Previously on Extreme Warfare Revenge’s WCW…

We did our highest rating ever in the WCW 1998 game, with a 90% at Slamboree! We saw some great feuds end with Mutoh beating RVD, Raven retaining the WCW title against Bret Hart, Jericho and Benoit beat the Outsiders and Sting beat Eddie Guerrero!

But now…

The Great American Bash!


Pre-Show – Rey Mysterio and Jushin Thunder Liger def. Big Bossman and Perry Saturn

Gracing the pre-show at the Great American Bash would be Bossman and Saturn from The Exiles, as they took on Jushin Thunder Liger and Rey Mysterio (Anyone who has a good team name for Mysterio and Liger please tweet me @TomRobinson5199!) A decent little run-out for the tag teams. Seeing as how Rey and Liger jobbed out to Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow in their feud, I think it was only fair that they went over here. Perry and Bossman were doing fine at the Exiles and I really wanted to see Liger and Mysterio get over. 81%


Match 1 – Scott Steiner def. Booker T in a Falls Count Anywhere match to win the United States Championship

That’s right! HA! Steiner went over in the feud-ending match between these two to regain the United States title that he lost to Booker at Slamboree. I had big plans for Steiner after this match so I really wanted him to go over and win the title. He might still lose it some time down the line but right now, he doesn’t need to drop the belt. Give it a bit of prestige by having someone like Steiner (who’s insanely over) the belt. 95% Match Quality, 94% Crowd Reaction and 94% overall… I think it’s safe to say this was a great feud! Both these guys put some amazing matches in and have elevated themselves as well as the US Title in the process!


Match 2 –  Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon w/Paul Heyman def. Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero

Alright, the Paul Heyman guys Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon were going up against Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero at The Great American Bash… if only what I just posted actually happened in the old WCW! With this feud only just started by the time the Bash rolled round, I didn’t expect that great ratings because the crowd wouldn’t be that into it yet. But due to the great chemistry between these four, it was bumped up to a 86%! Pleased!


Match 3 – Diamond Dallas Page def. Curt Hennig

This match did INCREDIBLY well! I was not expecting it to be the match of the night when it came to ratings! 98% Crowd Reaction and 95% overall! The fans were digging this! The nWo’s Hennig only just lost out to DDP in the first match of their feud!


Match 4 – Chris Benoit (c) and Rob Van Dam* def. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship (*Benoit’s tag team partner Chris Jericho was booked for the main event so Rob Van Dam took his place in the feud. Benoit and Jericho are still the champions and there’s no way to have somebody defend the title for somebody else on the game but we can’t just pretend! 😉

With Jericho in the main event feud, I put Benoit with Rob Van Dam and had them feud with the Outsiders. A large reason why I picked Van Dam was because him and Scott Hall like working with each other and they often pull out decent matches. This one got a 89% so again… another quality tag team on PPV. My tag team division is white hot in WCW!


Match 5 – Keiji Mutoh def. Bret Hart

I’m sure they’re a bunch of wrestling fans out there that have always wanted to see this! A problem with this feud though was even after I’ve feuded Mutoh with the likes of Benoit, RVD and Piper… he’s struggled to get over. Even fellow stable member and Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri was closing in on his overness! But still, these two delivered in ratings and you couldn’t have expected anything less from these two. Mutoh got the big win at the Great American Bash and a good start to the feud.


Match 6 – Ric Flair def. Hollywood Hogan with Eric Bischoff as the Special Guest Referee (If Eric Bischoff was bias towards Hogan, he would lose his power in WCW)

I made a mistake on the last part of the EWR series. I said that at Slamboree, Flair and Hogan’s feud ended when Flair beat Hogan after Bischoff accidentally cost Hogan the match. That was a mistake because it actually ended here at the Bash in the match! The match from last time was a Steel Cage match I believe (which Flair won). I do apologize for that.

That was the problem with this feud. Because Flair can’t work on TV, I’m limited to having them fight on PPVs so I had to wait a while before I could end this one on air and successfully. Looking back, I probably should’ve done a lot more than just single matches with these two. But with the rest of the nWo in feuds… what else can you do?


Segment 1 (7) – Piper’s Pit with Sting and Randy Savage

Looking back, I probably should have shot this angle at the start of the show. However, I thought this was decent build to the main event match. The main event had already been announced but this pours gasoline on the fire. Sting and Savage are two charismatic workers that do excellent work together. Throw Piper in there and you’ve got a hell of a segment! 85%


Match 7 (8) – Chris Jericho and Sting def. Raven and Randy Savage

I know it’s odd booking a tag team match as the main event of a PPV, especially one like the Great American Bash. Normally I wouldn’t do it, but considering that these four were all just beginning feuds with one another I figured I could try something different. I probably should have done a fatal four way for the WCW Title (held by Raven) but considering him and Savage were in the Exiles stable, I figured why not make it a tag match?

This gave me the chance to put Jericho over Raven on PPV as well. As Jericho was beginning his feud with Raven over the WCW Title, I figured if he’s not winning the next PPV match between these two why not give him the win here? Raven didn’t need to win this match but Jericho did. 92% and a decent way to cap off the PPV.


PPV got 89% overall so I’m happy! One of the better PPVs we’ve done. But up next… Bash At The Beach!



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