New Details On WWE 2K14’s “The Streak” Mode

‘Sup guys. Tom Robinson.

And we’re quickly going to look at these new details coming in off the new WWE game, WWE 2K14. So far, we’re in the middle of the character’s entrances and finishers being released of WWE 2K14 by 2K Sports. To get a glimpse of the gameplay and stuff. We’ve also been detailed about the new “30 years of Wrestlemania” mode which you go through an endless amount of Wrestlemania moments from the first WM to the most recent. But one thing has been announced that we’ve not really known a lot about is the “Defend The Streak” and “Defeat The Streak” modes.


Now, WWE have released a press release, which you can see down below:

Firstly with the DEFEND THE STREAK mode

The article says: “With “Defend The Streak,” players will take the reins as The Undertaker himself and battle wave after wave of opponents at The Show of Shows. Also available in Exhibition Mode as “The Slobberknocker,” this gauntlet match-like mode challenges players to see how many opponents they can take out, one after another.”

I do approve the return of the Slobberknocker mode. This was easily one of the most fun modes of the old WWE games. Just fighting off wrestler, after wrestler. It was really a great way to test yourselve as a WWE gamer to see how long you can go without getting beat. I love how they brought it back and kept it within the Wrestlemania theme by having Undertaker be given his own slobberknocker mode. It’s reallly cool and we’ll have have fun with the returning slobber-knocker.

Next up… the DEFEAT THE STREAK mode

The article says: “In “Defeat The Streak,” players will be faced with the daunting task of challenging The Undertaker in his domain upon The Grandest Stage of Them All, a stage The Deadman has dominated for more than two decades. According to Ledesma, pinning The Deadman will be no easy task, as 2K’s developers have cranked it up to an off-the-charts fifth difficulty level that will incorporate supernatural elements to mirror The Undertaker’s near-mythic WrestleMania aura.”

You know what? Love it. It’s not the case of just wrestling the Undertaker on a Wrestlemania stage. 2K are wanting the gamers to be driven mad by the insane difficultly of the mode. So much so, that nearly every game has to rush on the internet to look up what to do. That’s what a game should allow you to do. If gamers play this mode and get the urge to throw their controller at the TV, then 2K Sports are doing something right. 🙂

So yeah, two really cool modes added to the game. Also wanted to talk about Universe Mode and the improvements there…

Universe Mode 4.0 – Not exactly much different but to be honest, Universe Mode has never really needed improving, with the exception of the slight tweak. It brings in rivalry mode between certain superstars and you can adjust how long they feud. It incorporates a bit of the old GM Mode from the SVR games into the Universe Mode, which I don’t have a problem with because GM Mode was awesome. You can create an all divas show, which might be cool for anyone wanting to all diva leagues. I probably wouldn’t ever do it, but there are a gamers out there, especially girls, who might look at this feature and think, “that’s actually something I want to do”. It’s good that 2K are giving the gamers this option.

And Finally….

100 CREATE A WRESTLER (CAW) SLOTS! YES! I will have so much fun with all of these spots. Just so many room for activities! XD


So yeah. That was that my thoughts on the new modes being announced. Tom Robinson hitting you with some blogging about WWE 2K14. Totally going to love this game!



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