TNA Genesis 2013 Predictions

BULLY RAY: A little strange that the man on the poster for Genesis doesn't even have a match on the card. Weird.

BULLY RAY: A little strange that the man on the poster for Genesis doesn’t even have a match on the card. Hmmmmm.

What is up wrestling fans? Tom Robinson here. With predictions on tonight’s TNA Pay-Per-View “Genesis”. To be honest, this card could have been a LOT better, but this card is set and the PPV is here. So let’s get down to the predictions…

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

Background: This feud has been building up for a while. The two teams first met for the tag titles at Final Resolution, with Ryan and Morgan challenging Chavo and Hernandez. The match ended in Morgan and Ryan get DQ’d, but somehow, they were able to get a rematch for the tag titles set for Genesis. Last week on Impact, Morgan and Ryan were attacked by Chavo and Hernandez  backstage when Matt Morgan was cutting a promo. Pretty boring feud for the tag titles at the moment so I do hope this is the last tag match between the two. These two teams just don’t seem to click for me.

What I think should happen: Chavo and Hernandez retains, Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan break up and Matt Morgan gets a serious storyline.

What I think will happen: I think Chavo and Hernandez will retain. There is a chance that Morgan and Ryan could win the titles, but if TNA were smart they’d have Chavo and Hernandez drop the belts to a different team. I don’t think they want Morgan to be Joey Ryan’s bodyguard for too long, and putting the belt on Morgan and Ryan would be a huge risk.

Christian York vs Kenny King, with the winner facing Rob Van Dam for the TNA X Division Championship later that night

Background: Rob Van Dam defeated Kenny King to retain the X-Division Championship at Final Resolution. However, on the next episode of Impact Wrestling, King defeated RVD in a non-title match using the ropes as leverage in order to make the pin. The next week, King was confident that Rob Van Dam would call him out on Open Fight Night. Instead, RVD called-out Christian York who was producing strong showings against the very best TNA has to offer since earning a TNA contract. RVD did defeat York that night, but the next week, York defeated Kid Kash to earn a spot in a X Division Title  number one contendership match at Genesis, with the winner getting a shot at the title against RVD the same night. The next week, Kenny King defeated Zema Ion to earn the second spot in the number one contendership match, meaning Kenny King would face Christian York at Genesis for the right to face RVD for the X-Division Title the same night.

What I think should happen: Rob Van Dam should lose the title. I don’t know I just don’t feel excited for the X-Division with him being champion. I mean, let’s not forget, RVD is a veteran after all. The champion should be way more energetic. I get why RVD is the X-Division Champion. They want the X-Division to feel prestigious again, so they put the strap on a big-name star like RVD, but despite his abilities in the ring, he just isn’t fast-paced enough for this division in my opinion. I think Kenny King should win the belt tonight, and be built as champion for months and months to come. Remember, Destination X is finished because of the new 4 PPV system from TNA, so they don’t need to have someone trade the X-Division title for a TNA World Title shot, so use the new specials in production to build the X-Divsion again. They are PLENTY of guys around the world who wouldn’t think twice about joining TNA and being a part of their division if they give it enough exposure, and bring by the Six Sides.

What I think will happen: Christian York defeats Kenny King, and Kenny King costs York the title match later that night. I don’t think TNA would want to have RVD drop the belt just yet. I think Kenny King is destined for the belt, I just don’t think it’ll happen tonight.

Christopher Daniels vs James Storm

Background: At Final Resolution, Storm defeated Kazarian in a random match that was put together that night. But after AJ Styles lost to Christopher Daniels in their final match at Final Resolution and “left” the company, Storm took exception to Daniels and Kazarian taking the piss out of AJ on the next few weeks on Impact. Three weeks ago, Daniels and Kazarian first had “Santa Claus” come out and slander AJ, before Storm got involved and attacked Santa. Then, two weeks ago, Kazarian came out dressed as AJ Styles making fun of AJ. A match between James Storm and Christopher Daniels was then put in place for Genesis to settle their dispute.

What I think should happen: Christopher Daniels wins, because he’s freaking awesome! Seriously, that segment with Daniels calling out “AJ Styles” for “one SECOND last time” and calling the fans “Ham Sandwiches” was funny as hell. Yeah Kazarian was funnier with his AJ Styles impression, but I would love it if Daniels got pushed to the World Title, and defeating James Storm would be huge for Daniels.

What I think will happen: James Storm will win. As much as I’d like to see Daniels win, they want Storm to win the title down the line, and they would not want him to lose to someone like Daniels.

Devon vs Joseph Park

Background: At Turning Point, Joseph Park was defeated by DOC. On the next Impact Wrestling, Joseph Park agreed to go to OVW (TNA’s developmental territory) for training so he could face Aces And Eights on more time. Over the weeks, TNA started showing segments which showed Park hard at work. Despite getting off to a bad start, Park actually made some progress and dedicated himself to wrestling a lot more while there. He returned to TNA on Thursday to ask Hulk Hogan for a match with Aces And Eights. Hogan eventually agreed to giving Park his match with an Aces And Eights member at Genesis, who was later revealed to be Devon.

What I think should happen: Devon wins. I think Aces And Eights should just kick the crap out of Park, take him out. And have Abyss come back, to try and avenge his brother. That’s what I think should happen.

What I think will happen: Devon wins. Despite training, Joseph Park is still gonna get squashed I think.

Miss Tessmacher vs Mickie James vs ODB vs Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky in a Gauntlet Match to determine the #1 contender for the TNA Knockouts Championship

Background: The Knockouts Division has been picking up as of late. With the returns of Velvet Sky and Mickie James, competition for the title held by Tara has picked up. So, this gauntlet has been put together, pitting 5 former knockouts champions against each other for the right to face Tara for the Knockouts Championship.

What I think should happen: I’m a big fan of Tessmacher, so I’d like to see her win the match. While it’d make more sense for Velvet Sky to win the match since she just returned, there’s still some kind of storyline going on between Tara and Tessmacher. I mean she teamed with Robbie T to defeat Tara and Jesse on Thursday’s Impact. So I’d like to see Tessmacher face Tara again. These two can do good work together.

What I think will happen: I think Velvet Sky will win. Mickie James won’t win, since she had a shot at Final Resolution. I doubt ODB will win. Gail Kim won’t win. I see Sky winning it over Tessmacher to be honest, since she just returned.

Sting vs DOC

Background: 2 weeks before Turning Point, DOC was unmasked as a member of Aces And Eights. The next week, The VP told DOC to prove his worth to the group to become a full-pledged member. So, DOC went after Sting, delivering a brutal beat down to Sting with a hammer. With this attack, DOC was fully accepted into Aces And Eights. However, vignettes started to air which would reveal that Sting would return on the 3rd of January 2013 edition of Impact Wrestling. And he made good on his word, saving Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle from Aces And Eights. Sting then stated that he was coming for DOC. DOC vs Sting was made for Genesis.

What I think should happen: If TNA want the Aces And Eights faction to show more significance and become more of a threat, they’d have DOC beat one of the biggest stars in TNA. While DOC is terrible on the mic, he still posses that mean streak that gives him importance in the group, and I feel DOC could really go places in TNA.

What I think I will happen: Sting will win. This is his revenge match. I don’t see TNA having him lose (even though he should).

Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy (c) in an elimination triple threat match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Background: At Bound For Glory, Jeff Hardy won the TNA World Title from Austin Aries, and successfully defended it against him at Turning Point in a Ladder match. Afterwards, Bobby Roode became the number one contender for the TNA World Title, and on the Impact Wrestling before Final Resolution, Bobby Roode paid Aces And Eights to attack Jeff before the Roode vs Hardy match at Final Resolution. However, Aces And Eights refused to help him during the title match with Hardy at Final Resolution, which led to Jeff Hardy retaining the title. Aces And Eights then attacked Hardy AND Roode after the match. On the Impact Wrestling after Final Resolution, Roode demanded to know why Aces And Eights attacked him. Devon then revealed that Roode was outbid by Austin Aries, who paid the group to take out both of them at Final Resolution. The next week, Austin Aries was granted a World Title the next week in a one on one match with Jeff Hardy However, Roode screwed Aries out of the title, by hitting a spinebuster on Aries, allowing Jeff to pick up the win. This would lead to Aries calling out Roode for a match at Open Fight Night the next week, which was interrupted by Jeff Hardy. The next week, Jeff Hardy decided to take on both of them at Genesis for the World title in a triple threat match. Hulk Hogan made the match an elimination match.

What should happen: Jeff Hardy loses the title. Whether it’s Aries or Roode that win it, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think Jeff should on to the belt for that long, and Roode and Aires are capable main event heels, so either of them two holding the belt would make good TV.

What will happen: Jeff Hardy will retain the title, because he is TNA’s John Cena. Super Hardy wins!

That’s it. I will watch Genesis tomorrow, since I don’t have University tomorrow. YES! I’m not gonna watch it live. The last PPV I watched live was Hell In A Cell, and that didn’t end so well, and had really bad morning side-effects. Hehe. Later. BYE

Follow me @TomRobinson5199 as always. 🙂 See ya!

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