The Finish of The WWE Championship Match – Who Will Walk Out On Top Of The WWE Mountain?

Wrestling fans, I’m “The Game” Tom Robinson. First of all before I start, good for WWE Wrestler Darren Young for coming out today and admitting he’s gay in an interview with TMZ. It’s really cool to see athletes getting the confidence to come out clean and he’s not really ashamed about. He said in the interview he didn’t think it mattered and that he’s right. It doesn’t. What matters is that you’re an entertaining athlete, not your personal preferences in life. Good for him for finding the courage to come out and hopefully inspire others to do the same…

Anyway – THE BLOG POST….


Summerslam is right around the corner and the biggest thing going for the event in my mind is the WWE Championship match. Sure, Lesnar and Punk has been a great feud but Daniel Bryan and John Cena for the WWE Championship is the main match. With the McMahons getting involved and with Randy Orton lurking in the background with his Money In The Bank briefcase, expectations are high for this main event. The question is… what’s going to happen at the biggest party of the Summer?

There are like a million ways this match could finish with all the factors going towards it. You’ve got the Triple H special referee card, you’ve got the Vince McMahon card, and you’ve got the Randy Orton Money in the Bank card. After being selected as John Cena’s number one contender for the WWE Championship by Cena himself, Daniel Bryan has been subjective of a lot of criticism of the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon. Sticking with his supposed legitimate off-air views, Vince is not sure whether Daniel Bryan is the type of WWE Champion he wants to represent the company if he wins the title. While he wants Cena to lose the title, he wants Daniel to win the title much less. However, COO Triple H believes that Vince is interfering with WWE affairs too much and decides that the ultimate solution is to make himself the special referee for Summerslam so he can stop whatever Vince has planned for the WWE Title match. HHH’s wife and Vince’s daughter Stephanie McMahon has been rather on the fence, proposing alternatives to suit both men’s ideals like a “corporate makeover”, which went rather badly when Daniel refused to shave his beard.

Breaking away from the McMahon Family Feud, Daniel and John have had issues as well. Daniel has been under the impression that Cena looks down on Bryan and doesn’t respect him enough. But while making accusations of disrespect by Cena, Bryan states that John Cena is not a wrestler like Bryan but more of an entertainer. This has begun to get on the nerve of Cena who actually slapped Bryan on MizTV this Monday on RAW. But WAIT… just when you’ve thinks all of them factors aren’t enough, we have “Mr Money in the Bank” Randy Orton. With an opportunity at a title match anytime he wants, Orton is keeping a close eye on this match to prey on a vulnerable champion and cash in his opportunity right after the match.

This match I think has been built up the best out of all the matches. Punk and Lesnar have not really had as good as a build because it’s basically just been Punk, Lesnar and Paul Heyman either cutting promos on one another or beating each other up. Cena vs. Bryan has some great build and storyline. But what is going to go down?

They’re rumours floating about that Cena could spending some months on the shelves due to an elbow injury he suffered a while ago (thus is the reason why Cena has not been as active in the ring). However, rumours are just rumours. It doesn’t mean that Cena will lose the title at Summerslam. For all we know, he might be fine. But Cena has had the belt since Wrestlemania, so him losing it to Bryan or Orton would be a good idea to keep the title picture fresh with a new champion. But would he end up losing the title to Orton or to Bryan?

The dream scenario for nearly every internet fan (myself included to be honest) is to have Cena tap out to Bryan and put him over as champion by having him do something he hasn’t done in like 10 years. And it makes Bryan look like a mega star in order for him to make someone like Cena tap, which only Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit have been able to do before. If WWE want someone other than Cena waving the flag and selling the merchandise, then they’ve got to take away Cena’s invincibility aura that they’ve created with him. And I honestly don’t think Cena would have problem dropping the belt to Bryan of all people, considering they’re both dating Bellas. I would much prefer Bryan beating Cena, then Cena beating Bryan because that would be disrespectful of WWE to build Bryan up only to have him be shot down by being beaten clean by Cena. So there is always the cheap victory and by that I mean that someone gets screwed…

So the official prediction from me is….

  • Daniel Bryan Wins Via Pinfall
  • No Cash-In
  • Something big will happen involving the McMahons

Anyway that’s the blog. I’m Tom Robinson.

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And the Random YouTube Video Of The Day. I’ll give you a video from the YouTuber KSIOlajidebt. British YouTuber but funny as hell. I know a lot of Americans go on this blog and probably haven’t heard of him. But I seriously recommend that you subscribe to his account because he’s got some funny as hell videos. Watched this the other day and I was actually in tears over it. XD Goodnight everybody.


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