15/12/14 RAW Review – RAW IS JERICHO!: Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Seth Rollins Alliance? A New Paul Heyman Guy?

Chris Jericho opens the show as the RAW General Manager. He calls out Fandango (who stole his Slammy award last week). However, he instead got the advocate for BROCK LESNAR, Paul Heyman. Heyman congrats Jericho on winning the Extreme Moment Of The Year and the two talk about ECW, and apparently the fact that Paul owes Chris $200. Paul declared his intention of calling out Seth Rollins for not beating John Cena, but Seth didn’t wanna wait. Seth came out with J&J Security. He corners Heyman and challenges Cena for a rematch next week from the sound of it. Cena came out and told Seth to simply stop making excuses, accept his loss and move on. But Cena said he was in a mood for a fight and asked Jericho to book them in a match tonight. Jericho agreed to do it, which prompted Seth to slander Jericho saying he couldn’t even be Paul Heyman. This leads to Jericho booking himself in a match with Heyman later that night. Nice opening segment to RAW.

Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan vs Big Show and Luke Harper

A decent quick match but Ziggler seemed SO out of place among these giants! But it was good… but the case of TLC’s bad finishes seemed to continued. Ziggler charged Harper and they crash into the announce table. They were both out of it. And this was simply followed up with Big Show KO’ing Rowan for the win. I’m sorry but this is two times Rowan has lost clean to Big Show in the space of two days. Big Show really did not need to be Rowan clean twice in a row. Rowan is a part of the “Next Generation of WWE” and he must surely beat Show at least once. If Show won at TLC, Rowan should have won here.

The New Day cut a promo. They hyped up the rematch with Gold and Stardust and err… Yeah! Really not invested in this team!

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella vs Alicia Fox and Natalya

This match was like two minutes long but you could tell easily who the better worker is between the Bellas. Nikki’s actually proved to be a decent worker in the work but Brie offense’s was awful in comparison. Natalya and Alicia got the win after she made Brie submit. Tyson Kidd went to check on Nikki (who got knocked to the outside) stirring things up between Tyson and Natalya.

The Highlight Reel with Rusev

Jericho is back with the Highlight Reel and credits himself with predicting that The Authority would lose power! He calls out Rusev and Lana. Jericho speculates a possible relationship between Rusev and Lana and has a little fun mocking Lana. A bit too PG for my liking but still funny. Jericho then says that someone wanted to fight Rusev and that guy ended up being… THE BIG GUY RYBACK! Rusev backs off as Ryback wanted to fight!

“The New Day” Big E and Xaiver Woods vs Goldust and Stardust

This match wasn’t really that interesting to be honest but the New Day gimmick wasn’t getting all kinds of heat from the crowd. We got a “New Day Sucks” chant as the match rolled on. This was a way longer match than it probably should have been. I think it was longer than the Rowan/Ziggler vs Show/Harper match. The match was getting bored we got “We Want Mizdow” and “CM Punk” chants. We got a bunch of boos.

Kane vs Adam Rose

To be honest, this was a pretty cool moment. Kane double chokeslamming Rose and the bunny, following up with a tombstone to the Bunny which the fans marked out for!

Chris Jericho vs Paul Heyman

“I am the Jew in Jiu-Jitsu!” A great way to start of the pre-match promo from Heyman. Heyman tries to talk Jericho out of it, but Jericho insists on it happening. However, Heyman reveals that Jericho is gonna be in for a fight with BROCK LESNAR! In comes Lesnar! After a bit of brawling, Lesnar plants him with a F5! That’s why you don’t mess with BROCK LESNAR!

Roman Reigns Confronts Fandango

Fandango was about to cut a promo when Roman Reigns interrupts. He punches him and hits a hell of a spear to rattle the dancer. Then Roman got the mic… and was interrupted by The Big Show! Big Show tries to charge him… and gets a Superman punch for his troubles!

The Miz vs Jimmy Uso

Damien Mizdow time… even though Miz was in the ring! Just laughing at Mizdow the entire time to take notice in the match. The one problem I have is after the match, The Miz offered Naomi a chance to be on MizTV at Main Event and he told her not to tell her husband Jimmy Uso about it… but this was being filmed. There was a camera right in front of them! Sometimes there’s the rule that you pretend that the camera isn’t there but I kinda don’t like that rule. :/

John Cena vs Seth Rollins in a steel cage match

Decent cage match but this match dragged on for so long. Cena hit the attitude adjustment off the turnbuckle to Rollins and both men were down with the cage door open. And then… Lesnar hit the ring. He hit multiple german suplexes to Cena followed by an F5. Rollins somehow escaped a beating and even shook hands with Heyman with the commentators believing them all to be in cahoots. Seth delivered a curb stomp and climbed out the cage.


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