WWE Money In The Bank 2013 Review – The Viper Slithers His Way To The Money In The Bank Briefcase

WARNING: This was written without taking the latest RAW or SmackDown! in account. I started writing it on Monday before RAW.

Hey wrestling fans, I’m The “Intellectual Saviour Of The Masses” Tom Robinson here with the Money In The Bank PPV REVIEW!

Amazing fans at Money In The Bank in Philadelphia but did the action in the ring justify the epic audience?


Usos and The Shield Steal The Errrr…. Pre-Show

SETH ROLLINS AND AN USO: I really wish this match showed up on the main show.

SETH ROLLINS AND AN USO: I really wish this match showed up on the main show.

Amazing tag team match between The Usos and Shield members Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It was a shame this match didn’t make the PPV because these 4 put on a great show. It’s a good way to showcase the talent of the Usos and despite not winning they looked really strong against The Shield. The Usos will eventually get them belts, but in order for that to happen they need to fight high-profile teams and keep up their momentum so when they fight The Shield again they are a more legitimate threat. But superb start to those that watched it, and matches this good on the pre-show will encourage more to watch pre-shows and in a way – that’s good for business.



Damien Sandow steals Money In The Bank from Cody Rhodes

CODY RHODES: Cody owned this ladder match and everyone else in it.

CODY RHODES: Cody owned this ladder match and everyone else in it.

Short but sweet Money In The Bank between these 7 heels. It was amazing when The Shield and The Usos got involved near the end. Things got so chaotic and it was cool to see Dean Ambrose “skin the cat” on the ladder if you will, pulling himself up on the ladder tying to retrieve the briefcase. But the star of the show was Cody Rhodes. WWE booked him so well in this match. He was a dominant force. He laid out everyone with Cross Rhodes’ and took out about 8 people by pushing Ambrose off the ladder onto the “sea of humanity”. But just as he was about to win, his “best friend” Damien Sandow shoved him off the ladder and stole the briefcase right from underneath Cody’s nose. Not sure whether Damien Sandow should have won it over guys like Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes but I’m not bothered about him winning it. I’ll accept it and his potential feud with Cody could be a good one. You know what else? Fandango DIDN’T win it. Yes. I was ecstatic about him NOT winning. Oh and by the way. Someone posted on Twitter that Fandango doing a flip powerbomb off the ladder proved he can wrestler… did it fuck. It just proves he’s flexible. It doesn’t mean jack. Big deal. He did a powerbomb off the ladder. Like that isn’t the most overdone spot in ladder match history. Sorry Fandango. You’re not winning me over that easily. Also I approve of the sign that said “If Fandango wins, we riot!” Great threat. 🙂



Philadelphia’s admiration and respect of Paul Heyman steals the attention from Curtis Axel vs The Miz

THE MIZ AND CURTIS AXEL: Figure-Four-Leg-Lock slapped onto the Intercontinental Champion

THE MIZ AND CURTIS AXEL: Figure-Four-Leg-Lock slapped onto the Intercontinental Champion

An OK match between Curtis Axel and The Miz for the Intercontinental title but the main story was the amped up Philly crowd’s love for Paul Heyman due to his connection with ECW (who’s headquarters was at Philadelphia). And the fans were PISSED when Heyman got ejected from the match. But the match would end up seeing Axel pick up the win over The Miz. I’m seriously hoping that Axel gets better competition for his title now. Maybe CM Punk after he’s done with Brock Lesnar. That’d give the belt some serious prestige that it ultimately needs after Miz fighting for the title about 50 times in the last 4 months.


AJ Lee steals Kaitlyn’s pride winning their rematch from Payback

KAITLYN AND AJ LEE: Dropkick, bitch!

KAITLYN AND AJ LEE: Dropkick, bitch!

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn fought once more for the Divas Title. Their match at Payback was great but their rematch here at Money In The Bank was a bit of a let down. I thought it was better than the average women’s match don’t get me wrong, but this had nothing on their Payback match. This match wasn’t much special to be frank and had a rather bland ending. You’d figure Layla would have at least turned heel or something since she was out there managing Kaitlyn (because apparently she hasn’t got anything better to do). AJ made Kaitlyn tap to the Black Widow and this seemed a really dry way to end the match if you know what I mean. This ending didn’t create branches for other feuds or anything and that is what a good feud should do. It’s not great for the Divas title. There is currently no feud lined up for AJ other than with Dolph Ziggler (we’ll get to that) and it’s not good for the divas division if champion AJ is not feuding with other divas. Way to make your other divas seem insignificant.


Ryback steals the win from Chris Jericho with a roll up… REALLY?

RYBACK AND CHRIS JERICHO: Ryback into total control of Chris Jericho as he yells at him.

RYBACK AND CHRIS JERICHO: Ryback into total control of Chris Jericho as he yells at him.

First of all, I want to say this was one of Ryback’s best matches since he re-debuted in April 2012. Chris Jericho can have a good match with pretty much anyone and this match with Ryback proved it. I loved the bit where Jericho countered the Shell-Shocked into a DDT. That looked pretty good considering the size of his opponent. Ryback actually delivered a good showing and he finally got a pay-per-view win for the first time in actually a YEAR. Good. He’s back on the rebound after months of losing big time matches with the likes of CM Punk, John Cena, Mark Henry and The Shield. But I didn’t like the way it ended… a roll up. OK… really? Surely a Shell-Shocked should have ended it or something a little more effective. This just makes Ryback look weak in a way. Sure he put on a good match, but he got a typical heel victory. WWE have to make Ryback more than just a typical heel. They’ve got to make him look like a SERIOUS monster. I’m guessing that they’ll have Ryback finish off Jericho in some form on RAW or SmackDown! (written before watching either RAW or SmackDown!) because the feud can’t end like this.


AJ Lee inadvertently steals the World Title from Dolph Ziggler, as Del Rio retains at Money In The Bank

ALBERTO DEL RIO AND DOLPH ZIGGLER: Damn, what a German suplex.

ALBERTO DEL RIO AND DOLPH ZIGGLER: Damn, what a German suplex.

Really want to continue the theme of “stealing” with the sub-headings for some reason. Anyway, a quality match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio for the World Title. It was a great match with quality counter after the counter. I loved the bit where Del Rio countered the Fame-Asser into a German suplex that looked really well done. These two have some great chemistry in the ring for some reason. You couldn’t really see this in their Payback match because of Ziggler’s concussion storyline. These two had a great showing. Also I loved the elevation of Ziggler’s dropkick when he did a mid-air dropkick on Del Rio after Del Rio came off the rope. It looked amazing. But of course, Ziggler would not walk away champion as AJ Lee mistakenly hit Del Rio with her divas title causing a DQ loss for Ziggler. Now as much as everyone will talk ill about the ending considering how great a match this was being, I didn’t mind. I think the AJ and Ziggler break up was inevitable and it will lead to a feud at Summerslam I’m guessing. And I do think WWE will have Del Rio and Ziggler finally have a proper match with no interfering on PPV soon. These two will fight again and it will be a classic if WWE book it right and if WWE give them like 20+ minutes. I’d love it to happen, and I really we see a match with a legit ending sometime down the road.


The Turnbuckle steals Mark Henry’s chance of being WWE Champion for the first time

JOHN CENA AND MARK HENRY: Once again, Superman saves the day. -.-

JOHN CENA AND MARK HENRY: Once again, Superman saves the day. -.-

John Cena defeats another monster heel for the WWE Championship. Yawn. Surely WWE must know their limits on this crap. It’s just getting way too old now. This match absolutely blew and it was down-right degrading to Mark Henry to have his legacy built up by WWE for them to just have them get effectively buried by John Cena. I mean Henry ran into the exposed turnbuckle and tapped out to Cena off the STF. Come on. I wasn’t expecting Henry to win, but at least they could have done in a manner that doesn’t make Henry look weak and also doesn’t make John Cena look like a superhero. I hope they’ve got something good for Henry to build him up again.


Randy Orton steals Rob Van Dam’s thunder to become Mr Money In The Bank.

ROB VAN DAM AND DANIEL BRYAN: How's that kick to the face Bryan?

ROB VAN DAM AND DANIEL BRYAN: How’s that kick to the face Bryan?

Probably one of the greatest Money In The Bank ladder matches I’ve ever seen. CM Punk, the returning Rob Van Dam, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton and Christian put on an incredible display with some cool-looking spots and some hard-hitting action. And that’s not over-stating it, the wrestlers actually got seriously banged up after that match. RVD and Punk both needed stitches and  Sheamus hurt his leg after falling through a ladder. We also saw Rob Van Dam performed a Five-Star-Frog-Splash off the ladder which looked awesome. Randy Orton’s T-Bone Suplex to Punk on the ladder looked sick. CM Punk took some serious shots in and Punk was a crimson mask at the end. And it was all down to his “friend” Paul Heyman, who turned on Punk by hitting him multiple times with a ladder. Punk bled heavily afterwards and finally split of from Heyman for good. This also cements his heel turn and a match with Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. That’ll be one great storyline to check out now Punk and Heyman are enemies. And the match finally met his end. Was it in fact the extremely-over Daniel Bryan who got the briefcase and basically guaranteed himself a WWE Title match? No. Instead it was Randy Orton who got the briefcase, and I don’t mind Orton winning the briefcase as this means he will no doubt turn heel. However, Daniel Bryan misses out and I hope they give him a WWE Title match with Cena at Summerslam anyway because I’d love to see him win the belt. As for Rob Van Dam… welcome back.

Sorry it came so late. But the review is done. I’m Tom Robinson. This is the Armbar Express. And I leave with the Random YouTube Video of the post. It’s Jason Sensation… amazing with WWE impressions. Watch this guy’s Ric Flair impression. It will have you in bits. Later Guys. Don’t forget to follow the @ArmbarExpress at Twitter and like the Facebook page here.


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