5 Defeats In A Row For The Boro As 3-2 Loss To Barnsley Increases The Misery


Middlesbrough are still looking for a league victory in 2013 after losing 3-2 to relegation-threatened. From what I’m told, Middlesbrough’s defending was appalling, which has seemed to be a real issue for the Boro this season, after getting creamed by Ipswich 4-0 last week. So that’s 7 goals conceded in their last 2 games. Really Boro? Really?

However, what’s more tragic is the fact that after recovering from a 1-0 down to go 2-1 up, they went on to lose the game. And it’s a shame that Middlesbrough have decided to hit a slump now, because this part of the season is the most important part of the season, in my opinion.

At the start of the season, as usual Middlesbrough seem to start of slow, but eventually they build up a formidable undefeated streak which sends them to the top of the table. Great. It’s good to establish your position in the league and maintain a respectable place in the table. I mean look at Southampton last season – got to the top of the table rather quickly and stayed there until the end. But the thing about being at the top is that the only place you can go afterwards is down (speaking about table positions of course).

Boro lost their undefeated streak and Cardiff took over as top dogs for a while, but Middlesbrough were still near the automatic promotion places and were in a great position as 2013 rolled in. So a new year, and a new push to the top of the table, right?


5 league defeats in a row, and Middlesbrough find themselves hanging on the 6th and final play-off spot by a thread. What is up with that?

I mean these defeats aren’t ALL exactly at the hands of promotion rivals. OK, 2 of the defeats were to automatic-promotion chasers Leicester and Watford, and Derby are in mid-table position, but the 4-0 demolition by Ipswich, and a 3-2 loss to Barnsley are not acceptable if the Boro want promotion. If we want to get into the Premiership, why are losing to teams who may end up playing in League 1 next season? It really isn’t on.

Also, Mowbray’s inability to bring any significant players to the Boro in the January transfer window, means the Boro have some serious trouble in squad strength as the real struggle of the season begins. And no, a washed-up former England International is not considered a significant player in my book, considering we are in the struggle and need players that can go the distance, and not get injured all the time. Seriously, he’s not exactly started with a bang at the Boro.

Now, you can’t have a dig at Tony Mowbray, and start calling for his sacking just yet. I mean, he’s done amazingly well for the Boro, and we could be a hell of a lot worse off than this. Yeah, Middlesbrough, ended last season incredibly well, but Boro have got to get into high-gear now, because this is where the points really do matter. Boro really do have to shake of this new-year bug they seem to have each year, and actually get the points that could get them in the Premiership. Otherwise, Middlesbrough FC are gonna go absolutely nowhere.


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