UFC on FX 7 Reactions: Bisping’s Middleweight Title Shot Slowly Fading Away



What up guys, Thomas Robinson HERE!

Here to talk about last night’s main event of UFC on FX 7. Manchester’s Michael Bisping travelled to Sao Paulo to grapple with one of the greatest Brazilian fighter’s in MMA history, Vitor Belfort.

This was Bisping’s chance to gain the Middleweight Title Shot he had been eyeing up for a while now. In fact he has NEVER had a UFC Title shot before, so this was a big opportunity against Rio De Janeiro’s own Vitor Belfort.

But unfortunately for Bisping, Belfort came out on top with a TKO in the start of the 2nd Round. To be honest, this doesn’t seem like a surprise to me. Bisping is in a big-fight situation against a big-name fighter like Belfort, and not only that, Belfort had the home-country advantage. Then again, the home-country advantage shouldn’t influence the match decision that much, and Bisping really struggled to withstand the abuse Belfort was dishing out. Bisping found it really hard to amount a great opening against Vitor, and was only able to connect kicks to the legs and jabs in that 1st round. When Belfort saw an opportunity, he pounced, and near the end of the 1st, unleashed a series of blows that nearly ended the fight at that moment. Bisping survived the first round, but… not the second. Belfort connected with the high kick to the face (well actually it was more like a knee to the face because of how Bisping was positioned) and the fight was done with a TKO victory to Belfort.

Now that’s only Bisping’s 2nd defeat via a KO or a TKO, with his 3 other defeats coming through a decision, but Bisping must overcome this inability to perform in big match situations. I mean all 5 of his defeats have come from big fight situations. 3 of them defeats were Middleweight Title Eliminators, and the other two defeats were at the hands of Wanderlei Silva and Rashad Evans . Bisping has all the tools to become a champion, but this defeat just shows that he really needs to overcome this problem, as his next middleweight title eliminator, may be his last.

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