What Is WWE Doing With Christian?: Heel Turn Reaction

Wrestling fans, I am Tom Robinson.

A little post about Christian’s heel turn which began on RAW with his attack on Daniel Bryan and continued with his post-match attack on Sheamus on SmackDown!


Christian has always been a wrestler that has never really got his due in the WWE. I mean he’s been around A LONG time in WWE but he’s got little to show for it other than multiple Intercontinental title reigns, tag team title reigns and two VERY brief World title reigns. But he’s always seemed like a lost soul with hardly any direction nowadays in the world of WWE. He’s been a really good upper-midcarder but always seems to do jack. I figured when he returned in 2013 and feuded for the World Title vs Alberto Del Rio that it would be the re-genesis of Christian. He never won the World title but still provided a great showing and I honestly thought things could turn around for Christian. But then he was struck with injury.


Now he’s back and it appears that he’s taking a darker and heelish approach to his career with assaults of Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. Don’t get me wrong… I love Christian as a heel. When he was against Randy Orton in 2011 he was a tremendous counterpart for Orton. When he was heel in TNA, he was quality! He did some amazing trash talking and as the number one heel in the company he towed the line very well. However, WWE has never really given Christian his time at the top. Despite having as big a work ethic as anyone, WWE has never had Christian be the top face or the top heel in the company. WWE has always had these moments with Christian when he goes face or heel and goes over for a brief moment. Then all of a sudden, he sinks and is sat in the mid-card spot doing the exact same thing. And I think this heel turn won’t get very well because WWE don’t know how to use Christian.


With the likes of Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and soon probably Batista being heels in the company, how is Christian going to stand out? He won’t. That’s the thing. It’s horrible to say, but Christian’s popularity and relevancy in WWE pales in comparison to theirs. And to be honest, as a face his status is even worse. It was such a bland turn in the middle of the show that it gives Christian little overness and not much people will care with these big time stars coming back to WWE. If they were really going to turn Christian heel, they could’ve waited until after Wrestlemania. This sort of booking is why so many wrestlers in WWE are so lost in the shuffle. A bunch of them going nowhere. And it’s not healthy.


I’ll admit that I’m going to enjoy Christian heel a hell of a lot more than I enjoyed him as a face. But it’s this lack of continuity with the superstars that has resulted such a lack of direction for so many superstars. And this heel turn proves that WWE don’t know how to use him as a face so they said “Fuck It” and made him a heel. It’s this lack of development in characters that really infuriates me about the product sometimes.


4 thoughts on “What Is WWE Doing With Christian?: Heel Turn Reaction

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