2013 NoDQ.com Awards – My Vote For… Tag Team Of The Year


Next up… the 2013 NoDQ.com Tag Team Of The Year Award. A great year for tag team wrestling. We saw a lot of tag teams come out of the shadows and step into the spotlight in WWE and TNA. A lot of great action. The Usos vs The Shield at Money In The Bank will no doubt go down as one of my favorite matches of the year. And to be honest, all of these teams have a legit claim to be tag team of the year. And the nominations are….

The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) – After their arrival at Sruvivor Series 2012, The Shield dominated. Their dominance were further solidified when all 3 members acquired gold at Extreme Rules. Dean Ambrose got the US Title and the team of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins won the tag team gold. Since then, Reigns and Rollins slew all that stood in their way including The Prime Time Players and The Usos in a stellar match at Money In The Bank. Despite losing the belts in October, The Shield are still strong in the WWE spectrum and they could go from strength to strength in time. Notable matches: vs The Usos at Money In The Bank, vs The Rhodes Brothers at Battleground, vs The Rhodes Brothers on RAW

Team Hell-No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) – This dysfunctional duo continued to show their dominance as the tag team champions with victories over Team Rhodes-Scholars at Royal Rumble, and Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston at Wrestlemania 29. However, there was one team that were always having their numbers – The Shield. The duo lost the belts to them at Extreme Rules which resulted in the unit breaking down over Daniel’s obsession with “being the weak link”. However, before splitting off the two teamed with Randy Orton to be the first 6 man team to defeat The Shield on an episode of SmackDown! Notable Matches: w/Undertaker vs The Shield in England, vs The Shield at Extreme Rules, w/Randy Orton vs The Shield on SmackDown!

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) – The ever-cocky team of Daniels and Kazarian continued their shenanigans in TNA after winning the tag team titles TWICE in 2012. Despite not winning the belts this year, they came close at the Lockdown and Slammiversary PPVs. The two turned their focused to the singles tournament called the “Bound For Glory Series”, which both men were apart of. The two tried everything they could to get themselves in the top 4, even as far as getting themselves counted out in a match against one another to recieve 2 points each. They even created an alliance with Bobby Roode called E.G.O. to ensure one of them won the tournament. Despite not winning the series, the two could both be set to breakthrough big time in 2014. Notable Matches: vs Roode and Aries vs Chavo and Hernandez at Lockdown, Fatal Four Way Elimination Match at Slammiversary, vs The Main Event Mafia on IMPACT!

The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) – After years of negligance in the tag team division, WWE finally gave The Usos a proper purpose in the company. It wasn’t real until June where the team really got rolling. After donning facepaint similar to their deceased uncle Eddie Fatu, the Usos began a winning streak in the tag division. Knocking off The Prime Time Players and even Team Rhodes-Scholars, two became number one contenders for the tag titles at Money In The Bank. Along with Christian, they even became the second six man tag team to defeat The Shield on an episode of SmackDown! In an incredible tag team match on the PPV against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, the brothers only JUST failed to win the tag titles. Despite the loss, the duo still became prominent figures in the resistance against The Authority. Neither Uso was eliminated by the Shield in an 11 on 3 handicap match and they became number one contenders once more. At Hell In A Cell, they recieved their title shot in a 3 way against The Shield and The Rhodes Brothers. However, they fell once more. Will 2014 be the year that The Usos finally climb to the top of the tag team division? Notable matches: vs The Shield at Money In The Bank, w/9 other men vs The Shield on RAW, vs The Shield vs The Rhodes Brothers at Hell In A Cell

The Rhodes Brothers (Cody Rhodes and Goldust) – After Cody Rhodes was fired by COO Triple H, Goldust fought WWE Champion Randy Orton on RAW trying to win Cody’s job back. However he was unsuccessful in upsetting the WWE Champion. Cody and Goldust were given one last chance to regain their jobs in WWE when they fought Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins of the Shield at Battleground. The brothers were successful and followed up getting their jobs back by winning the WWE Tag Team Championship on RAW. For the first time, the sons of Dusty Rhodes were tag team champions together in the WWE. Notable matches: vs The Sheild at Battleground, vs The Shield on RAW, vs The Shield vs The Usos at Hell In A Cell

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries – Both Roode and Aries started teaming together when they were both feuding with Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Title. The two united against Jeff in a triple threat elimination match for the title at Genesis. However, neither man were able to walk away with the gold. The two focused their attention to the tag team gold and they were able to capture the belts in England. The two successfully retained the belts at Lockdown, but lost the belts to Chavo and Hernandez on an episode of IMPACT shortly afterwards. The two tried to regain the belts at Slammiversary but failed to regain the belts. Unlike Bad Influence, the alliance between the two ended when they both entered the Bound For Glory Series. Notable matches: vs Jeff Hardy (Triple Threat Match) at Genesis, vs Bad Influence vs Chavo and Hernandez at Lockdown, Fatal Four Way Elimination Match at Slammiversary


So which of these tag teams deserve the award for tag team of the year? Firstly, Roodes/Aries, The Rhodes Brothers and Team Hell-No are all out of this. All of these time were only together for a little while in 2013 to be considered tag team of the year. Yeah, Team Hell-No were a great tag team but they were only really together for 4 months in 2013. The tag team of the year has to have been a unit for the majority of 2013 to be in with a shot of winning. So that leaves Bad Influence, The Usos and The Shield. As much as I enjoy watching Daniels and Kazarain as a team, they’ve not had much to do in 2013. In comparison to 2012, they seemed like just another tag team in TNA and TNA should have given them a lot more to do.

Which leaves The Usos and The Shield. I’m going to slightly give this Usos purely because they are more of a natural tag team than The Shield. The Shield normally wrestles as a trio than a duo. As far as being a tag team is concerned they are OK, and they’ve had some decent matches together. But their more like two individuals than a tag team if you get what I mean. Reigns and Rollins both share two vastly different. The Usos gel together as a team and they have similar wrestling styles which is why they work well as a team. The Usos have had these new drive and have really made a huge impact since their push and they’re being utilized a great deal in WWE now. I really hope we see an Uso title reign next year.

To vote, simply click on the link below to vote for what you think was the best tag team of 2013!



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