Batista Returns To WWE In 2014: Is He Entering The Royal Rumble?

Merry Christmas Eve guys! I’m Tom Robinson with the Armbar Express!

Nope, this ain’t a fan-made vid. Last night on RAW, WWE let the cat out of the bag (after Batista’s appearance at an upcoming live event was spoiled online) and announced that on January 20th 2014, “The Animal” Batista would be appearing live on RAW just a week before the Royal Rumble!

With Batista’s new film “Guardians Of The Galaxy” on the horizon, this will likely be either one or two appearances for the company or Batista could be set to be heading on the road to Wrestlemania. In any case, this return is purely down to one thing – money. It’s highly doubtful that Batista is not back in the wrestling industry for the long-haul and this’ll be very similar to The Rock’s appearances in recent years.

Definitely a shocker having BATISTA back in the frame at WWE though. And it’s also good to see. Batista’s actually done quite good for himself since he left WWE. He tried his hand at MMA and he’s had a great movie career which has resulted in him making his way to the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. So for him to come back is good sign, because it shows that he’s not exactly gone from the wrestling business for good. Even if it is for a couple of appearances, couple of months, however long it is. Batista was a huge star in WWE and he was awesome during his heel run before he left WWE. Entertaining on the mic to say the least.


And being so close to the Royal Rumble, is Batista going to be an entrant in the Royal Rumble? Is he going to face Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Is he going to be at Wrestlemania XXX?

Keep in mind, he’s 44. He’s actually older than The Rock. And being away from wrestling in a couple of years, I dunno how well he can go in the ring and how dedicated with improving his wrestling ability he’ll be with the distractions of his movie career. He’s nowhere near going to be as good as he was before he left. So if he’s going to come back to wrestle, it’ll be interesting to see who he’ll throwdown with.

Batista being in the Royal Rumble would be simple enough and big coup for WWE regarding the Royal Rumble match. With the title shot at the now WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line, for someone like Batista to enter and try to win it would bump up the prestige of the belt dramatically. If he wins the match and faces Orton at Mania, it’d increase even more. I’m not sure if he’d win it like because I don’t know how long he’s got this contract for. It could be until Extreme Rules which means it’d be fine, but Batista winning the title after so many years away would be a huge Wrestlemania moment.

Of course, Batista might NOT be going after the title at all. He might just be getting involved in the Authority. He could be feuding with John Cena, CM Punk or even Brock Lesnar! He could even go after the streak again! I don’t know what he’s here for, but you can bet Batista’s return to WWE is going to be an emphatic one to say the least!


Anyway, that was the Armbar Express! I’m Tom Robinson. Hope you guys have a very merry christmas wherever you are in the world! If I don’t post again before the year is up, have a happy new year as well! I mean, 2013 has been a huge year for me personally. And I’m sure for all of us… 2014 is going to be even greater! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Batista Returns To WWE In 2014: Is He Entering The Royal Rumble?

  1. Honestly Batista is a different breed to the average,modern human. He’s fit, on paper he’s 44 in actuality he’s fitter than most guys half his age. Hel be old when he’s around 78. That’s when your comment might be valid. I know this because I’m built of the same stuff, so were my forefathers.

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