Previously on WCW 1998…

A bunch of feuds started, a bunch of feuds ended. Keiji Mutoh won the feud with Bret Hart. Raven retained the WCW Title against Chris Jericho! Check the link above for the full results


A few pointers before we dip into Road Wild..

  • Chris Jericho won the WCW Championship from Raven a week after the last PPV Bash At The Beach.
  • Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig won the tag titles the night after the PPV.
  • Rob Van Dam was introduced as the newest Paul Heyman guy and won the TV Championship from Eddie on the same night.
  • Animal has just signed with the company from the WWF. He’s not on this PPV but expect him in future ones!
  • Jushin Thunder Liger has just turned heel and joined Keiji Mutoh’s Asian Invasion.
  • And I believe that’s it. They were a few title changes since the last post and a lot of new feuds now.

Right so here’s Road Wild!




Pre-Show – Ric Flair Books Television Championship Match

Owner Ric Flair welcomes everybody to Road Wild and hypes up the card, talking about the main event. Flair is then cut off by the Asian Invasion, led by Keiji Mutoh. The group introduce their two newest members – Low-Ki (who debuted as a group member on Thunder) and Jushin Thunder Liger (who turned heel and joined the faction). They mock Flair by doing his “stylin’ and profilin” until WCW Television Champion Rob Van Dam comes out with Paul Heyman. Heyman cuts a stellar promo and puts over his client Rob Van Dam. Ric cuts Heyman off and shouts that they would be kicking off Road Wild with a bang. Tonight, Rob Van Dam would put the WCW Television title on the line to kick off the show in a hardcore match against Jushin Thunder Liger. Everybody clears out bar Low-Ki and Paul Heyman and the ref comes down and rings the bell.


Match 1 – Rob Van Dam (c) w/Paul Heyman def. Jushin Thunder Liger w/Low-Ki in a hardcore match to retain the WCW Television Championship

Jushin Thunder Liger turning heel has been months in the making. He was supposed to do it months ago when Keiji Mutoh was feuding with Bret Hart, but I’d never gotten round to it. But he’s heel now and he got over from the turn. Since he was on par for overness with RVD, why not have them fight for the belt on Road Wild? RVD got the clean win and I want to keep Rob Van Dam strong, now he’s with Heyman.


Segment 1 (2) – Interview with Scott Steiner

Little justification is needed for this! Anytime Steiner is on the mic, it’s ratings! The purpose of this was to hype up his feud-ending Tables match with Hogan later on in the show.


Match 2 (3) – Bill Goldberg def. Keiji Mutoh

I told you guys that I would be pushing Goldberg eventually! Goldberg’s getting a feud with Mutoh which I’m planning to have him go over in. It’s helped Bill a great deal so far by having him beat Mutoh. The ratings for this match were very surprising! It got the same rating as RVD/Liger which really shocked me! Well done guys!


Match 3 (4) – “Asbury Perfection” Bam Bam Bigelow (c) and Curt Hennig (c) def. Chris Benoit and Bret Hart, Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon w/Paul Heyman and “The Outsiders” Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in an elimination match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

Since both these team feuds have only just started, I figured that I should experiment with this little four-way for the titles! Dean and Dragon are feuding with the Outsiders, while Benoit and Hart are feuding with the new WCW Tag Champions Asbury Perfection. I’ve done a little bit of tension-building between the Outsiders and Asbury Perfection as both teams are a part of the nWo. After the four men lost an elimination 8 man tag to Malenko, Dragon, Benoit and Hart, they got into a pull-apart brawl on Thunder. This all lead to this fatal four way. The Outsiders were eliminated first, Benoit and Hart second and Malenko/Dragon only just lost out to Asbury Perfection. I was really contemplating having Malenko and Dragon go-over but Asbury Perfection’s title reign has only just started! Maybe in the future but right now… Hennig and Bam Bam rule the tag division!


Match 4 (5) – The Giant def. Rowdy Roddy Piper

I understand this wouldn’t exactly be the greatest spectacle in the world but these two are still over after all of this time. I figured that I should feud them and make use of them. The Giant won the match clean and then beat up Piper after. A bit of a filler match!


Match 5 (6) – Diamond Dallas Page def. Eddie Guerrero in a falls count anywhere match

This match was Match Of The Night as far as ratings were concerned. These two are insanely over! This is actually the first time I’ve booked this two in a match in this entire thing! DDP went over but Eddie delivered a revenge attack afterwards.


Match 6 (7) – Scott Steiner (c) def. Hollywood Hogan in a tables match to retain the WCW United States Championship

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Tom. Why is someone like Hogan fighting for the US Title?” Well my reasoning is two-fold:

  1. It was initially just going to be a non-title feud but I figured that I might as well put the belt on the line for this last match because it could do that title a lot of favors.
  2. Hogan is a pro-American character so he might as well be competing for the US title if he thinks the nWo’s Steiner has shamed it.

It’s a tables match because why not? I bumped up my riskiness so I’m now able to access a lot more matches. Tables was one of those matches so I used it for this match. Steiner went over after RAVEN jumped Hogan during the match, leading to Steiner putting Hogan through a table!

When the idea of Hogan vs Raven popped into my head, I figured that it had to be done! I can’t wait to book that feud!


Match 7 (8) – Chris Jericho (c) def. Sting, Randy Savage and Raven in a fatal four way match to retain the WCW Championship

This actually came off a suggestion from one of the EWBattleground boards who suggested this match for the PPV after Bash At The Beach! These four have a great potential for a four-way (ewww!) so I shot them together. The new champion Jericho retained! 92% to end the show!


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