Previously on WCW EWR….

Raven finally fulfilled his prophecy and defeated Sting to become the NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion at Superbrawl. But he didn’t do it alone… he had the help of Sting’s arch-nemesis from a couple of months ago the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. This dawned a new era in WCW as Savage, his manager Sable and The Big Bossman joined forces with Raven and Public Enemy to form the Exiles!

Benoit and Jericho retained the United States and TV Championships respectively. The Outsiders FINALLY won the feud involving themselves, WCW President Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. The Steiners turned heel and began feuding with Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam. The Guerreros started feuding with each other to determine who was the best Guerrero. Hogan beat DDP at the PPV while Mutoh def. Roddy Piper…





Pre-Show – The Big Bossman and Perry Saturn def. Chris Benoit and Jushin Thunder Liger

As much as I’d hate to put my United States Champion in the pre-show, Benoit at this time never had a feud. He had just wrapped up his feud with Randy Savage (which he won) and Savage was feuding with DDP. So I figured why not team him with Jushin Thunder Liger (who, as you know, has history with Benoit on my game) and put them against two members of the Exiles. The Big Bossman (who started off as the bodyguard of Savage) and Perry Saturn, who I had just resigned after firing him and put him with the group. Saturn got the victory in this pre-show and he and Bossman gained overness which is good news for the stable. For those of you unsure about where this leaves Benoit, don’t worry. Big plans were in place for him…


Match 1 – The Steiners def. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam, and the nWo’s Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow to become the number one contenders for the WCW Tag Team Championship

The Steiners and RVD/Mysterio both continued to give me good ratings for their feud and I figured why not shot in another team in there and make it a three-way match at Uncensored? Bam Bam and Hennig had become a tag team within the nWo so they were selected. I decided to make this for a WCW Tag Title shot and the Steiners went over on RVD/Mysterio because they’re feuding. Also, RVD/Mysterio beat the Steiners at our last PPV, so I had to give the Steiners the win here. They never won the tag titles though when they had their title shot on Nitro…


Match 2 – Eddie Guerrero def. Chavo Guerrero in a Falls Count Anywhere match

The ending to the feud between the Guerreros. After months of costing each other matches and trying to prove their superiority, these two finally settled things once and for all at Uncensored. Eddie got the win and had a HUGE feud coming his way! This match got 100% match quality which I was thrilled with but I kinda wanted a higher overall… 😦


Match 3 – Keiji Mutoh def. Rowdy Roddy Piper

I don’t remember this being the feud-ending match, and I think I ended it a couple of weeks later on Nitro. Either way, Mutoh still won the match and the feud. I didn’t really give Piper any big wins in this feud but I really wanted Mutoh and his faction to go over.


Match 4  – The Outsiders (c) def. Big Show and Booker T in a Cage Match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

The end to a very short feud which started right after The Outsiders beat Flair and Anderson at Superbrawl. Being the two biggest faces available for a feud, Show and Booker were put together for a short but good feud for the tag titles. These two had tagged before so it made sense. However, they were never going to win the belts or the feud. The Outsiders retained but these teams gave me some surprisingly good ratings in the feud.


Match 5 – Diamond Dallas Page def. Randy Savage

So yeah, this feud was a very successful one. This was the first one-on-one match of the feud between the Exiles’ Savage and DDP. DDP got the win CLEANLY in the match between the two which kept DDP’s overness up after he lost the feud to Hollywood Hogan. By the way, I legitimately tried to have DDP go over in the feud with Hogan but Hogan’s Creative Control messed up those plans. So I made it up to DDP by giving him the first win in the feud with Savage. Joint-second highest rating of the show for this match and things only got better from here!


Match 6 – Hollywood Hogan def. Ric Flair (If Ric Flair won, the nWo would disband. If Hollywood Hogan won, Ric Flair would be removed as WCW President)

This was a high-stakes match as the Hogan/Flair feud began. WCW President Ric Flair was on a crusade to end the nWo and had been feuding with the Outsiders before this. Hogan took a stand against Flair by attacking him the Nitro after Superbrawl. Flair responded by firing Hogan, but Hogan was brought back by Eric Bischoff. Hogan and Flair fought at Uncensored with big stakes. If Flair won, the nWo would be history. If Hogan won, Flair was done as WCW President. Hogan won the match after interference from Bischoff, who took charge of the show after Flair’s dismissal. However, Flair was nowhere near done with Hogan and Bischoff…


Match 7 – Chris Jericho (c) def. Bret Hart via disqualification to retain the WCW Television Championship

If Screwjob was an option in this game, I would have ended this match like that. Here’s the situation. I wanted Jericho to win the feud tonight but I didn’t want Bret to lose overness by losing clean. I had done Jericho retaining the title by interferences, count outs etc so many times. So I decided to have Bret Hart get DQ’d by the referee after hitting Jericho with the belt. Bret would get pissed and be like “THIS IS BULLSHIT!” and proceed to attack the referee. This would be the last match in the feud and it ended with a bang… 95% OVERALL! 100% MATCH QUALITY! I think it’s safe to say this feud was a success because both Bret and Jericho had 100% overness after it!


Match 8 – Raven (c) def. Sting in a Last Man Standing match to retain the WCW World Championship

This was the highly-anticipated rematch between former champion Sting and the reigning champion and Exiles leader Raven for the WCW Title. These two ended their feud here and I wanted them to go all out with some kinda screwy finish in which Raven retained. I know I’ve done a number of interferences in this card but this one needed an interference. I was going to have Savage interfere, but he had already interfered in the Superbrawl match. So I instead made a major swerve… I had Eddie Guerrero interfere! Eddie was highly-over at this point and he had wrapped up his feud with Chavo. So why not have him target Sting? Eddie wasn’t going to be joining the Exiles, but him and Sting was going to be fun to watch!

88% overall and this PPV might have been my highest PPV at that point. Fun fact. We were competing against Wrestlemania on the same day and we WON the buy-rate wars! Uncensored beat the WWF’s flagship PPV! HAHA!

Uncensored ended a bunch of feuds and we had a couple of exciting feuds on the way and some title changes at our next PPV, which I believe was Spring Stampede! So stay tuned!



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