@HeymanHustle Teases A Brock Lesnar WWE Title Run On Twitter!

Hey. Just a little post about a tweet I saw from Twitter just then. I know the likes of NoDQ.com and PWMania.com might probably write something about this as well, but it’s a tease from Paul Heyman about the future of one BROCK LESNAR after Brock was asked a question by a fan @JerryWins123! Check it out down here…

That’s one hell of a tease! Brock Lesnar as the WWE Champion? That is something I want to see. Seriously, I would love to have Lesnar conquering WWE as its champion. Although it’s unlikely, I’d love to see a long stint of Lesnar as champion. Being the dominant champion kicking everybody’s ass. That would be ratings right there!

Although, keep in mind, it’s JUST a tease. Heyman does these all the time if you follow him on Twitter. Right after the Wrestlemania 30 press conference just before WM 29, he teased The Rock vs Brock as the main event of Wrestlemania 30. And that might not even happen. Also, no reports have come out yet surrounding Brock Lesnar’s role in Wrestlemania 30, where he’s likely to return. Heyman’s just doing some slick hyping as usual.

I do hope this comes to fruition though. If there was one guy who’d I love to see champion again, it’d definitely be Brock Lesnar. Let’s hope WWE allows this little dream of mine to become reality!


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