Previously on EWR WCW 1998…

A new era arose here in WCW. Chris Jericho, who had JUST won the WCW Title on Nitro, successfully defended the belt against Raven, Randy Savage and Sting in a fatal four way match to assert himself as the top dog in WCW! We saw a shocking end to the Scott Steiner/Hollywood Hogan feud when Hogan was screwed out of the win… by Raven! Bam Bam and Curt Hennig defended the WCW Tag Titles in an exciting fatal four way against Bret Hart/Chris Benoit, the Outsiders and Dean Malenko/Ultimo Dragon among other events at Road Wild!

I just want to point out that the Outsiders vs Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon feud was supposed to end on this Fall Brawl PPV. However, Dean Malenko was struck down with a bicep injury and is ruled out for 7 MONTHS! So unfortunately, I could not end this feud at Fall Brawl which I had planned. Also a bummer, with Malenko’s injury his tag team with Ultimo Dragon is over which is a shame because they were supposed to go after the tag titles after this.

Anyway, the show must go on and Ultimo was still used on this PPV! So now it’s time for FALL BRAWL… sadly not including this match… 😦



Pre-Show – Ric Flair Announces Dean Malenko’s Injury, Books TV Title match

Now I know I did this in the last PPV, but Flair is a great ratings grabber and I was really unsure about what to put on the pre-show. There were a lot of people that I wanted to give the spot to and I was actually considering booking a 20 man battle royal with the winner getting a TV Title shot later that night! However, battle royals don’t really get good ratings on Extreme Warfare Revenge. So I decided to do a Ric Flair segment…

Ric Flair comes out and announces that he will referee the Roddy Piper vs The Giant match later on in the show to make sure there is order in that hugely intense rivalry (a move made to try and give that match some added umph). He says that the scheduled Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon vs Outsiders match has been called off due to an injury sustained by Malenko on Thunder. He announces that Malenko has injured his bicep and is out for at least six months. Paul Heyman comes out with his two clients Dragon and WCW Television Champion Rob Van Dam. Heyman says that he is appalled that the reigning defending WCW Television Champion Rob Van Dam is not scheduled to compete on pay-per-view and says that Ultimo Dragon is also looking for action. Heyman gives Flair two options…. either let Rob Van Dam take the place of Malenko in the tag team match with the Outsiders OR have Dragon and RVD added to the WCW Tag Team title match involving Benoit, Bret and Asbury Perfection. This brings out Asian Invasion members Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki who says that they deserve to be in the tag team title match as their stable have dominated WCW. Flair cuts everybody off and says that all the other matches on the show are set in stone. However, he decides that since everybody wants a piece of the action, why not have a fatal four way match tonight? If RVD wants to defend the TV title and if Dragon, Sasaki and Liger all want action, it’s going to be Van Dam defending the TV title against all three of them in a fatal four way later on in the show!


Match 1 – Bill Goldberg def. Keiji Mutoh

The main show opens with the continuation of the Goldberg/Mutoh feud. Goldberg won clean in this one in the second PPV match between the two. Mutoh’s a lot more over than Goldberg so it was important for him to do the job if we want to elevate Goldberg. Mutoh did a revenge attack post-match indicating that things aren’t settled here between the up-and-comer Goldberg and the legendary Mutoh.


Match 2 – “Asbury Perfection” Bam Bam Bigelow (c) and Curt Hennig (c) def. Chris Benoit and Bret Hart in a tag team tables match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

This feud ended with Bam Bam and Hennig retaining the belts. Benoit and Bret would have been a great tag team  and I got road agent notes saying they worked well as a team afterwards. However, Bam Bam and Hennig will continue to be WCW Tag champions for a while I believe and I think they’re the right team to be holding the belts! Benoit and Har argued post-match


Match 3 – Booker T def. Tajiri in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Booker T won the feud with Tajiri in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Mutoh inadvertently cost Tajiri the match. Booker had to go over in this feud in my opinion. Somebody questioned my decision to put Tajiri over in their match at Road Wild so I decided to have Booker go over. Booker’s now white hot as far as overness is concerned but Tajiri is still the Cruiserweight champion! So everybody’s happy!


Match 4 – Rob Van Dam def. Ultimo Dragon, Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki in a fatal four way elimination match to retain the WCW Television Championship

So the match announced early on. RVD puts the TV title on the line against fellow Paul Heyman guy Ultimo Dragon and two members of the Asian Invasion, Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki. This was a fatal four way elimination match. Liger went out first, followed by Sasaki leaving Dragon and RVD as the final two. RVD then beat Dragon at the end to retain the TV title followed by a handshake between the two Paul Heyman guys. I really wanted it to be Dragon and RVD in the final two as I wanted Dragon to look really strong despite losing his partner. However, RVD is still the man who I want as TV Champion right now! Hell of a match. Did a much better rating than I expected!


Match 5 – The Giant def. Rowdy Roddy Piper with Ric Flair as the special guest referee

Like I said last time, not exactly a great technical match but these two were over. Flair was named special referee for this one because I really wanted to do something different with these two. It ended when Flair DQ’d Piper for hitting The Giant with a chair. Piper attacked Flair as a result post-match.


Match 6 – Sting and Diamond Dallas Page def. Eddie Guerrero and Randy Savage in a hardcore tag team match

These two teams had formed brief alliances as I kind of wanted to avoid doing singles feuds between these four guys all the time. It’s kind of been like two different singles feuds coming together in this big tag team match at the PPV. As you guys know, DDP beat Eddie at the PPV and Sting and Savage are always feuding with each other. Hell, Savage cost Sting the WCW Title! So a huge wild hardcore tag match at the end was how I settled it. I’d imagine these four going into the crowd and doing very nutty things. Sting and DDP got the win in the end! 91% overall!


Match 7 – Raven def. Hollywood Hogan

Raven defeated Hollywood Hogan CLEAN! Yes, Hogan was willing to do the job to Raven clean at Fall Brawl which I was happy with. I wanted to provide a shocking clean win for Raven. Raven would just be all over Hogan from the get go. Raven has mentally got under Hogan’s skin since the feud started and Raven takes advantage of that to win in convincing fashion. Raven practically no sells Hogan’s hulking-up attempt as he blocks Hogan’s first right after Hulking up and drops him with the DDT for the win. I’m digging this rating of 86%! Their match quality was poor but the fans were into it!


Match 8 – Chris Jericho (c) def. Scott Steiner to retain the WCW World Championship

Jericho beat Steiner after botched interference from Steiner’s buddy Eric Bischoff which led to Jericho picking up the win! A solid way to end the PPV with a 96% overall rating! I like it!

By the way, Steiner was walking into this match as the WCW United States Champion. I had Steiner drop the US title to Benoit the next night on Nitro, because he really didn’t need the title if he was competing for the WCW World title does he?


86% overall rating for the PPV!



  1. Aw yeah you know its for real when wrestlers stop following the script. Meaning everything else is fake. Hilarious. Hey its really old EWR. I love that game.

    • Yeah man. I play it a lot even now. There’s all sorts of mods for it so you can back and book the Monday Night Wars and stuff! It’s always awesome to book historical stuff like that!

      • I mostly play TEW 2014? I think or whatever the last / previous one is. Its all become a math game for me. I know what gets the grade and the matches themselves are irrelevant.

      • Exactly. Games like this I try to play to win, if you know what I mean. After playing for so long, you get to understand what makes you get the best grade in the game. Other times, I just put together ridiculous matches and storylines like Scotty 2 Hotty vs Santino Marrella for the World Title!

      • lol how’d that match fare? Was it a comedy match, did they have comedy gimmicks and was the promotion comedy? Then it could work 🙂

        I’ve been playing so long that I get bored and take random jobs. Deatchmatch promotion needs a booker? Sure. Babes of Sin City wants to reach national? Why not. 🙂

      • No, this was dead serious stuff! There were like Hell In A Cell matches and stuff! These two were killing each other and it got really over actually! XD Yeah, taking indie companies like ROH and PWG to Global and things like that is what I like doing. I’m starting a new one now with TNA in 2010!

      • I guess Santino does have the intimidation factor if you overlook the fact he and Jamie Noble are the same height.

      • Maybe his judo background helps him out with it actually!

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