02/06/14 RAW Reaction – Seth Rollins Turns On The Shield



Ah… Triple H always wins in the end.

Evolution may have lost the battles against The Shield at Extreme Rules and Payback, but he seems to have won the war with the Hounds Of Justice with perhaps the steal of the century. While Evolution’s Plan A of merely kicking their asses failed, as Triple H said…

“There’s always a Plan B….”

Plan B was the destruction of The Shield, by turning one of the hounds on their own…

Seth Rollins was the cause of the implosion of The Shield by whacking Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with the chairs he introduced to the ring. I can’t say I’m surprised that Seth was the one that turned and joined Evolution. Reigns is too over as a face to be turning any time soon and Dean Ambrose is too  crazy to fit in Evolution! I am surprised about the timing. I think it caught us all off guard. I was actually going to write up a blog post asking the question of “How Long The Shield Would Last?” And as it turns out.. not that long!

If anyone needs a spell with Evolution, it’s definitely Seth Rollins. Triple H is a DAMN good mouthpiece for Seth. And that’s not me shitting on Seth Rollins’ mic skills. He’s an alright talker… but not as good as Triple H. He’s the kind of guy that could take shit and be able to put it over. I mean guys like Randy Orton and Batista that aren’t too powerful on the mic had a real good asset in Triple H as a mouthpiece. Seth’s gonna benefit just like them… only he’s got the in-ring ability as well. So with Triple H’s dare I say God-Like mic skills and his incredible in-ring work, Seth’s already got a tremendous future ahead of him. Now another two things to take into account… his former partners.

Roman Reigns, I believe, is going to be the next big thing in WWE. WWE already know that, that’s why they’re pushing him so hard now. He was seen as the top dog in the Shield and, in my opinion, is headed to do battle with The Game Triple H! It’s Deano I’m worried about.

Dean is a very talented wrestler in the ring and even better on the mic. The lunatic fringe is in a good state right now… but what’s his plan? I mean that long and, to be quite honest, dire US Title reign of Dean’s never helped him. What’s his next step gonna be once Roman goes out alone?

I hope it’s for the best because with Reigns and Rollins seemingly headed for glory, it’s hard to believe that Ambrose is gonna be the worst hit by the dissolution of The Shield. However, one man that’s not gonna get hit by this is the newest member of Evolution… Seth Rollins!

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