2013 NoDQ.com Awards – My Vote For… Breakout Star Of The Year


The Armbar Express is here. My name is Tom Robinson. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been doing a series of blog posts dedicated to the NoDQ.com awards. If you want to read all of them, click on this link https://thearmbarexpress.wordpress.com/category/nodq-com/ for all my votes for the awards. And here’s another post. BREAKOUT STAR OF THE YEAR!

The nominations are….


Bray Wyatt – Leader Of The Wyatt Family that’s done a pretty good job of making the lives of Kane, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan a total misery.

Roman Reigns – The absolute tank of the Shield that’s been spearing superstars left and right. From the legendary Undertaker to 4 men in one night at Survivor Series, there are few men who haven’t felt the wrath of Roman Reign’s spear.

Dean Ambrose – Dean has been United States Champion since April of this year and has proven his unpredictable nature to be his most useful ally as he and The Shield serve up their own version of Justice!

Big E Langston – The heavy of Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee who broke through big time when he went solo and won the Intercontinental Title. Oh yeah, he’s a legend on the mic!

Ethan Carter III – The prodigal son of the NoDQ.com fanbase and former NXT contestant, Ethan Carter III.

Magnus – The Brit’s face turn when TNA hit England in early 2013 has seen him rid off a huge wave of momentum which saw him reach te finals of the Bound For Glory Series, beat Sting and will lead him to even greater feats in the near future 😉


Magnus takes this one for me. Bray Wyatt hasn’t done much himself in WWE yet for me to consider him as a legitmate candidate. Reigns and Ambrose have not really broken out on their own yet and for me, the breakout star needs to stand out on their own rather than stand out as a team. Dean Ambrose’s US Title reign has become rather dry and Roman Reigns is not going to REALLY breakout until he’s on his own. And when he does, there’s going to be no stopping him! Big E is still fresh with a fresh Intercontinetal Title reign and Ethan Carter III… well EC3 can kindly think again if he thinks he’s getting this award! Magnus has been on fire this year and is fully deserving of this award.

Winner: Magnus


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