WWE Payback 2014 Review – The Shield Adapt As Evolution Perish

Payback Review Time! Let’s get right into this!


Sheamus (c) vs Cesaro for the United States Championship

Sheamus Stands Tall Over A Stunned Cesaro And Heyman

Sheamus Stands Tall Over A Stunned Cesaro And Heyman

A solid match for the mid-card title. Two wrestlers with very similar styles that provided Chicago with a hell of a show. This was definitely better than the matches they’ve had the last couple of weeks. There were a lot of cool spots and lots of great feats of strength by Cesaro as you’d expect. It was a good match to build up the prestige of the title. I’m glad that Cesaro didn’t lose flat-out clean. It means that Cesaro isn’t hit too badly by the loss to Sheamus when he was simply rolled up for the victory.  A good start to the show.

“Rybaxel” Ryback and Curtis Axel vs “The Brotherhood” Cody Rhodes and Goldust



I’m really glad this match was added to the show. This was a really good tag match. Goldust was really on form tonight. He really never missed a step tonight. They tried a lot of cool spots during the match. However, I don’t think a couple of their key spots went exactly to plan. For example, when Cody Rhodes tried to do a moonsault to both members of Rybaxel he never landed probably. It’s kind of like he tried to twist himself in mid-air and that resulted in him butting heads with Ryback I think. Regardless, this was still a really good match. I loved the ending where Ryback caught Cody from the springboard and turned it into a shell-shock for the win. It was hard for Ryback to grab him in mid-air but he was just able to do it. Post-match, Cody told Goldust “You need a better partner” and left. I think this was a much better thing to do than turning Cody heel like it has been teased for a couple of months. I think this will help Cody get more over. Think about how Daniel Bryan did the storyline of himself being the weak-link last year and where that’s led him. I think Cody will benefit a lot from this.


Rusev vs Big E


The Bulgarian Stands Tall… With A Russian Flag

This was a short but SOLID match between Rusev and Big E. This was nice and physical match between the two. I loved Big E’s spear to Rusev through the ropes. We’ve seen him do it before but it always looks awesome when he does especially to a big guy like Rusev. It annoys me that Big E lost to Rusev in such a short match though. However, he did look really strong against him with that spear. I have to tell you.


Bad News Barrett (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship

Bad News Barrett Gets Ready To Deliver Some Bad News!

Bad News Barrett Gets Ready To Deliver Some Bad News!

This was a good match which I’m glad that Barrett won clean. No shenanigans. No cheap finishes. Barrett flat-out beat RVD with a bullhammer to retain the championship. I don’t think it was as good as the other mid-card match on the show but it was still decent.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing Match

Wyatt And Cena Do Battle

Wyatt And Cena Do Battle

Regardless of how it ended, this Last Man Standing match was exceptional. There were a lot of cool spots during the match. Bray Wyatt putting Cena through the barricade was a really cool moment. I love how the Usos and the rest of the Wyatts got involved. Luke Harper did the suplex on an Uso to the outside of ring through TWO TABLES! I loved that! It’s the OMG moment that you can do in the WWE games actually showcased in real-life WWE. I thought it looked awesome and it had me off my seat! I’ll tell you one thing. It was a cool Last Man Standing match and that’s what I’ve come to expect from John Cena. He’s had some AMAZING Last Man Standing matches over the years. Umaga, Edge, Ryback. He’s always had really good matches. However, I really had a problem with the finish… Now I’m not normally one to bitch and complain about Cena winning all the time like the majority of you. However, I cannot see how this could do someone like Wyatt any favours. John Cena won the feud? OK, who needed to win this feud more? The 10 time WWE Champion that has beaten everyone there is to beat or the up-and-comer Bray Wyatt that needs that added umph to get to the big time? Cena basically said in a promo recently that any up-and-comer wanting to prove themselves had to go through him. But it seems that any up-and-comer that does try to go through him will most likely hit a roadblock. Umaga and Ryback lost big Last Man Standing matches with Cena and none of them had gotten anywhere near to that level of overness since. It just seems illogical. Regardless this was still an epic match. Shame about the result. I fear for the future of Bray Wyatt… 😦

Paige (c) vs Alicia Fox for the Divas Championship

Paige Holding On To The Gold... yey!

Paige Holding On To The Gold… yeah!

A better than average divas match, I’ll give it that. However, I think Jericho222 from NewLegacyInc summed this match up perfectly in this tweet….

It does not sit with me well that Paige has to get her ass-kicked throughout the match only for her to put together a few moves at the end for a win. And Alicia’s gimmick does not sit well with me either.  Only two women in the wrestling world is able to pull off the crazy diva gimmick to a tee – Mickie James and AJ Lee. And Alicia is far from either of those women…


Evolution vs The Shield in an Elimination No Holds Barred Match

Sucker Punch Bitch!

Sucker Punch Bitch!

This was an interesting one. I think this match took a lot of people off guard and that’s a good thing. Firstly, because of how it started. All six men in the ring and were beating each other up around the arena. So we all thought it’d be a tornado elimination match since it’s No Holds Barred. Then they all came back to the ring… and then two members from each team went into their corners as if it was a standard tag. How come it didn’t just start off like that from the beginning? WWE logic nowadays. The match was good and then the match got REALLY interesting. Evolution took control of the match and put Roman Reigns through the announce table. Then Evolution took out Ambrose and Reigns on the entrance way. Evolution had asserted their dominance in the match and basically wanted to show that through repeatedly whacking Roman Reigns with kendo sticks over and over again. This was hard to watch and it was a damn brutal attack. And they took his jacket off and everything so DAMN it hurt. Ir seemed that Evolution would win… But NOOOOOOO! Seth Rollins came flying off the top of the titantron onto Evolution and turned the tied for the hounds of justice. Rollins eliminated Batista (sporting the most ridiculous attire he’s ever worn)…

WOAH. Somebody had better call the fashion police on Dave Batista!

WOAH! Somebody had better call the fashion police on Dave Batista!

Ambrose took out Randy Orton with a sick finisher on the chair (sorry I forgot what it was called. It’s like some inverted DDT or something) which left Triple H all alone. Triple H tried but was not able to overcome The Shield. Surprisingly, The Shield had beat Evolution in a clean sweep! You know what was good about this victory for the Shield… all the members of the team got an elimination. That is so awesome for all of them and it wasn’t like Reigns was the main man in the Shield any more (other than him being the one that got canned). Awesome way to end the show.

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