Undertaker returns on the 2/23/13 WWE House Show – Thoughts And Reactions



Yes, The Undertaker is BACK! Last night at a house show in Texas, The Phenom made his return to team up with Sheamus and face the team of Wade Barrett and Damien Sandow (a kind of odd pairing to say the least since Sandow has already been in a team with Cody Rhodes). I think this was a great way for Undertaker to return.Undertaker needed to shake off any ring-rust. I mean, we haven’t seen him since RAW 1000, and he’s wrestled only 2 matches in 2 years. So a house show appearance is a good way to get him experience, before he goes into Wrestlemania against whomever his opponent is. The video is here below

And I can sense a lot of fans are unhappy with his return going down on a house show, and not on RAW. The internet wrestling community are already bashing his return. Here’s a video posted on NoDQ.com of a fat kid raging about the return below:

OK, this kid needs setting straight right now:

1) If anything, his return happening at a house show makes it a lot more unexpected. A lot of people (including myself) weren’t expecting Taker to show up before Wrestlemania at all, and it’s a nice surprise for the Texas crowd, who went nuts for the Deadman’s return (take a look at the video above for Christ sake).

2) Also, regarding the scenario that the kid thinks is going to happen, with Undertaker getting involved in the John Cena vs CM Punk match. He should not be so sure that Undertaker vs CM Punk is the match they are going to go with at Wrestlemania. I mean backstage reports by internet websites aren’t always right (no offence NoDQ.com). WWE might swerve it and may have Undertaker fight Brock Lesnar, Sheamus or even Randy Orton. Don’t think that the Road To Wrestlemania is THAT predictable (OK, some cases it is, but not always).

3) Vince McMahon is not an idiot. In actuality, he’s actually a genius for holding off Undertaker’s return like this, and keeping the WWE universe in suspense over whether he would return at all. A lot people expected Undertaker to return the night after the Elimination Chamber, but he didn’t. It put us all in doubts over his return. Vince likes to have his fun and troll the internet fans who think they know everything. So, he’s not an idiot.

4) While Live RAW events are important to WWE, so are house shows. If they have guys like Undertaker make surprise appearances at a house show, it can draw people to come to more house shows, because they don’t want to miss out.

5) Yes, CM Punk losing twice to the wrong was wrong. And YES, if it does happen, CM Punk losing to the Undertaker would be disappointing seeing how big a heel he has become. But, this kid is wrong about the fact that CM Punk is getting “buried”. How many superstars as of late get a chance to fight the likes of The Rock and The Undertaker? CM Punk is not getting buried by these guys. CM Punk is being rewarded with these big-time matches, and it is establishing Punk as a MAJOR star in WWE. He’s not just a main-eventer – he’s one of the REAL superstars in WWE, that is becoming social-relevant and is colliding with the major superstars like Taker and Rock, and Brock Lesnar later on in the year.

I think Undertaker returning at a house show is NOT a bad thing, and if anything, him showing up at a house show will get people tuning into RAW and seeing him again. I will be watching RAW on Monday, and I AM looking forward to The Undertaker’s return. Great move WWE.


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