WWE Payback 2014 Predictions



Pre-Show: Hornswoggle vs El Torito – Hair vs Mask match

Background: This legendary rivalry between Hornswoggle and El Torito has been brewing for months. Just as we thought we saw the last encounter in this epic feud, it was announced that on the Payback Pre-Show that these two wrestling icons would battle once more. This time, it isn’t just for the bragging rights. If Hornswoggle loses, he gets his head shaved bald. If El Torito loses, he gets unmasked. Máscara contra cabellera! Mask vs Hair! This is for all of the marbles!

Who Should Win?: El Torito, because I’m a major El Torito mark! 😀

Who Will Win?: Obviously, El Torito’s mask is a lot more of a marketable product than Hornswoggle’s hair so it’s not exactly hard to figure out who’s gonna win…


Big E vs Rusev

Background: The Bulgarian Brute Rusev (who is now apparently a Russian monster… like we haven’t seen that before) has been making his way through a majority of wrestlers since he debuted the night after Wrestlemania. However, at Payback he encounters his biggest test yet. Big E hopes to bounce of his Intercontinental Title loss to Bad News Barrett by knocking off Rusev and end his undefeated streak.

Who Should Win?: Big E, because I honestly don’t want to see Big E job out to Rusev right after losing the IC Title. That would be a step in the wrong direction for his career.

Who Will Win? Rusev. Come on, WWE aren’t going to have him get beat THIS early into his main roster tenure.


Paige (c) vs Alicia Fox for the Divas Championship

Background: After losing to the reigning Divas Champion on RAW (3 weeks ago I think) Alicia pretty much flipped her lid as she tore up equipment at ringside and attacking staff members. Somehow in this spell of craziness, she picked up a victory over Paige on RAW which earned her a championship match against Paige at Payback… somehow.

Who Should Win?: Paige. This new character/storyline for Alicia Fox is LAME. Alicia CANNOT act for shit, let alone play crazy. Paige needs to beat this girl and retain her championship.

Who Will Win?: Paige. I don’t see WWE having Paige drop the title THIS early.


Sheamus (c) vs Cesaro for the United States Championship

Background: The night after Extreme Rules, Sheamus captured the US Championship in a 20 Man Battle Royal put together by the Authority. Sheamus would then compete in a number of matches with Paul Heyman’s new client Cesaro. After fighting to a draw at Main Event, Cesaro picked up a non-title victory over the Irishman with the help of Heyman. This has led to Cesaro receiving a title shot at Payback and if he wins, he will give his manager Heyman even more reason to boast. By the way, did you know his client Brock Lesnar broke the Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania?

Who Should Win? Sheamus, because I don’t want Cesaro to win the US Title for two reasons….

  1. The last time a “Paul Heyman guy” won a mid-card championship, he never exactly went anywhere with it but down…
  2. Cesaro doesn’t need a US title run… but Sheamus does.

However, I hope that this doesn’t have a clean finish. Cesaro deserves better than that.

Who Will Win? Sheamus.


Bad News Barrett (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship

Background: Rob Van Dam won a Beat The Clock challenge on RAW in London which earned him a Intercontinental Championship match at Payback. However right after winning the challenger… HE RECEIVED SOME BAD NEWS! A Bullhammer to the back of the head as Barrett stood tall.

Who Should Win?: Bad News Barrett

Who Will Win?: If you think Rob Van Dam is going to win… I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS!


Bray Wyatt vs John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match

Background: The score is currently 1-1 in this series between John Cena and Bray Wyatt. Cena thought he had saved his legacy when he beat Wyatt at Wrestlemania, but at Extreme Rules Wyatt levelled the score with a huge cage match victory. As Wyatt hopes to crush the Cenation leader for good, Cena vowed last week on RAW to show Wyatt’s true colours at Payback.

Who Should Win?: If there’s a god… Bray Wyatt.

Who Will Win?: John Cena. I just have a really bad feeling that Cena is not gonna want to lose this feud with Wyatt, which is unfortunate for Bray. I’d like to think that WWE would give Wyatt the victory he desperately needs. Otherwise, the whole world is going to slip from his hands…


Evolution vs The Shield II – No Holds Barred Elimination Match

Background: The Shield gained a huge victory in their fight against the Authority’s injustice at Extreme Rules when they knocked off Evolution. However, Triple H was having none of that. After forcing Dean Ambrose to defend his US Championship in a 20 man battle royal (which he lost), Evolution laid a huge beat down on the Shield. The Shield wanted Payback… at Payback. And so it was made… these two factions would go at it again. Only this time… No Holds Barred! Elimination Rules! Both sides stated that this would be the end for one of these stables, but the question is… which one?

Who Should Win?: Errr… Evolution because I do feel Evolution need to get a win out of this to look strong. Especially if Batista is taking time off soon to plug his movie (which is being suggested by wrestling reports).

Who Will Win?: I think Evolution will win. I had a small gut feeling that The Shield would win, but it doesn’t make sense for The Shield to win twice. The whole point of this rematch is to even the score for a rubber match.


And last but not least. The WWE World Heavyweight…. Oh wait. NO.

Apparently there is not going to be a WWE World Heavyweight Title match because our champion is injured. I think this whole storyline about Daniel Bryan, might or might not be, surrendering the championship is absurd. The championship should be vacated… hands down. The 30 DAY RULE people. In wrestling, there is a rule which WWE ignores so much nowadays which legit pisses me off. A champion is supposed to be able to defend his championship at all times really. If a champion is unable to defend his/her title in 30 days, he should be stripped of the belt… why has this rule not been enforced? Are WWE really that worried about the backlash from a decision like that. If anything that’ll get Bryan even MORE over… if that’s possible. And it’s not like Bryan couldn’t just win it back upon his return.



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