Khan vs Alexander: King Khan Conquers Alexander In Las Vegas

Amir Khan may have just earned himself a big-money match after outclassing Devon Alexander at Las Vegas.

Khan defeated Alexander via unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Arena in the biggest fight of his career to perhaps earn him a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Devon tried to lure Khan from the get-go, playing cat-and-mouse with the Bolton man.

Sadly, the pace and the fury from King Khan in the early rounds halted those plans as Khan hit a lot of hard shots.

Devon realized he had to change his game, and got back into the thick of things with a few hard blows in the 4th round.

Devon and Amir continued to ruffle each others’ feathers in the fifth, with Devon looking the unhappier of the too at the end of the 5th.

Khan continued to prove his dominance in the seventh round, putting in some amazing work laying into Devon.

Khan’s constant combinations proved to be a problem for Alexander, but the American still showed there was something in the tank with his 8th round performance.

Sadly, Alexander couldn’t capitalize on the success of the round as he struggled in the ninth.

Khan seemed to be dancing around Alexander in the tenth, as Devon could hardly land a blow on the Bolton boy.

Despite attempts from Devon to land a knockout blow, he proved to be outclassed as the twelfth and final round ended.

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