SPOILER: DEATH BATTLE Review – STOP! Hammer Time For Bison!

WARNING: This episode of Death Battle has yet to be released on YouTube or screwattack.com. This episode was showed at the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention and streamed live from the Screw Attack website. If you do not want to be spoiled the results of the fight DO NOT read on.


Evening Death Battle fans. I’m the “Thunder God” Tom Robinson here with a review of the latest Death Battle in the Death Battle series. Shao Kahn vs M. Bison!

This episode of Death Battle was a great one to watch if you watched it live from Screw Attack’s stream. However it is coming this Friday on Screw Attack permanently so those of you that haven’t seen it yet will do eventually.

Shao Kahn and M. Bison delivered bit hit after big hit with Kahn getting the advantage over the Shadowloo Dictator and even overpowering M. Bison tremendous psychic abilities. But then M. Bison unleashed his Final M. Bison form, utilizing his Psycho Power to its fulliest. But you could tell even that wasn’t going to be enough to dethrone the Emperor Of Outworld. The Final M. Bison power couldn’t even overpower Akuma let alone Shao Kahn. That’s not suggesting that Akuma is less stronger than Shao Kahn or anything, it just goes to show how Bison’s “Final M. Bison” power is a little exaggerated. Shao Kahn has 10,000 years of fighting experience. He’s fought demons, sorcerers, monsters and even gods. Bison’s power would have been nothing new to him. And even in “Final M. Bison” form, there’s little chance Bison would have survived a hit from Bison like that. And there was no reason to say Shao Kahn couldn’t digest Bison’s soul either considering he’s devoured billions of souls in the past. Bison stood little chance against Shao Kahn.

Winner: Shao Kahn
But a defeat like that M. Bison is not going to stop him from taking over the world! Because his reasons for taking over the world are simple… to keep the world’s government from depleting the planet’s resources. Which means he is the one they call… CAPTAIN PLANET!




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