Bray Wyatt Gets Injured At A Live Show… How Badly Will This Affect The Wyatt Family?

Sup guys, I’m Tom Robinson with a little blog post on the reports that Bray Wyatt injured himself during a live event.

Allow me to elaborate and show you the quotes from this article from These are the accounts of how he initially got the injury. The article says:

“The injury occurred is that he chased Darren Young outside of the ring and went down hard, leading to a quick match finish and the dreaded “X” symbol by the referee. Wyatt may have ran into the barricade or tripped over part of the railing. Another fan noted he injured himself jumping off the apron and fell into part of the railing.”

Also according to the report:

“ reader Matt Grace sent word that he was standing outside as the wrestlers were leaving the building at the Dunkin Donuts Center Saturday night in Providence, Rhode Island and stated that Bray Wyatt left on crutches. Wyatt looked as if he couldn’t put much weight on his injured leg.”



Things don’t look good, but obviously wrestling reports do have a tendency to exaggerate the seriousness of injuries. Obviously, the John Cena injury’s seriousness is a perfect example (I still feel he needs to rest up a little longer before coming back). So it may end up being nothing… a minor injury that only needs like 2-4 weeks for him to recover. But of course, it could be big.

So that begs the question, if our worst fears are confirmed, how badly will this affect the Wyatt Family storyline. So far, it’s gone rather well. Not exactly made a big impact yet, other than taking Kane out. But they still look strong and they are still over with the fans. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper went a couple of months injured before being beating this past week on SmackDown! by Goldust and Cody Rhodes. So this will have an affect when the leader of the stable gets injured…. but it wouldn’t necessarily be the end of the world.

He could still theoretically be featured on WWE Television despite being injured acting as a manager to the tag team of Rowan and Harper. Pretty much doing what he’s done a lot since they arrived on RAW. Just as long as he’s not being used actively Rocking on his wheelchair watching the two beat the hell out the opponents. And when he comes back, he gets in on the attacks.

But do WWE really want to have Bray just sitting there for the next couple of months while he’s recuperating? Or would they rather he just be taken off TV to recover? Well if that’s the case, then it’s bad for Harper and Rowan. Because it’s not like they can keep themselves without Bray. Bray is the key behind the stable. He’s the guy doing the talking. The shepherd of the flock. I mean, you can’t have Bray without Harper and Rowan, or Harper and Rowan without Bray Wyatt. So they could just take the entire stable off of TV until Bray gets better.

I know this isn’t a popular decision, but it could play off brilliantly. My ideal situation to getting the Wyatts off of TV is involving the returning Kane, who’s finished filming See No Evil 2 and is expected to come back soon. I think they should Kane come back and be in a HUGE RAGE. Have him attacking everyone on the roster looking for the Wyatts. And then after a bit, Bray cuts a promo saying he’s succeeded in unleashing the monster that’s been hiding away inside Kane for so long and yet been truly unleashed in so long. Bray says he’s just going to go back and watch his monster unleash havoc and when the time is right, will put down the mad dog for good. Something like that taking credit for creating the monstrous Kane and leaving… like a boss!

Or they could just have Kane attack Bray, but I don’t think it’ll be that good for Bray if Kane comes back and beats him up as an excuse to get him off television. They could have Bray sacrificing himself to Kane instead. Remember that Bray is supposed to be this mad-as-a-hatter character and it would fit his character for him to sacrifice himself. And that beating itself could spark off the Monster-Kane storyline I mentioned above and Bray taking credit for unleashing the monster within him.

So the way I see it, if Bray’s injury is serious take him, Harper and Rowan off TV by having him turn Kane into a monster. If the injury is not to bad, then just have him managing Rowan and Harper as usual. But I don’t think it’ll hurt the group tOo badly depending on how they write Bray Wyatt  off of TV. And I hope it doesn’t. The group as a lot of potential to go far.

So yeah. That was the blog post for the Armbar Express. I’m Tom Robinson. I did an article on Wade Barrett for WhatCulture! The link is below:

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