The Daniel Bryan Rant

What’s up guys. Tom Robinson here representing the Armbar Express. I don’t like having to make rants believe it or not. I don’t exactly go on massive rants on WWE each and every week. I’m a lot more optimistic about the future of WWE, than most internet fans out there. But I do call it as I see it. If I think WWE have done a good job, I’ll come out and say it. The Royal Rumble match last night was awesome. I have no problem with that. But I also have to speak out when things start to suck. And as amazing as this sounds… it’s not actually the company that’s making me speak out. It’s the fans.


The majority of smarks or whatever you want to call internet fans these days who thinks they know what’s “best for business” are easily the worst fans in wrestling history. John Cena fans get stick but at least those fans stick with John and the product even if he wins or loses. Amazingly enough, them wrestling fans are acting more adult than these internet fans that bitch and moan whenever Daniel Bryan or CM Punk loses a match. I’m not going to tell you fans what you can or can’t cheer for. Everyone has that freedom of speech. You want to cheer for John Cena? Go cheer for John Cena. But what is unacceptable is hijacking the show with stupid chants about a wrestler not even involved in the match. Trying to make a wrestler a one man dynasty is not “best for business”. That’s the problem with these fans. They will constantly bitch about John Cena in the spotlight all the time, yet they try to make a show all about one man. Hypocrites much?


Fans will forever be fans. But when you see a columnist for sites like Bleacher Report and WhatCulture go online and bitch about these stuff, you really begin to wonder why they were even allowed to write for a site like that. It’s illogical internet bitching that you could get on just about any site by any fan. I mean here’s one I found from Chris Featherstone of the Bleacher Report. The writer of this shitty article at Bleacher Report. Here’s the link 

He starts of this article by stating that:

“He (Daniel Bryan) is the most over Superstar in the WWE hands down, with one of the most organic pops in professional wrestling history. Still, the WWE continues to turn a blind eye to the obvious. Somehow, the high-decibel ovations, roof-crumbling “YES!” chants and constant “Daniel Bryan!” crowd support are not enough to make him a staple main event star.”

I love how the writer simply ignores the fact that Daniel Bryan has been featured in 4 of the last 7 RAW main event segments and basically says WWE aren’t considering him a staple main event star. They know he’s a huge asset to them. WWE knows Daniel’s influence on the WWE Universe is big for them. Hell, they hit the good old panic button and turned Bryan face TWO WEEKS after he turned heel (which was still the stupidest booking decision in the last 5 years). They did that because of the fans being so into Bryan. But Daniel Bryan is NOT the be-all-end-all of WWE. Like Vince McMahon says, “No one man is bigger than the WWE” and that’s regardless of how over they are or how many YES chants they have to their name.

Next, the writer talks about Daniel Bryan losing to Bray Wyatt. By the way, this match was a stellar match and I would find means to watch it if you haven’t yet. This match was apparently the end of the feud as Bray turned his attentions to John Cena later that evening. And because he lost cleanly that night, the writer comes to the conclusion that his lost to Bray, “did absolutely nothing for him.” Even if it did in fact do nothing for him… so what? The point of the feud was not for Daniel Bryan, it was a Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt being a star is one of WWE’s top priorities right now, and rightfully so. Despite a rough start in my estimate, Bray has become a huge player in WWE finally. And yeah, the big reason for that was Daniel Bryan. So Bray had to win the feud if he wanted to move on to the likes of John Cena. Daniel Bryan is still going to be a big star at the end of it, so what’s to worry about him losing to Bray clean?


He then comments on Batista getting mixed reactions stating:

“It looks like WWE better start rewriting the scripts heading to WrestleMania 30, because it looks like we are going to have a heel vs. heel match, which will garner a number of “Boring!” chants.”

Have you ever heard the phrase “It is better to have a reaction than no reaction at all?” Even the boos John Cena gets every day are still great reactions because he plays of both reactions. But let me ask you a simple question… if the Royal Rumble match came down to John Cena and Batista, and Batista won the match, how much are you willing to bet that these fans complaining about Batista now would have been cheering for Batista at the time? Ryback is not everyone’s cup of tea. And yet when it was down to him and Cena in the final two last year, Ryback was getting “FEED ME MORE” chants all over the arena. It’s the logic of these smarks that amazes me.

The last couple of sentences of this shitty article from, yes, a Bleacher Report FEATURED Columnist reads.

“WWE Creative has one more opportunity to redeem themselves: at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. However, I am not confident that anything outside of what is already planned will take place, and Daniel Bryan will simply end up in a midcard singles match at WrestleMania 30. What a travesty.”


First of all, how bad at writing do these people think WWE writers are? They are trying to write the stories that’s going to rake in the dole, whether you like it or not. They have to write with that in mind and so fans can actually enjoy it in the process. Sure Batista vs Randy Orton may suck, but they’re going to do their damndest to make it as good as it can be. And when they get “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair involved in this feud, I’m sure those fans aren’t going to be doing much companing!

Second, because Daniel Bryan lost a match and didn’t win the Rumble is not the end of the world. How do you know that Bryan is going to be shafted to mid-card status at Wrestlemania? What if he’s going after the Undertaker’s streak or maybe fighting Triple H? It might not be as predictable as you think. WWE want Daniel to draw big Wrestlemania reactions. And he doesn’t need to be in the main event to do so. If Daniel doesn’t get a big time match at Mania, big deal. When the big stars all fuck off after Wrestlemania, there’s going to be voids to fill in the main event scene and you can bet Daniel Bryan will be there to fill it.

What’s sad is that there are so many other articles like this. This was just the first one I wanted to use as an example. People shitting on the product because of two small factors; the fact that Daniel Bryan wasn’t in the Rumble and the fact that Batista won the entire thing. Sure, you can say whatever you want about. What you shouldn’t does is hijack the show with boos that the wrestlers in the ring are busting their asses to make good for you. I mean you had a GREAT rumble match.


What’s worse, hardly anyone is mentioning Roman Reign’s epic performance. I mean no-one is even acknowledging the fact that Roman Reigns broke the Kane’s record of eliminations in the Rumble match. 12 eliminations he got. He was the runner up of the Royal Rumble. He basically got himself into stardom. And yet people are talking about someone NOT EVEN in the match. They’re talking about Daniel Bryan.

Now I am not shitting on Daniel Bryan in the slightest. He is a quality wrestler. He will continue to bust his ass regardless of how much he is cheered and booed and I respect him for his dedication to wrestling. But when you have the same old “Daniel Bryan” and “YES!” chants flood an arena, it sucks the life out of a show. Hey, the matches before the rumble weren’t exactly great matches (excluding Bryan vs Wyatt). But it’s not made better when the one match everyone bought the PPV for is bombarded by idiot fans making a mockery out of the Rumble because Daniel Bryan wasn’t in it. How insulted do you think the 30 wrestlers in that match felt after the match was done? You have CM Punk, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns lasting 30+ minutes in the match busting their asses, and all they can hear is fans booing because Bryan isn’t in the match.

Lastly, I want to address the petition that fans have actually started to write to have Daniel Bryan be in the main event of Wrestlemania 30 or else… THEY WILL RIOT! By turning their backs to the Wrestlemania main event! OMG! We have to cave in! A bunch internet fans are going to turn their backs on the main event? No they aren’t.


Here’s the petition link.

They wouldn’t have “rioted” if Rob Van Dam lost to John Cena in 2006. They wouldn’t have “rioted” if CM Punk lost to John Cena in 2o11. And they won’t “riot” here. And it’s disgraceful that they are resorting to a petition. If they want to turn their backs then they are not proper fans. They shouldn’t dictate how a company is run or who is going to the main event of Wrestlemania. And as for people saying Batista never deserved to be in the main event of Wrestlemania 30. Well let me say this… he’s more worthy of being in the main event than you are of deciding how WWE should be run.


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