UPDATE: News On Alberto Del Rio’s Release


The news was broken last night, ladies and gentlemen. Just before I went to bed, WWE.com released a statement announcing that.

“WWE announced the release of Alberto Del Rio due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.”

I posted this out on the blog last night before I went to bed. You can check this out on this link but it doesn’t tell you much since I posted it about 10 minutes after WWE.com announced it.

Since then, in the States everyone is trying to make sense out of everything that happened with the suddenness of this announcement regarding Del Rio.


As you probably guessed, Internet Wrestling sites are all being bombarded with rumours about how the incident occurred, who was involved and where Del Rio’s career goes from here.

Well WWE.com stated that Del Rio was release for “unprofessional conduct” after and altercation with an employee. We don’t know for sure who that employee is for sure but  ROH Founder Rob Feinstein of RF Video posted an update on his Facebook of what supposedly went down between Del Rio and another employee.

According to Rob…

“I am sure the reason ADR (Alberto Del Rio) was released will come out but he was 100% let go after TV incident that took place in the back at TV. He did get into a altercation with a employee who does stuff for the company with social media. I was told that there were words exchanged and a slap which is all just allegations at this point. When I first read the WWE release the wording struck me very strange as WWE would never say that unless they were super hot about the firing. It’s no secret that he has expressed lots of interest in going back to Mexico as soon as his contract expired, and he is very well off.


Feinstein later posted an update on the story saying:

“I was also told by someone who was there that this was involving a (WWE).com guy who works for their website and there are a few versions out there that one the guy said something racist to Del Rio or that Del Rio left catering and did not put his trash or plate away and a comment was made to him which made him snap. Again these are just the rumours that I was told but usually they are pretty dead on. ADR is one of those guys who does not take shit from everyone. He has a legit MMA background and is very well off. This was his last year in the WWE as he wanted out but decided to stay with the company for his last year because he was basically doing it for a friend. The office frowned down upon that because of his stance from what I told and I guess there were already hard feelings between the parties. No matter what you can be sure that he will be going back to Mexico but no doubt he will be a top name on the indy scene in the states for some time to come. We already have made contact for a bunch of signings and interviews so we will keep you posted.

I think the general consensus among us is that Alberto Del Rio was definitely not happy in WWE prior to this incident. Del Rio wasn’t going anyway in the WWE and had essentially become a glorified jobber to the main event talent. I was annoyed because Del Rio deserved much better but got lost in the loop. If you believe the reports, Del Rio was apparently reaching the end of his contract in WWE and was probably not going to resign. So it does seem a bit suspicious in that sense that WWE would just release him and not just wait for his contract to end.

It also seems suspicious as to why Del Rio actually got FIRED for an incident like this. I mean Del Rio’s been in incidents like this before and the most he’s ever gotten for them is stern warnings. Like with the incident involving him and Drew McIntyre last year. I don’t think anything happened to either of them. However, the circumstances were very different. When that incident happened, Del Rio was the World Title and he had just gotten into a fight with random guys. This is a fellow WWE employee and Del Rio was in hardly any of WWE’s future plans. So the consequences had to have been a bit different.


Now we can’t take a lot of this talk about what Del Rio did or didn’t do for the truth. It’s just what WWE says happened and a bunch of rumours at this point. The plot could be a lot thicker than we imagined and I believe there is a lot more to this than just a small altercation with an employee. You could argue that WWE simply overreacted just like they did with Emma’s arrest and just said “Right. Del Rio. You’re outta here”. However, if it was I’m fairly certain WWE would have went back on their decision and allow Del Rio to see out the rest of his contract. But again, the key thing to this whole thing is Del Rio’s contract apparently coming to an end.


Did WWE use this incident as an excuse to just fire him before his contract was up? Or as I suggested earlier – does the plot thicken even further?  I personally am sad to see Del Rio to go because he was a very gifted technical wrestler. I think, at the least, I would have liked for Del Rio to get one last storyline before his run ended so both parties could part on good terms. But unfortunately, that was not Del Rio’s destiny…

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: News On Alberto Del Rio’s Release

  1. It will be interesting to hear what the official story behind his sacking is going to be. His career with the company was always going to go downhill after they merged the two title belts.

    Good blog, I am following you. Feel free to check my blog out and follow back. Thanks 🙂

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