WWE SPOILER – Big E Langston Turns Face At SmackDown! Taping?


I do promise to upload my thoughts of RAW this week sometime. I haven’t done it yet, because I haven’t watched it yet! Honest to god, was way too busy for my own well-being yesterday! XD

Anyway, we’re not talking about RAW. We’re talking about SMACKDOWN! Now if I did spoil anything for you guys with this post,  I do apologize. But according to some reports, there was a BIG face turn at yesterday’s SmackDown! tapings. Let me refer to a quote from an article by NoDQ.com about the SmackDown! tapings.

Initially, the original NoDQ SmackDown! Taping results were uploaded. However, some “minor” details were missed out in the original post. A match that was aired on SmackDown! was a match between CM Punk and Big E Langston. Now, the report says:

“Apparently after the match was over, Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel and Ryback confronted Punk. After Heyman and Punk had some words, The Heyman Guys then attacked Punk. Langston then turned babyface and saved Punk. Langston also then took out Axel, which may be a setup to a possible match between the two at Hell in a Cell.”


Big E Langston turning face? It’s been rumoured for months that this was going to go down but honestly, I wouldn’t believe it’d happening. Big E was rolling along just fine as a heel, and there was real no need to do the turn. And this turn seems so abrupt in my opinion. I mean Big E seemed to break off from AJ, spend about a couple of months doing nothing and then all of sudden he turns face against the Paul Heyman guys? The turn had no context to it at all. If Big E had turned face on AJ before they split up, that would have made sense. But again, WWE hit the TURN button and turned another mid-card superstar after only a short period… AGAIN.

Why? Why do WWE feel the need to turn wrestlers face or heel so early? I mean it’s not healthy for the superstars’ character when they just get their allegiances changed wily-nilly. I mean so many turns have taken place in 2013. You don’t believe me? Ahem…..

Ryback: Heel Turn – Night After Wrestlemania 29

Dolph Ziggler: Face Turn – Payback

Alberto Del Rio: Heel Turn – Payback

CM Punk: Face Turn – Payback

Cody Rhodes: Face Turn – Money In The Bank

Mark Henry: Face Turn -Just after Money In The Bank

Layla: Face Turn – Just after Money In The Bank

Big Show: Face Turn – Just before Summerslam

Triple H: Heel Turn – Summerslam

Randy Orton: Heel Turn – Summerslam

Prime Time Players: Face Turn – Just After Summerslam I think

The Bella Twins: Face Turn – After Night Of Champions

I’m sure they’re many more turns that have happened in WWE, but we’re here to talk about Big E Langston. More importantly, we’re going to talk about why Big E Langston turning face will NOT work.

I mean Big E Langston is similar to Ezekiel Jackson and look how his face turn in 2011 turned out. He went… absolutely nowhere. Sure Big E could beat Curtis Axel and become Intercontinental Champion judging by how the report reads, but how’s that going to make a difference. Ezekiel won the IC title right after he turned face and he was like the worst IC Champion in the last 5 years. I think with how Big E’s momentum has dropped in the last couple of months, a championship victory over someone that’s been massively downgraded in the last couple of months like Curtis Axel won’t do the title the justice it deserves.


Big E Langston was a face NXT Champion and he showed at NXT that he was a very entertaining talker and champion. I mean the fans were behind him in NXT and his “five” gimmick got him over fast. I know he’s not a natural born promo-cutter, but let’s be honest – when he talks, you laugh! XD

I mean he’s entertaining as fuck! Big E is someone I can get behind as a face and he could be a legitimate money-maker if WWE push him right.

So in my opinion, this face turn has all the capabilities to go both good and bad. The timing is a little off-putting but he’s proven in NXT that he can get over as a face. I think this could be good for him in the short-term, but the long term… I don’t seem him going far as a face. But I dare WWE and Big E to prove me wrong. I WANT WWE and Big E to prove me wrong because we have the next Scott Steiner right here! Not exactly the guy with the golden tongue who can put 10 minute epic promos, but one HELL of a talker nevertheless! I just want to see Big E get mic time a lot more often! FIVE!

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Thanks for reading!


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