2013 NoDQ.com Awards – My Vote For… Faction Of The Year

Evening wrestling fans, my name is Tom Robinson. Writer for the Armbar Express, WhatCulture!, and NoDQ.com! And we continue with this series of blog posts on the NoDQ.com awards with the NoDQ.com Faction Of The Year Award. The nominations are…

The Shield – Continuing their dominance that began in 2012, The Shield took down just about everyone there was to take down in WWE. John Cena, CM Punk, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, Mark Henry. Even legends of the WWE like The Rock and The Undertaker have felt the wrath of The Shield’s justice. Everyone that’s anyone in WWE have recived The Shield’s version of justice and they are still a force to be reckoned with in WWE. Normally stables lose a lot of credibillity after their first loss, but not The Shield. They are still as strong as stable as they’ve always been, even with the competition from the Wyatt Family. Believe In The Shield!

The Authority – Cannot tell you how badly I loved the thought of another heel regime in WWE. When Randy Orton and Triple H  both turned heel at Summerslam and when them two alongside Stephanie and Vince McMahon the next night on RAW stood tall over Daniel Bryan, you could just tell it was the start of something special. Triple H and Stephanie have both been brilliant in this storyline as the power couple running WWE. So much so that Vince McMahon has had barely any influence in the storyline since Summerslam. It’s going great so far and with the “Director Of Operations” Kane and their hounds of justice The Shield, the Authority are in a great shape to go from strength to strength in 2014. Because that’s what’s best for business!

Aces And Eights – The dastardly Aces And Eights continued to raise havoc in TNA in 2013 having won access to TNA at Bound For Glory. While the Aces And Eights suffered from a terrible win/loss record at the start of 2013, the fans were still encapsulated with the storyline and who’s actually running it. Then the storyline hit its peak – when Bully Ray revealed himself as the leader of the group. When that happened, TNA started to make it seem like the group were actually taking over when they took over the website. It was such a great time to be watching TNA from January to June. However, things did turn south. Especially when the likes of DOC left the group and when Tito Ortiz joined the group. This led to the group’s death in November but it was still a great ride in TNA for the majority of The Aces And Eights’ run. Because when you ride with the Aces And Eights, you never walk alone!

The Wyatt Family – The Wyatt Family debuted on RAW in July after a considerable amount of success. After months of hype they began to make an impact in the WWE, taking out Kane and targetting the likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. They’ve even went toe-to-toe with The Shield! Led by the vision and incredible mic-skills of Bray Wyatt, the group can really start to shine when we hit 2014!

E.G.O – The trio of Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian formed an alliance to assure that one of them would win the Bound For Glory series. While neither of them won it, Bobby Roode came mighty close and the trio started off a great feud with Kurt Angle upon his return. The three have made us laugh in 2013 and if they’re still running in 2014, who knows what they could accompish?

Main Event Mafia – Here to fill the numbers is the reformed version of the Main Event Mafia! The group was formed by Sting to battle the Aces And Eights. While featuring main-event players like Sting, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, they also had up-and-comer Magnus who has gained an awful lot out of his time there (as a matter of fact, check out my NoDQ.com column on Mangus which I wrote up today also!). Oh yeah, and there was Quinton “Rampage” Jackson also!


Who should be faciton of the year. E.G.O. never made that much of an impact to be considered a contender in my opinion. The Main Event Mafia quite honestly was a load of dogs’ bollocks. The only member of that group that benefitted from it was the guy who had never been a TNA World Champion when he joined, Magnus. It seemed like a horrible return that shouldn’t have even happened. The Wyatt Family and The Authority were only introduced in the Summer and haven’t had time to establish themselves much yet. Which leaves us to the Aces And Eights and The Shield!

Now I was one of the Aces And Eights’ biggest defenders. I loved them in the first 6 months of 2013 and it really was a storyline which was really taking shape. However, it suffered such a terrible run from like July or so that it kind felt like an Old Yeller situation. It just needed to be ended sooner rather than later, and it should have ended at Bound For Glory but it never. I just think The Shield have been booked so well by WWE over the last year that they deserve to win this 10 times more than any of the other groups.

Winner: The Shield

6 thoughts on “2013 NoDQ.com Awards – My Vote For… Faction Of The Year

  1. Shield for me, too.

    Shame that WWE has recently started foreshadowing their demise.

    Good write-up.

    • Thanks. I guess WWE don’t want the Shield to end up like Aces And Eights ended up if they kept them together for too long. It’s not like either of them couldn’t get anyone on their own once they split up.

  2. How did you get the gig writing for NoDQ? I write for What Culture too, but I love Aaron Rift’s YouTube series and would love to write for that site!

    • They were looking for new columnists a couple of months ago and I applied. I sent them a 500 word sample article and the stuff I’ve done in uni and outside of it and made me a columnist. Had a little look on your blog and it looks great and you’ve graduated in journalism which should give you a bit of an edge. You should send them something and they could give you the chance! 🙂

      • That’s cool man. I take it that’s a voluntary deal? How are you doing with What Culture? Have you been getting paid? I’m still waiting for my first two articles to get through clearance and go on the site, to see if I can get some dollar. I graduated a couple of years ago but it’s hard for a struggling journalist, especially a pro wrestling obsessed one – not many paid oppurtunities on the horizon.

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