Previously on WCW…

Our ratings sucked and we needed to pull something out of the bag for Slamboree!

By the way before we get started, on my first EWR blog I explained that I got the idea from the NewLegacyInc group who did a playthrough of the exact same mod. In the summer for a charity stream, they actually did a game of EWR where they were ACTUALLY booking with the man, the myth, the legend… Vince Russo!

This got Vince to thinking and he’s now started doing a playthrough of WCW 2000… like a what-if scenario if he had not been let go as Head Of Creative. He’s not doing it on EWR. He’s doing it on TEW (which is very similar to EWR) and do check it out because it gives you a great look into the mind of Vince Russo. Do check it out below.


Pre-Show – Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon w/Paul Heyman def. Silver King and Damien, Edge and Christian and Tajiri and Kensuke Sasaki

Pre-Shows are becoming sort of the experimenting zone for me as far as WCW is concerned. With the eight feuds taking up spots on the main show, this was a way for me to experiment with some of the upcoming tag teams around. Guys that didn’t really have a lot of overness elevated by a PPV Pre-Show appearance. Silver King and Damien both got recommended for a call up from developmental. They got a match and put together as a team. Edge and Christian were guys I wanted to get back on WCW Television after Jericho broke away from them. Tajiri and Kensuke Sasaki were both part of the Asian Invasion stable. And finally, Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon… who both had just became clients of Paul Heyman! Dean and Ultimo won, because they were leagues ahead of the others as far as overness is concerned.

Match 1 – Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig w/Ted DiBiase def. Jushin Thunder Liger and Rey Mysterio in a Hardcore Tag Team match

I ended this tag team feud with a hardcore tag team match at Slamboree. There’s not a lot of choice with the tag team matches so I just shot them in a hardcore match. This did SO much better than last time. I put Ted DiBiase as Hennig and Bigelow’s manager as he was already in the nWo stable and I wanted to use him because he was very over. Bigelow and Hennig picked up the feud ending victory because over time, they were developing better as far as overness was concerned.

Match 2 – Booker T def. Scott Steiner (c) to win the United States Championship

Like I mentioned earlier on, Steiner had won the US Title from Benoit on Nitro. This was done for a couple of reasons….

1) It was part of the storyline involving Benoit/Jericho and the Outsiders.

2) I wanted to put a belt in the Booker/Steiner feud.

3) I wanted to elevate Steiner…

…and then I had Booker beat him for the title! Don’t worry. Steiner was going to win the title back in the feud-ending match.

Match 3 – Rob Van Dam def. Keiji Mutoh

RVD beat Mutoh in the rematch from Spring Stampede. RVD was still trying to earn Mutoh’s respect. After he beat him, Van Dam was attacked by Mutoh. High ratings. Much higher than last time… no pun intended.

Match 4 – Chris Benoit (c) and Chris Jericho (c) def, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a cage match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

Another feud-ender. One of my bigger feuds. Jericho and Benoit had joined forces to stand up against the Outsiders. They took the tag titles from Nash and Hall. The Outsiders responded by costing Benoit and Jericho their US and TV titles respectively. They  settled things in a fifteen foot high steel cage! Benoit and Jericho got the win in the final match between these two tag teams! Jericho was going to be moving on to even greater things after the end to his Outsiders feud, having 100 overness…

Match 5 – Sting def. Eddie Guerrero in a Last Man Standing match

Sting won his feud against Eddie Guerrero… but yet only Eddie was the one that got overness! A solid feud for him, but I really wanted Sting to win at the end.

Match 6 – Ric Flair def. Hollywood Hogan with Eric Bischoff as the Special Guest Referee (If Eric Bischoff was bias towards Hogan, he would lose his power in WCW.

Flair FINALLY won the feud with Hollywood Hogan but in controversial circumstances… Bischoff was assigned the role of referee for this last match between nWo leader Hogan and WCW President Flair. Bischoff went to hit Flair with the chair but hit Hogan instead. Bischoff had no choice but to make the count, ending the match. Yeah, this is pretty much what happened in the Undertaker vs Bret Hart Summerslam match, but this was the only ending that could in a way build to the eventual dissolving of the nWo. Having Bischoff screw over Hogan, leading to tensions between the two.

Match 7 – Randy Savage def. Diamond Dallas Page in a Texas Death match

After DDP got wins at Uncensored and Spring Stampede, Savage finally won the feud with DDP after Perry Saturn interfered. The ratings were awesome for this one.

Match 8 – Raven def. Bret Hart to retain the WCW World Championship

This feud wrapped up I think the night after, but yeah, Raven won. Raven is currently the top guy in WCW right now and will likely be on top for a LONG TIME!




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