UFC ON FOX 6 Results And Reactions, WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions And The FA Cup

Treat for you guys! After a week of blog inactivity, Tom Robinson is here to talk about BOTH WWE and UFC in this SUPER POST!

A lot to talk about so first…..


ANTHONY PETTIS: In Line For A World Title Fight After Impressive TKO

ANTHONY PETTIS: In Line For A World Title Fight After Impressive TKO

In Chicago, a big fight feel was in the air! Ricardo Lamas defeated Eric Koch in the 2nd Round with a TKO in the featherweight division. A good encounter, and a fairly lively first round, but in the end, Lamas had so much power that Koch simply could not withstand. While it’s a disappointing setback for Koch, Lamas has a great win here that may edge closer to a title shot, if he keeps up the momentum. Undefeated in UFC, Lamas has all sorts of potential, and a big fight for him next could send him into contention.

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis proved why he’s one of the best the lightweight division has to offer, with the TKO of the night, impressively putting Donald Cerrone away with a hard kick to the gut in the first round. Now it’s apparent that Pettis is FINALLY next in line for a title shot (after Benson Henderson vs Gilbert Melendez on UFC on FOX 7). YES! This has been LONG overdue, and all we need now is for Henderson to retain the title against Melendez, and we get a rematch that I’ve wanted to see for a WHILE. Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis for the UFC Lightweight championship! So looking forward to that. These two fought in the classic last WEC Lightweight Championship match in 2010, and they could lock it up again for the UFC lightweight championship. This could be a rematch for the ages.

Rampage Jackson lost to Glover Teixeira on points and deservingly so. In his first fight in more than a year, Rampage was fought off the park as Glover, the former sparring partner of Chuck Liddell, extended his undefeated run to 18 FIGHTS. But Jackson was looking way too tired to fight, and struggled and struggled as the fight progressed. But then again, Glover is NOT someone you can take lightly, and it was a hard task for Jackson to overcome in his return.

And in the main event, Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson competed in a superb 5 round encounter for the UFC FLYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLDDDDD! And in the first couple of rounds, Dodson had the better starter at the start of the fight. He was calm and collected and he was getting the champion frustrated. A good strategy indeed right? Maybe so, but that made the champ make some illegal blows. The first one didn’t seem to phase him, but the second seem to take it’s tool. While Dodson didn’t look phased at first, Johnson did get a lot of shots in through-out the fight, and used some wrestling to get him in the headlock, allowing him the freedom to deliver some knees to the face, which proved to be too much for the challenger, and set the tone for the rest of the fight. In the end, Johnson was awarded the fight, and the first ever UFC flyweight champion retained in his first title defence. It was the shame that Dodson lost after his start, but as fighting champion should, Johnson turned the tide, and showed the will to fight through the slippy start, where he was on his backside more than 3 times in the first 2 rounds. The winner is Demetrious Johnson.


WWE Royal Rumble 2013

Ladies And Gentleman, the Royal Rumble is HERE! And to be honest, the last few rumble events have produced some mighty shockers. Edge returning and winning the Rumble in 2010 was a shocker (unless you read the spoilers before hand). Alberto Del Rio was not exactly someone I expected to win the Royal Rumble in 2011. And last year, yeah, I didn’t think the dark horse Sheamus would stop Chris Jericho from winning the Rumble. That is exactly why this pay-per-view is my favorite PPV of the year (and yeah that top-trumps Wrestlemania). It doesn’t matter how bad or lacking in the matches the under-card is, the match itself is what you pay for. Except this year is different, WWE have something else for you to spend your money for… The Rock.

The Brahma Bull challenges CM Punk for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble. Now the question in my mind is simple… which match will actually be the main event? The Rock vs CM Punk or the Royal Rumble match? Tradition has the Royal Rumble match main-eventing the card every year (of course in some cases, like the 2006 event, this wasn’t the case). And the reason it main-events the card is simply because that’s the match everyone wants to see. But this mega-superstar The Rock we are talking about. The Rock is The Rock, and logically should The Rock take a back seat to another match on the card? I mean Attitude Era fans will pay big money to see The Rock return since it’s so rare. And CM Punk vs The Rock has been building ever since July at RAW 1000, when CM Punk decked The Rock and turned heel. This brings up the question of… Tradition vs Business. Respect the PPV’s long-standing tradition and go with the Royal Rumble match as the main event, or go for the big-money match Rock vs Punk as the main event. I personally they’ll go with Rock vs Punk for the main event, since he’s on the freaking cover, but I’m not bothered either way.

Of course, I did predictions of the Rumble match AND the WWE Championship match 4 weeks ago (Which you can access with these links. The link for the blog post about the title match is here and the blog post for the rumble match is here). And 4 weeks on, I am standing by my picks… sort of.

I said before that CM Punk would retain the WWE Title, and I stand by that prediction. If CM Punk loses to someone who only wrestles once in a blue moon, then that’s disrespectful to the WWE Title. I see The Rock winning the title at some point (probably at Elimination Chamber) but not at Royal Rumble. CM Punk needs this win if he is gonna lose the title in the near future.

I also think Alberto Del Rio will retain the World Title over The Big Show. I don’t see Big Show being in the World Title reign at all during Wrestlemania 29. Del Rio will probably be champion up until Elimination Chamber. It’d be cool to see Del Rio in the World Title match at Wrestlemania, but I doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen.

I see Team Hell-No retaining the tag titles too. Team Hell-No are still really popular, and while they’ve kinda lost their momentum a bit with The Shield thing, I think with Dr Shelby being brought back, the segments have really picked up a notch. I see Sandow and Rhodes winning the titles… but not tonight. I just don’t see it

The Royal Rumble Winner I think will still be Ryback. I can really see Ryback winning the rumble and facing the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 29, even if The Rock is the WWE Champion at that point. I can see Ryback beating The Rock at Wrestlemania, and that’d do wonders for him, and would really put him over BIG TIME! I would rather see that over Rock vs Cena II any day of the week…. BUT, I am starting to think that Sheamus could win a 2nd year in a row. Only an elite few have won the rumble twice in a row, and I honestly see Sheamus winning it, and going on to face Randy Orton for the World Title. I wouldn’t be that bothered if that happened, especially if Orton was heel. But I want to see Ryback winning the WWE Title, so I’m gonna go with him to win the Rumble.



FA Cup

Also, I’d like to talk about the FA Cup a little. I love the FA Cup, and the upsets this weekend have been really cool to see. Seeing Luton in the 5th Round was great to see. Aston Vanilla seriously need to sort themselves out after being eliminated by Millwall. Oldham performed really well to beat Liverpool, and thoroughly deserved that win.

As a Boro fan, Boro got lucky to get past Aldershot, but if they play Chelsea in the 5th Round, that’d be amazing, and I for one want to see, Boro vs Chelsea at the Riverside. Sorry Brentford fans, but I really want to see Boro vs Chelsea in the 5th Round, so I’m cheering on Chelsea in the 4th Round replay. COME ON CHELSEA! XD

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  1. I want to se that rematch with Benson and Pettis ASAP :).

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