DEATH BATTLE Predictions – Shao Kahn vs M. Bison!


Hey fighting game fans, I am the “Raging Demon” Tom Robinson with a blog post about the upcoming Death Battle which is set to be released in June. And it’s a battle of two of the deadliest fighting game bosses of all time. Shadowloo Dictator from Street Fighter M. Bison, and the Emperor Of Outworld from Mortal Kombat Shao Kahn. I’ve been looking forward to seeing these two in the Death Battle arena for some time. However, I’m not exactly sure it’s much of a contest. As much as I love M. Bison, there’s no way he could possible overpower the incredibly powerful sorcerer Shao Kahn.


M. Bison is easily one of the most powerful fighters in the Street Fighter universe, no question. He can defeat the likes of Guile and Chun-Li with ease and has even easily beaten Ryu and Ken 2 on 1 before. He utilizes a power called the Psycho Power, and has the abillities of telekinesis and flight. He’s capable of duking out with the powerful of Street Fighter characters, including former Death Battle winner Akuma. But how is going to fare against an opponent like Shao Kahn?

Shao Kahn is one of the most powerful fighters in the Mortal Kombat universe, and that’s should tell you a lot about him when he’s fighting demons, sorcerers, monsters and even GODS.  M. Bison is a cunning tactician, but not as cunning as Shao Kahn. Kahn is capable sorcerer himself and has great mastery over magic. Also, he’s got great endurance. At Mortal Kombat 2, he took a punch through his stomach by Liu Kang and walked away only mortally wounded. M. Bison is probably faster than Shao Kahn, but it’d take more than speed to take down the powerful Shao Kahn.  M. Bison struggles to even conquer earth, where as Shao Kahn has conquered REALMS. Just think, Shao Kahn was the last man standing at the end of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon amongst a battle field of… demons, sorcerers, monsters and YES… GODS! He defeated The Thunder God Raiden!

And this is all before bringing into account Shao Kahn’s deadliest weapon… his hammer! How the hell is M. Bison going to survive a hit from Shao Kahn’s hammer? One hit from that and all the Psycho Power in the world would not save the Shadowloo dictator. It’d be game over!

Winner: Shao Kahn


Anyway, we’re going to have to wait and see what the outcome of this showdown will be but in the mean time we can only speculate. But it’ll be a quality fight no doubt about it. I’m Tom Robinson. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @TomRobinso1994 and spread the word of the Armbar Express!


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