The Wyatt Family Debuts On 08/07/13 Edition Of RAW – Rating The Long-Awaited Debut

Wyatt Family: They're Here.

Wyatt Family: They’re Here.

Evening wrestling fans, I am “The Viper” Tom Robinson with wrestling talk. I’m going to talk a bit about the Wyatt Family’s debut on RAW. Everything else on RAW last night was fine. Great match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Not so sure about the appointment of “The Next Mike Adamle” Brad Maddox as general manager of RAW but at least Vickie’s not running RAW. But the most intriguing segment of the night was the Wyatt Family’s debut and that’s really what I want to talk about.

Now I think WWE was doing everything well with the Wyatt Family through-out the show. Before the show they’ve built them up pretty well and I think the WWE universe got really amped up for last night. In last night’s show they had segments in which a WWE reporter was sent to interview the Wyatt Family. While ripping on TNA’s “reporter-style” segments is a little silly to me, the segments were really gripping. I mean it was spooky, it was suspenseful and ratings wise it must have been good. Because the audience was kept in suspense and I for one wanted to know more about them and I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE got a huge ratings boost from them segments.

HOWEVER, we came to their actual debut. Right after Kane defeated Christian in a rather quick match, the titration showed the WWE reporter in a dark room with Bray Wyatt (the leader and formerly Husky Harris). He cut a interesting promo about it being “the end” and lit up a lantern. Their entrance was pretty cool as well. Their music was pretty much the same music they’ve been using for the promos and Bray was holding up a lantern and walking SLOWLY down the ring and took a seat. Then Bray blew out the lantern… and out came the family. A two on one assault from the other family members (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) on Kane.

To be honest, it was a little bland of a beatdown. A two on one assault that rarely seemed impactful. Sure they attacked him with the steel steps, but it didn’t look THAT painful of a move (speaking from a kaybafe-prespective of course. lol). And that was it – ONE beatdown and Bray Wyatt kneeling over Kane at the end. The problem I have with this debut though is why did the Wyatt Family attack Kane. Kane’s not exactly one of the biggest dogs in the yard right now. I’d give him mid-card status. Wyatt should have really attacked someone higher up the ranks and later on in the night if they wanted to get off on the right through. In my opinion, the first thing to do to create a good debut is have it happen at the main event. The Nexus angle – happened in the main event. The Shield angle – happened in the main event. Especially a stable like the Wyatt Family who’s had months of hype leading up to this. It’s a little under-whelming to have them attack Kane. Also, the “Husky Harris” chants didn’t make Bray look good either.

I’m not saying it was a bad debut, but of all the people to attack… why Kane? And the beatdown didn’t look to good of a beatdown either. I think WWE have some groundwork to do post-Money In The Bank on these guys if they want them taking seriously. Unless of course, they show up AT Money In The Bank. I’d love it if they show up in one of the Money In The Bank ladder matches or something and destroy everyone. That would make them look badass.

Anyway… gonna leave it short and sweet. I’m Tom Robinson, this is the Armbar Express and for my Random YouTube video, I’m going to leave you with something I know you’ll all love to see… TRIPLE H FALLING OFF A BOUNCY CASTLE. XD Good night everybody! FOLLOW ME ON @TomRobinson5199 on Twitter!

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