Transfer Deadline Day Thoughts And Reactions

Just a couple of thoughts of the signings that took place during the ever-so hectic ending to the transfer window.

David Beckham Signs For PSG on a 5 month contract

Well the 37 year old David Beckham’s engine is still running as he signs for Paris St. Germain. This seems more of a publicity stunt than a serious footballing decision. I mean, Beckham is not seriously gonna be a game-changer for mega-rich PSG. And it’s not a financial decision from Beckham either. He stated in the press conference that his salary is going directly to a French charity and you know what, Beckham deserves serious respect for that. I doubt that hardly any members of the Premiership would consider doing that. Why PSG though makes you think. Maybe it’s just that he wants experience and wanted to go play in a league slightly less demanding than La Liga or the Premiership. He’s not even planning on joining the Premiership anyway because he doesn’t want to play for any British team other than Manchester United. Beckham probably sees this as a way to prove to himself that at 37 he can still go, but in footballing terms, I don’t see Beckham being that much of a difference maker.

Mario Balotelli – Manchester City to AC Milan

One of the most controversial footballers in Premiership history has finally left our league. 😦 Kinda sad to see that seeing how unpredictable Balotelli can be. I saw in a report that apparently Balotelli was supposed to leave because of his bust-up with Roberto Mancini, but honestly, Balotelli wasn’t doing that great in a Manchester City player in the first place. I mean, Tevez, Dzeko and Aguero were doing just fine on the frontline for City. It’s not gonna make that much of a difference, and if they want to replace, they’ll get it done in the Summer. Super Mario just couldn’t get the job done at City – unless that job was getting into the headlines. However, it just seems a bit of a dick move to join a former club’s main rival. Remember, Balotelli was the star at Inter Milan before moving to Manchester. It’ll be interesting to see his first Milan derby to say the least.

Danny Graham – Swansea to Middlesbr…. I mean Sunderland. -.-

Yep, as a Boro fan, it really does fry me that Danny didn’t return to the Boro. I mean, he would have got his game, and he’s back at familiar territory. It made sense, and considering that Boro are in the play-off positions, there would have been a huge possibility of Boro getting promoted with Graham on board, and with Graham relighting the candle with Swansea just before he left, at Boro the candle would no doubt the fire wouldn’t be put out any time soon. But no, he joined Sunderland. A team who’s nowhere near safe from relegation. And moving to Sunderland is sort of disrespectful to Middlesbrough fans, considering he said this:

DANNY GRAHAM: A little hypocritical don't you think?

DANNY GRAHAM: A little hypocritical don’t you think?

Kieron Dyer Signs For…(sighs) Middlesbrough

So, in the entirety of the Transfer Window, Middlesbrough only signing is washed up, injury-prone Kieron Dyer on a free? I don’t care if he’s on a pay-as-you-play contract, how is Dyer gonna help us? He’s played something like 40 games in 5 years. This is not gonna benefit Boro in the slightest. Of course, I dare Dyer to prove me wrong. I hope he can prove me wrong, as Boro’s chances of promotion depends on it.

Louis Saha Gets Released By Sunderland

Hey you know what, if Middlesbrough are such a mood to sign injury-prone, washed up players, why not give Louis Saha a ring, since he’s available now. Never made that much of an impact at Sunderland anyway. Out goes Saha and in goes Danny Graham. Some good business on their part.

Heurelho Gomes – Tottenham To Hoffenhiem On A Loan Until The End Of The Season

Well, Gomes moving on is no real shocker here. He became 3rd in the pecking order at Tottenham and moving out on loan to a team like Hoffenhiem can really give him a chance to impress, and prove himself as a keeper.

Rory Delap – Stoke To Barnsley On A Loan Until The End Of The Season

A great coup by Barnsley. The ever dependable Delap will make a good edition for their team as they battle to stave of relegation to the 3rd tier of English Football. It makes sense for Delap as he’s only appeared once for Stoke all season, so the 36 year old veteran can provide good experience for Barnsley, and it’s a chance for him to prove that he can still go.

Mido Gets Released By Barnsley

Only appeared once for Barnsley, got struck with injuries, and got released. Yeah, that’s clearly 6 months wasted there.

Xisco Gets Released By Newcastle

Finally. I can’t remember any significant contributions Xisco has provided for Newcastle ever since he joined them a couple of years ago. This isn’t exactly a decision that will break the Newcastle fans’ hearts.

Stephen Warnock – Aston Villa To Leeds

Great signing from them. Warnock has always been a dependable left-back, and the Championship can help Warnock revitalize himself. He’s spent much of the season on loan to Bolton, so he’s very comfortable at this level, so Leeds did good signing him.

QPR sign Jermanine Jenas on 18 month contract

Desperation signing from Harry Redknapp. What effect Jenas will provide is up in the air. I mean he’s has the odd injury in recent years, but Jenas pretty much gave everything he could to Tottenham. He knew he couldn’t stay there forever if he wanted first team football, hence why he’s been out on loan to Tottenham and Aston Villa these past couple of years). But I don’t know he’s gonna make much of an impact at QPR as the club battle relegation.

Christopher Samba – Anzhi Makhachkala To QPR

I think this is the season that could save QPR’s season. I mean Samba is a great centre back, and he wanted out off Anzhi fast after the hell he endured over there in Russia. But how the hell is Samba getting £100,000 per week for QPR? Were they just so desperate to sign that they gave him that they offered him such an extensive amount of wonga? Sure, he’s a great centre back, but I don’t seem him worhty enough to get a contract like that.

Matthew Upson – Stoke To Brighton On Loan Until The End Of The Season

Again, another chance for an EX-England International to get first team action. Upson’s being ousted from the fold at Stoke following competition from Huth and Shawcross, and the Brighton is good for them as he is a great veteran defender, and it gives him some much needed first team football.

Nacho Monreal – Malaga To Arsenal

A last-minute signing following Kieran Gibbs’ injury, Arsenal got a great coup with Nacho. I mean, Malaga are becoming a hell of a great team in Spain, and Nacho has no doubt been a big part of that. I think Nacho could do great things in an Arsenal shirt, IF utilized properly by Wenger.

Jack Butland – Birmingham To Stoke

Now THIS is a good move from Stoke. Eager to take advantage of Birmingham’s awful financial situation, Stoke cashed in big time with the England international Butland, who is proving himself to be one of the best keeper’s England has to offer. However, Butland WON’T link up with the Potters until the end of the season as he has “unfinished business” with Birmingham. He’ll stay there to help them out until the end of the season, and that’s great on Jack’s part. He wants to help out the best he can, and I admire that.

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