2013 NoDQ.com Awards – My Vote For… PPV Of The Year



Takes a licking and keeps on ticking! The Armbar Express is here. My name is Tom Robinson. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been doing a series of blog posts dedicated to the NoDQ.com awards. If you want to read all of them, click on this link https://thearmbarexpress.wordpress.com/category/nodq-com/ for all my votes for the awards. And here’s another post. It’s time to decide which PPV truly deserves to be called… PPV OF THE YEAR!

Uploaded from a member of the NoDQ.com Discussion Group on Facebook. Can't remember who it was, but it's a quality PPV poster mash up. :)

Uploaded from a member of the NoDQ.com Discussion Group on Facebook. Can’t remember who it was, but it’s a quality PPV poster mash up. 🙂

TLC 2012 – A PPV that suffered big time by the injury of the WWE Champion CM Punk. However, WWE were able to deliver an amazing show. Great tables match, decent chairs match, tremendous TLC 6 man tag team match (Match Of The Year candidate) and a really good ladder match between Cena and Ziggler with the shocking heel turn from AJ!

Wrestlemania 29 –  I don’t think this Wrestlemania will go down as one of the best Wrestlemanias in the world. This pay-per-view suffered from really bad time restraints. We had entrances cut, we had match lengths cut. We even had the 8 person tag match cut too. But, this event still featured a lot of new cool moments this year, and the 3 main event matches that all got 20+ minutes were very good matches on the whole. Lesnar vs Triple H II was actually good. Rock vs Cena II was good. But in the end, one match in particular will stand out above the rest. Undertaker vs CM Punk.

Extreme Rules – I enjoyed the PPV. A slow start, especially with Jericho and Fandango, but I loved a majority of the matches. The latter end of the card was great and the other matches had a lot of things going for them. Loved the WWE title match, loved Show vs Orton, and I love that Brock Lesnar won the war against Triple H.

Payback – Another really good PPV after Extreme Rules. The 3 stages of hell match did, with all due respect, suck ass. However, we had a tremendous match with CM Punk and Chris Jericho (MOTY candidate), AJ Lee FINALLY winning the divas title, Curtis Axel winning the Intercontinental Championship and a shocking double turn in the World Title. It was really enjoyable night, especially for me considering I watched the entire thing live from 1am to 4am. 🙂

Money In The Bank – Very good PPV. Featuring two quality Money In The Bank matches and a stellar World Title match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. The Philadelphia crowd was very hot and like I’ve stated before, the crowd makes such a difference to a show. Quality PPV featuring the return of Rob Van Dam!

Summerslam – Great PPV in general despite the short matches with Sandow/Rhodes and Kane/Wyatt. But epic battle between Punk and Lesnar, fantastic WWE Title match between Bryan and Cena, and a PHENOMENAL ENDING with Triple H and Randy Orton turning heel.


Winner of this is easily Summerslam. Again like with Match Of The Year, I’m not talking TLC 2012 into account because it was in 2012 and not in 2013. Even still, Summerslam provided us with the mega show we truly deserved. Tremendous action from the big matches of the show – Punk vs Lesnar and Bryan vs Cena. And it gave us an ending which we’ll never forget. No PPV, especially not Wrestlemania will not come close to this.

Winner: Summerslam

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