with this one. I did a whole year of this WCW one. So I might just do six months of TNA and then just go back to WCW. If the TNA one goes well, I might just do a rotation thing. Do six months for TNA and then six months for WCW etc. Because I don’t want to give up on the WCW game because a lot of stars are coming into their own. I just want to try something different in the near future! Anyway. It’s time for Halloween Havoc!


This is the card we are ending it on! I hope you enjoy!

Pre-Show – Keiji Mutoh’s Sit-Down Protest Interrupted By Goldberg

For the third time in a row, the pre-show is an angle! I’m not purposely trying to make my pre-shows all angles, that’s just how it was! At least it wasn’t Ric Flair coming out to book a match like the last two PPVs! Mutoh was protesting about his steel cage match with Goldberg later on in the show but this was interrupted by Goldberg who ran him off. 83% for the angle building up their cage match!

Match 1 – The Giant def. Rowdy Roddy Piper in a first blood match

I swear, this is the very last time you’ll see these two in a match! I had The Giant pretty much destroy Piper in this one. Bloodied him. Beat him up. All sorts. Piper attacked the referee post-match in a fit of rage. I do have plans in mind for Piper in the future when I come back to WCW.

Match 2 – Jushin Thunder Liger and Tajiri def. Animal and Arn Anderson, and Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon in a triple threat tag team match

I made a big of a mess of one of my new tag team feuds. I had planned for Jushin Thunder Liger and Tajiri from the Asian Invasion to be in a team feud with Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio. However, I accidentally put them up against Animal and Arn Anderson! I had just put those two in a tag team and accidentally put them against Liger and Tajiri instead of the two cruiserweights! To be fair, Arn and Animal do work great tag team matches with Liger and Tajiri and are both quite over so it’s a good feud. But I really wanted to give Dragon and Mysterio the feud. Therefore I decided to keep the Animal/Anderson v Liger/Tajiri feud and for the PPV, I added Mysterio and Dragon in there for a triple threat tag team match. Liger and Tajiri went over in the finish.

Match 3 – Chris Benoit def. Eddie Guerrero to retain the WCW United States Championship

A bit of background. I had initially put Eddie in a feud with Booker T since both of them were really over after finishing feuds. However, just before the PPV, Booker T picked up a hand injury. He was ruled out for just a month, so I wasn’t pulling the plug on the feud. I instead had Eddie face the NEW United States Champion Chris Benoit! Benoit won the title from Scott Steiner on TV which I mentioned last time so I had him and Eddie fight for the title at Halloween Havoc. That was certainty the right call! 96% overall! Benoit and Eddie just always deliver when they’re booked in a match against each other!

Match 4 – Sting and Diamond Dallas Page def. Bam Bam Bigelow (c) and Curt Hennig (c) via DQ in a WCW Tag Team Championship match

Sting and DDP were just the perfect team for Hennig and Bam Bam to defend the titles against right now! Sting and DDP are both insanely over and had just won a team feud against Randy Savage and Eddie Guerrero – so it makes sense for them to feud with Sting and DDP. Sting and DDP won via DQ after interference from Asbury Perfection’s manager Ted DiBiase! A three-on-two beatdown followed as Bam Bam and Hennig held on to the belts… but for how long?

Match 5 – Bret Hart def. Randy Savage

Bret Hart won off a dusty finish DQ. Perry Saturn did the run in to help his Exiles buddy Savage. Great ratings from Savage and Hart. 92% overall! I’m really surprised I haven’t done this feud sooner!

Match 6 – Bill Goldberg def. Keiji Mutoh in a steel cage match

Goldberg won the feud with Mutoh in a steel cage match. Mutoh and Goldberg shook hands after the match but then Mutoh cheap-shotted him post-match. This feud didn’t go as well as I thought it would. Goldberg wasn’t really as elevated as I would have liked him to be and Mutoh lost a bit of overness from losing the feud. It’s gonna take a bit of work to push Goldberg I’m afraid!

Match 7 – Raven def. Hollywood Hogan in a last man standing match This is a very brutal encounter.

These two are smacking each other with chairs, fighting in the crowd. Raven is just whacking Hogan on the back with a chair like when Triple H did the same to Taker in the Hell In A Cell match. Hogan is clawing his way back up after every shot until Raven just blasts him over the head. Raven wants to continue to attack him but the ref pleads with him to just stop and let him count to ten. Raven responds by laying him out with a chair. Raven grabs another chair and is setting up for a conchairto. As Raven lifts up the chair, Hogan low blows him. Hogan smacked him with a chair. Hogan wraps the chair around the neck of Raven is calling for the Leg Drop. He goes to the rope but Raven escapes from the chair just before he does it. He escapes and blasts Hogan with a chair and follows up with a DDT. The ref gets up and Raven beats the count. However, Raven collapses just after he wins.

Match 8 – Chris Jericho (c) def. Scott Steiner in a submission match to retain the WCW Championship

The awesome ratings from this feud continues as Jericho beats Steiner in a submission match after Benoit helps him. A solid ending to the PPV!   So yeah, that was Halloween Havoc!



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