WWE TLC 2014 Review – Tables, Ladders And Chairs… and Stairs… and Kendo Sticks… and hairspray…

Luke Harper (C) vs Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship
I think there were a bit too many ladders in this ladder match! The ring and all around the outside was flooded with ladders. And they just weren’t there for show… I think Harper was able to hit Ziggler with just every one. A cool little spot match. One spot was a pretty dangerous. Harper did a suicide dive onto the ladder that Ziggler was holding! He seemed to go head first onto the ladder in flight and landed on his arm. I thought that was Harper’s night right there. However, it seemed not to be. Ziggler took a load of punishment in this match. Ziggler countered Harper’s powerbomb into a facebuster on the ladder which I thought was a risky maneuver. Ziggler was about to dropped on the ladder when Ziggler lifted himself up for the facebuster. Thank god they were able to pull it off because Ziggler could have landed on his neck on the ladder. This was a very good ladder match. Not the greatest I’ve seen in the last few years but definitely one of the most memorable. Ziggler’s hometown crowd of Cleveland went nuts as Ziggler came out and they were hugely invested. And it made Harper’s job as the heel a lot easier. At the end, both Ziggler and Harper got up on ladders. Harper got Superkicked off the ladder, Ziggler won the Intercontinental Championship. As much as I liked Ziggler winning and not losing his momentum from Survivor Series… the Intercontinental title has changed hands FAR too much since Bad News Barrett vacated the belt back in June/July. Ziggler needs to stay champion for a long time now if the WWE want it to be as prestigious as it should be. But the only question left is… where does this leave Harper?
The Miz (c) and Damien Mizdow (c) vs The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championship
A standard tag match. However, like usually with Mizdow, the matches were merely a showcase of how awesome Mizdow is! There were a lot of awesome spots with Damien, including when he did a handstand when Miz was getting double suplexed! You forget in these matches how much work Miz actually does in the ring, while your watching Mizdow. Back to Damien, him crawling to the rope when Miz was getting submitted in some kind of single leg Boston crab! Miz and Mizdow retained after Miz pushed Mizdow into a suicide dive, which was followed up by Miz hitting an Uso with the title. This resulted in a disqualification win for the Usos, but Miz and Mizdow retain,
Big Show vs Erick Rowan in a Steel Steps match 
Firstly before we get started… there is no way the steel steps weigh more than 275lbs! And… I just don’t like Erick Rowan’s theme song. Perhaps I just need to get used to it! This is a good physical match. However, I do feel like the ladder match that there were too many steel steps being used. You know WWE, more weapons don’t necessarily make better matches! I loved the spear through the steps, set up by Rowan on the outside, by Big Show. However, I never liked the finish. It just ended with Show chokeslamming Rowan on the steps and just knocking him out for the win. It was just very anti-climatic and Rowan easily should have won this. I also don’t like him pinning Rowan with the steps it just looked weird. How does this do Erick Rowan any favors getting beat clean? Good match, but bad ending and Rowan should have won.
Seth Rollins vs John Cena in a Tables match – If Rollins Wins, John Cena loses his WWE World Heavyweight Championship
I’m very surprised this wasn’t the main event to be quite the frank. WWE must have had a lot of faith in Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose. This was a good match. Very creative with J&J security. Noble taking a suplex to the rail, the table spot where Rollins and Mercury were gonna crush Cena with the table onto the ringpost. I like the ref bump and Cena having won the match when he was down. Cena and Rollins oddly have a good chemistry between them. Loved the double attitude adjustment to Noble and Mercury through a table! The draw finish to the match was definitely a great swerve initially. I’m surprised that they didn’t just end there as the match restarted the match. Cena hit the AA on Rollins on the announce table, but the table didn’t break. Cena also took out Cole in the process. I loved that fan who shouted “Are you alright Cole?” Big Show came out to attack Cena, for like the billionth time. He went for the chokeslam when Roman Reigns returned! He hit the superman punch and speared Show through the table. He then hit Rollins with the punch which hurdled him into Cena, who hit the AA through the table on Rollins for the victory. I thought this This was definitely one of the best tables match I’ve seen in recent memory. Well done to Cena and Rollins. Great spectacle. 
This sets up Lesnar vs Cena again for the Royal Rumble. It really says a lot about how weak the roster seems to be if only Cena has been a challenger to Brock during his reign.
Nikki Bella (c) vs AJ Lee for the Divas Championship
The divas title match was actually a decent match. AJ being wrapped around the ringpost looked nasty! The human body was not meant to bend like that! I thought the end was a bit lame. AJ hit the shinning wizard on Nikki went for the pin, but Brie put her leg on the rope. Brie was kicked out by the ref but as Brie was arguring her case, Nikki sprayed AJ with like a hairspray or something, which led to the Rack Attack for the win. I don’t like this “spray her in the face” finish as it’s done over and over. I remember the Beautiful People used to do it all the time. It just demonstrates lack of originality and quite degrading for these women. Like the steel steps match… good match but bad ending.
Before we move on to the next match… I think Reigns still needs a bit of work on his promo cutting. He declared his participation in the Royal Rumble… which he seems to be the favorite to win.
Kane vs Ryback in a chairs match

Such a shame the crowd wasn’t into it this one, because it was not a bad chairs match. These big guys just battering each other with chairs is a pretty cool spectacle. I liked Kane’s DDT to the chair during the match. I loved Kane throwing the chair at Ryback as Ryback went for the meat-hook. Kane hit the chokeslam but Ryback kicked out. A great near-fall in this match. In the end, Ryback won off the meat-hook and shell-shocked. I thought it was a decent little chairs match, but I thought the ending was a bit flat after that near-fall. I figured Ryback could have done something like a Shell-Shocked to the chair or something to spice it up. 
Rusev (c) vs Jack Swagger for the United States Championship
Before the match, I liked Rusev selling his ankle during his entrance after Swagger messed his ankle up with the Patriot lock. However, it was pretty much the same stuff as before with these two. Rusev dominates and Swagger passes out from the camel clutch. I hope WWE have someone big for Rusev to deal with next.
Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match
I loved this match. Started off as a right brawl through the arena. Even to where the Kick-Off show was taking place. To quote Vince McMahon “If there’s anything I like more than a pot full of money, it’s a damn good fight!” And that was what this one was. Very innovative stuff with tables, ladders, chairs… and even kendo sticks when Bray almost poked Dean’s eye out with one. Dean… jumped off about three ladders onto tables! It really was a fantastic little fight. The ending was… I’m not sure what to make off it. Ambrose jumped off the huge ladder onto the announce table on Wyatt. He was about to hit him with a television (no word of a lie, a television). The TV exploded in Dean’s face! This followed up with Wyatt hitting the Sister Abigail for the win… this seemed like a strange ending to me.

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