WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Predictions

Yeah, yeah. Guess who’s back baby! It’s the lean, mean, prediction machine! Tom Robinson! With the Armbar Express! Hell Yeah!

It’s good to back guys! I’m back! I’m excited… sort of, for the Elimination Chamber. It’s been a rather hectic month or so since the Royal Rumble. We’ve had Brock Lesnar. We’ve had Batista. And we’ve CM Punk taking his ball and going home! Oh we’ve had it all! And now we approach… THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER!

Who will walk out the Chamber and into Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champion OF THE WORLD? Lets look at the card!

Titus O’Neil vs Darren Young


Background: January 31st 2014. On SmackDown! after losing to “Rybaxel”, Titus O’Neil decided that he had enough of Darren Young’s shit and turned on him, thus ending the Prime Time Players. Titus claimed he turned on Darren because of his quest to become a champion in the WWE. Darren would respond by assaulting Titus O’Neil backstage on the SmackDown! afterwards. This week, it was announced that these two would finally do battle at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Not the pre-show, but the PPV itself!

What Should Happen?: First of all, I want to state how shocked I am to see these two given PPV time. Pleasantly surprised and hopefully a lot more of these under-utilized roster members in minor feuds will actually get a bit of PPV time. It’s nice to see. I’m not sure what the future lies for Darren Young, but for Titus O’Neil the future seems bright! Anyway. Definitely want to see Titus go over in this one,  because I truly believe he’s got a great career ahead of him. Darren still has a bit of work to do before he’s ready for a big push in my opinion. Titus winning on a PPV could set him up nicely for Wrestlemania 30.

What Will Happen?: Titus O’Neil wins. I’m happy. Does the dog bark….

Note: To check out my NoDQ.com article on bit Titus O’Neil, click on this link to found out what I think about the dog-barking up-and-comer.

Big E Langston (c) vs Jack Swagger for the Intercontinental Championship


Background: Big E Langston has been rolling along smoothly as Intercontinental Champion. The likes of Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow and Fandango have come to challenge Big E only to be knocked down a peg by the big man. But Big E has another fearsome challenger challenging him for the gold at Elimination Chamber in the All-American Real American… American Jack Swagger. Swagger, who won the Elimination Chamber match this time last year, defeated Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry in a fatal four way on SmackDown! last week to punch his ticket into the PPV with Big E Langston.

What Should Happen?: Man, how the mighty have fallen. Poor Jack Swagger. Well kids if you want a clear example about why you should stay away from the dope, Jack Swagger is a prime example. Here he is, a year on from his elimination chamber victory. And here is fighting for a mid-card title. Well, Big E Langston is clearly going over and he needs to keep his title going for as long as possible. Something tells me great things are on the horizon for Big E.

What Will Happen?: Forgone conclusion. Big E Langston wins (hope that doesn’t come back to bite me. :/).

New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championship


Background: Oh you didn’t know? Your ass better CALLLLLLLLLLLLL SOMEBODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! The New Age Outlaws should no signs of slowing down at the Royal Rumble when they defeated the Rhodes Brothers in the pre-show to win the WWE Tag Team Titles! They continued to roll back the years with back-to-back title defenses over the Rhodes and they hope to continue to relive their glory days as they face the high-flying, highly entertaining Samoan brothers the Usos. Can the Usos after all these years finally capture tag team gold or will the “Road Dogg” Jesse James and the “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn have two words for them?

What Should Happen?: Personally, I don’t like seeing the Usos being on the receiving end of a defeat against these old-timers. I mean, the New Age Outlaws should be back to put people over not put themselves over. I mean if the Usos were to beat them at Wrestlemania or something, that would be a special moment. If they won here it would be a special moment and I personally believe a victory over the New Age Outlaws would be a great way to finally get the Usos the gold.

What Will Happen?: Of course the New Age Outlaws are not going to lose the belts this early into their reign. As much as I’d like to see The Usos come out on top, logic tells me that Billy Gunn and Road Dogg are walking out champions.

Batista vs Alberto Del Rio


Background: In what was a highly appreciated result by the WWE faithful, Batista won the 2014 Royal Rumble match to book his ticket to Wrestlemania 30 against whoever the WWE World Champion will be at the big dance. One man who had a big problem with the Animal was one Alberto Del Rio who has repeatedly clashed with the number one contender since Batista’s return. This has led to the match being booked – the “Mexican aristocrat” Alberto Del Rio vs “The Animal” Batista.

What Should Happen?: I’d personally like to see Alberto Del Rio win because I’m big Del Rio mark Perro! However, if the Royal Rumble winner lost just before his world title match that wouldn’t make him seem to good. :/ So I’m going to have to say… Batista should win.

What Will Happen?: Batista wins.

The “Oh Shit!” Match Of The Night – The Shield vs Wyatt Family


Background: Ever since the emergence of the Wyatts in July, we’ve had two major factions dominate the WWE universe. The creepy and sadistic Wyatts as well as the “Hounds of Justice” The Shield. The two factions first came together in November here in England when the two clashed over who got to beat up CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. The two has had little interaction since, but the Wyatts gave the Shield a huge problem recently when their interference in a six man tag Elimination Chamber qualifying match cost all 3 members of The Shield a shot at the WWE World Title. Of course, The Shield wouldn’t take too kindly to that and called out The Wyatts. This eventually led to the match being announced for Elimination Chamber. At last, The Shield would take on the Wyatts for the first time in a six man tag team match. Which team will prevail? Which team will prove themselves to be the most dominant force in the WWE? And Michael… are there any cracks in The Shield?

What Should Happen? I don’t care who wins… just as long as I get to see a good old fight this Sunday!

What Will Happen?: The Wyatts win. As much as The Shield has been a pleasure to see as a unit, they’re going to break apart and the likelihood is it’ll happen at the Pay-Per-View. I just hope it goes down well.

Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Antonio Cesaro vs Sheamus vs Christian in an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Background: Randy Orton is currently the man in the WWE. Having beat John Cena two PPVs in a row, Orton has maintained his position as the top dog with a number of huge contenders looking in. But for how long can Orton maintain his status as the “face of the WWE”? With the Authority announcing an Elimination Chamber match the night after the Royal Rumble, Randy finds himself with 5 challengers coming after his title who all earned their way in through qualifiers. We have the veteran Christian who has been on the outside looking into the main event scene for a while now? He has the “one more match” he has longed for but will it be enough for Christian to seize the victory on Sunday? The returning Sheamus has never won an Elimination Chamber match before and with the stakes involved in this match, this is a must-win for the Celtic Warrior. John Cena has main-evented the last three Wrestlemanias. And after two disappointing defeats for the title before, can the third time be the charm for Cena who tries to make it for WM main events in a row? Antonio Cesaro. The dark horse of the match finally has the chance to showcase his impressive skill and ability in a big time PPV match. And after achieving victory over the champion last week on SmackDown!, can Cesaro mark his claim as the main man in the WWE? And lastly, we have Daniel Bryan. The leader of the #YESMovement! The wrestler the entire WWE universe got into a hissy fit about not being in the Royal Rumble match. The American Dragon walks into the chamber with the fans on his side, but will it be enough to see him become champion once more and headline Wrestlemania 30?

What Should Happen?: Phew! That was a long background! Anyway! What shouldn’t happen is WWE cave into the fans need and completely change the direction they’re heading to for Wrestlemania. If the plan is for Randy Orton to main event with Batista, fucking have the match. The old saying goes “No one man is bigger than the WWE”. Not Daniel Bryan, not CM Punk. No one.

What Will Happen?: WWE better not pull the same crap they pulled just before the Rumble when Bryan left the Wyatts TWO WEEKS, after joining them. I swear, that was worse than when John Cena was in the Nexus. At least that lasted a month! If they put the belt on Bryan just because of the constant bitching of the fans, than they are just making themselves seems weak. The fans will walk all over them and believe it or not, THAT is not best for business. Will they cave? No. If they’re smart and believe it or not THEY ARE smart, the original plan for Orton to win will happen. Orton wins.

Christ, I forgot how long these posts take to write-up! Anyway, that was the Chamber predictions! I’m Tom Robinson! And this is a PPV I’m actually looking forward to. Chamber matches are always fun and exciting. We have The Shield vs The Wyatts! Holy Shit! If I weren’t doing important shit in uni the day after, I’d definitely watch this live! But when I do it’ll be great to see!

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