WWE Elimination Chamber Review: Big E Langston (c) vs Jack Swagger For The Intercontinental Championship


We kicked things off on the actual show with the Intercontinental title on the line as the All-American Real American Jack Swagger challenges the man who thinks 3 ain’t enough, Big E Langston.

A quality match to kick off the show with the Intercontinental title certainty not done any injustice with the performance these two put on.

Big E and Jack have both been wrestlers with both the athletic ability and the impressive strength to put fans on the edge of their seats. Thing is, none of these two have really had a chance to prove their in-ring potential…. until Elimination Chamber.

A lot of hard-hitting moments brought a lot of intensity into the match. There were also a lot of unique spots to the match that made it worthwhile. For example, when Big E speared Swagger into the steps. It looked a tiny bit shoddy like, but I admired the two for trying something different. And the fans were buzzing after it was well.

When Swagger took control of the match, the match pace slowed as you’d expect. However, things picked up again after Big E pulled of an impressive counter of the front facelock.

A very nice spot I liked was Swagger’s body splash being caught by Big E who nearly hit the Big Ending. Swagger got out of it and wriggled out to the apron. And then the  “Oh Shit!” moment of the match happened…

Big E Langston was somehow able to “pull an Edge” and was able to spear Jack Swagger through the apron and onto the floor! The fans were ecstatic, I was ecstatic! This was just an insane moments that I hope to get the chance to replay over and over. Especially with two big guys like Big E and Swagger, you’d just never see it coming amazing!

We had a nice little exchange between the two afterwards, with Swagger attempting to slap the ankle lock onto Big E. It looked painfully as hell for some reason. I don’t know why but it looked really well applied. Anyway, Big E was selling the injured leg well but was able to pull of a really unorthodox move for someone his size. He got up from the ankle lock while Jack was holding onto his leg and delivered an enziguri. It was still good to see it. The match ended with Big E hitting the Big Ending for the win.

A very nice opener to Elimination Chamber. The title was really helped by this match, because of how well it was executed. These two big guys, but athletic enough to deliever such an awesome match. I think both these men will benefit greatly from this match. What a performance by both men.


The rest of the Elimination Chamber PPV Review is coming up tonight. Do stay tuned. This was just a really good match which I wanted to give its own blog post. Stay tuned for the rest!


2 thoughts on “WWE Elimination Chamber Review: Big E Langston (c) vs Jack Swagger For The Intercontinental Championship

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