Extreme Warfare Revenge: WCW 1998 PART 2 – Starrcade

Previously on EWR ECW 1998….

We kicked off my playthrough of the WCW 1998 save of Extreme Warfare Revenge with a lot of highly-anticipated feuds. Randy Savage abandoned the nWo and targeted Sting and his WCW Championship. However at World War 3, Savage only just missed out on the title after Elizabeth’s interference caused him to be disqualified! The event also saw Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho steal the show as usual, with Benoit getting the victory. With that feud in the books, Benoit is hungry for gold! New TV Champion Raven wa feuding with Jushin Thunder Liger while Keiji Mutoh won the United States Championship. Lex Luger was very annoying to work with as he constantly complained about his matches. However, he now sets his sights on Bret “The Hitman” Hart. The Outsiders won the WCW Tag Titles while RVD was getting high ratings with Eddie Guerrero!

A lot has happened since my last PPV World War 3, I’ve just been a bit preoccupied with university to post about it! However, I have been able to play it quite a bit since then! So I’ve done a dozen of PPVs after Starrcade which I will be posting about… eventually! However, I still feel the need to share the journey of what’s went down in my WCW universe. A lot went down at Starrcade with new feuds beginning and a lot of stars breaking out. So…. STARRCADE!



Pre-Show – Curt Hennig def. Rob Van Dam

Both these guys had just came out of feuds with two very different results. RVD ended up winning the feud with Eddie Guerrero while Hennig lost the feud to Bret Hart. I figured this would be a good match so I shot these two together for a nice little pre-show match. 86% overall with Hennig getting the win.


Match 1 – Los Guerreros def. The Steiner Brothers

The Steiners lost the tag titles to the Outsiders as planned to end their feud. I still wanted Scott Steiner to have a solo run but I wanted to try and avoid Rick Steiner being the “Jarnetty” of the team and go absolutely nowhere. For that reason, I kept them as a team and as faces as they feuded with the Guerreros. Eddie had a lot of overness from his RVD feud (despite losing) and Chavo was over as the Cruiserweight Champion! So we pitted these together and they surprisingly got good match qualities! Surprising because they’re teams of two very different styles! 92% overall which I was very pleased with!


Match 2 – Chris Jericho def. The Giant

A feud to get Jericho over basically! I had Benoit go over in the feud he and Jericho had so Jericho needed to redeem himself. I figured it’d be best for him to go up against The Giant as he just beat Lex Luger in a feud and was over. Jericho beating The Giant in a feud would get him over immensely. This match got 84% overall and Jericho won from interference from either Edge or Christian, can’ remember (they were both his cronies).


Segement 1 (3) – Piper’s Pit with Bret Hart and Lex Luger

The thing about this was that Piper was in a feud with Randy Savage (who I had in the main event for the WCW Title) and Bret was feuding with Luger. I decided to go with a segment featuring Piper since he was gonna be wrestling on this show. It was a host angle with Piper’s Pit. Piper interviewed Bret and Luger for the show but it descended into a brawl which would lead into their match right after the segment. 79% – was kinda hoping for more.


Match 3 (4) – Bret Hart def. Lex Luger

Got a 80% which was annoying but at least these guys were both over.


Match 4 (5) – The Outsiders © def. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson to retain the WCW Tag Team Titles

With the Outsiders being the tag champions they needed a big feud. I decided since Flair was one of the most over guys in the company that he was going to be feuding with them. Since Flair and Arn Anderson were buddies, I partnered them to fight the Outsiders. With Flair just becoming a non-wrestler, this feud was limited. However, this was a big event and of course, non-wrestlers can wrestler on a PPV. So we had the tag. Good ratings all around as we had a 89% overall


Match 5 (6) – Keiji Mutoh def. Chris Benoit to retain the US Championship

I figured this would be an insane feud for the US Title! I had it that Benoit had won a number one contendership match on Thunder to get the title shot at Starrcade and then Mutoh came out with his new apprentice Tajiri to attack him afterwards. The two delivered I think a 99 or 100% match quality with a 93% overall. No doubt the match of the night in my opinion. Still a lot of fire to this feud. I had Jushin Thunder Liger come out and attack Mutoh in retaliation to an attack by Mutoh on Saturday Night. This caused Benoit to be DQ’d which resulted in Benoit attacking Liger. Eventually, these three would have a three way dance for the belt.


Match 6 (7) – Raven © went to a Double DQ with DDP for the TV Championship

This has been a HUGE feud as far as ratings. Raven has been getting ultra-over and DDP asked to do some work with him. These two delivered with a 92% overall and with this finish… there’s still fire to the feud much like Mutoh/Benoit.


Match 7 (8) – Sting © def. Randy Savage and Hollywood Hogan to retain the WCW Championship

Sting’s currently feuding with Hogan but this is why I added Savage to the match. Savage previously feuded with Sting and got huge ratings. Even on Nitro, I had Savage and Sting wrestle and they got us huge ratings. So I did something on Nitro/Thunder that led us to this triple threat. 87% overall with a 100% crowd reaction! The fans were really into this and a good way to end the show…



PPV got a 87% overall which was 2% better than World War 3!


Anyway, after this…. SOULED OUT! Which was only a couple of weeks away so a lot of these feuds were in tact. In fact, a lot of the feuds at Souled Out so be sure to check out how this WCW saga continues!


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