WWE Announce The Signing Of KENTA



WWE have announced in a house show in Japan that they have signed a major Japanese wrestler, who will begin his career at their developmental territory, NXT. Indeed it was legends Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart who together welcomed the superstar KENTA into the company. After a stint at NXT, expect to see him on the main roster and MY GOD… what matches he could have once he gets to the dance.

However, let’s not sell the NXT stars that he will be wrestling with in the near future short. Sami Zayn… that SMELLS potential, especially if you remember the matches Zayn had with Cesaro. Now before he is promoted, let him battle with KENTA. I would love to see those two mingle. Tyson Kidd, Adrian Neville… so much potential for him to work with. And then, when he gets to the main roster…


First of… Daniel Bryan. A lot of wrestling fans will know, KENTA has actually battled with Daniel Bryan (or should I say Bryan Danielson) a number of times in NOAH and ROH. Anyone that’s seen those matches will be looking forward to the mouth-watering matches they could be having. From the veterans like Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho who could some of my personal dream matches with KENTA, to the likes of Seth Rollins. Seth, I think, has fought KENTA as well as Tyler Black so their matches are gonna be worth a watch.

Business-wise, this move is GOLD for the WWE. KENTA is the perfect representative for Japan in WWE. Now I know everyone is thinking about the last major foreign export to grace WWE with their presence. Mistico, who later became, Sin Cara never exactly worked according to plan. However, KENTA is older and more experienced than Sin Cara was when he joined. KENTA is a better all-rounder than Mistico. And a few of the guys he’s gonna be wrestling he’s been in the ring with. He’s had a bit of experience in the states before, so there’s hope that KENTA is gonna be a big hit in the WWE. I for one approve of this and I really hope KENTA does well now that he’s in the big leagues.


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