03/03/2014 RAW PREVIEW: Aaron Paul! Undertaker! Brock Lesnar! Batista! CM Punk?

Ladies and gentleman, tonight it’s time for RAW IS WAR!


Aaron Paul On RAW…. BITCH!


Yes. Star of the greatest TV show of all time Breaking Bad and lead in the upcoming Fast And Furious show will be on RAW tonight! Now of all the shitty guest hosts on RAW we’ve had over the years, Aaron has to be among the best. He’s bound to provide a lot of laughs and I will be gravely disappointed if I don’t here this word at least once on RAW….


Batista’s Quest


The now heel Batista has begun a quest to destory every single hero in WWE on route to Wrestlemania to prove his dominance over all of them. While a HEEL vs HEEL Wrestlemania main event is something unheard of, any intercation between Batista and the WWE World Champion Randy Orton will be a most interesting one. Who will the fans cheer for? And who will be Batista’s next target on the road to Wrestlemania?


Daniel Bryan’s Challenge


Daniel Bryan threw out the challenge last week on RAW – him vs COO Triple H for a match at Wrestlemania XXX! Will Triple H accept the challenge or continue to dodge the leader of the YESMovement?


Shield vs Wyatts II!


Oh yes! After tearing down the house at Elimination Chamber, these two factions are going to go into battle again as the war is far from over! Can The Shield exact revenge or will the Wyatts prove themselves to be the biggest faction around?


Undertaker and Brock Lesnar both here!

There Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down...

After their encounter on RAW last week and their match at Wrestlemania signed, sealed and delivered, these two behemoths are both on RAW again! In 5 weeks time, Brock Lesnar and Undertaker will clash. But what will Brock Lesnar’s response to being chokeslammed through a table and being stabbed with a pen be?


Will CM Punk be there?


There’s been a lot of talk about Punk’s status for this event held at his home town in Chicago. Punk’s been in sabatical ever since the Royal Rumble. However, recent reports coming out suggest that Punk could be on his way back in Chicago tonight. According to NoDQ.com…

“CM Punk is expected to return at tomorrow night’s Raw in Chicago, Illinois,  according to Dave Meltzer on today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.  While Meltzer won’t say he’s 100% sure Punk will be at the show, his source, who he says is “one of the biggest stars in the industry,” said that it’s 100% certain.”

Apparently, Dave is one of the best wrestling sources out there. However, we CANNOT take a single report these days to be granted. Dav ecould be having us on. I don’t think he’ll be there but you never know….





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