Tom Robinson’s Bold Predictions For The 2013/2014 Premier League Season

Morning football fans, I’m The Lean Mean Predicting Machine Tom Robinson! Premier League Football Season starts today!

Literally 30 minutes away so I think it’s best to get my BOLD predictions out the way in a short blog. So here we go….

Who’s Getting Relegated:

  • Crystal Palace
  • Southampton
  • Cardiff City

Top Four

4th: Arsenal – No major season ahead for Arsenal fans I think. As much as I like Wenger, the team’s nowhere near in a position to be considered title contenders.

3rd: Manchester United – I don’t see David Moyes winning titles from the get-go. But doesn’t mean he won’t win titles. It’ll take him a while to find his groove. Remember how his predecessor Ferguson started at Man Utd. This season, I just don’t see it happening.

2nd: Manchester City – Another title-less season for the big-spenders I think. They don’t have the right man in charge with Pellegrini. Then again considering the money and players City have got, the manager might not be that big of an hinderence. So I’m gonna give them 2nd place.

1st: Chelsea – The Special One is back to dominate the Premier League once more. Jose wants this title so bad, I’d be surprised if he didn’t get it. With a world-class squad and a manager like Jose Mourinho, who’s gonna stop them.

OK BOLD PREDICTIONS out of the way. Got a couple of fantasy leagues going. Allow me to introduce my team to represent me in the Sun Dream Team! The Armbar Express!


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Random YouTube Video Of The Post! Djimi Traore being a legend with this peach of an own goal back in 2005 and his incredible ACTUAL goal for the Seattle Sounders a couple of months ago! XD

See you guys later!


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