DEATH BATTLE: Superman vs Goku! Thoughts And Reactions To The Result!


NOTE: I know I’m more of a Sports and Wrestling guy, but I am a bit of a nerd on the side, so I had to cover this. TNA Review is coming up later tonight don’t worry. But now…


Yes, the most highly-anticipated Death Battle of all time. The most debated argument of all-time finally has an end. Superman vs Goku. The internet debates can finally end, as we have a winner from the battles of battles. And that winner is…….

The Man Of Steel – SUPERMAN!

Yeah, it was probably the closest and most epic fight produced by anyone, but Superman prevailed, and I’m glad he did. I’m not exactly that knowledgeable on the Dragonball Z characters’ capabilities, but even I can see it’s hard to argue with the result. Remember, these guys did a SHIT load of research before having the battle take place, but it was decided over one simple factor. It’s exactly what Wiz said at the end of the video. Goku is willing to break the limits in order to achieve his goal. He’s willing to risk it all in hopes of success. However, Superman is SUPERMAN. He has no limits to break.

Also, Goku isn’t exactly the smartest fighter, as he exposed Superman to so much of the Sun, which increased his abilities to anything that Goku can transform to. Superman, believe it or not, is a smart fighter himself. Yes, his martial arts skills don’t even come close to Goku, but Superman is one of the leading members of the Justice League for a reason, because he is a great strategist. Maybe he’s developed his strategy with the assistance of Batman over the years, but he was a capable strategist long before he met Batman, and has outsmarted Lex Luthor on more than one occasion. Superman was also effortlessly able to hold his own against even Super Sayian Level 4 Goku and could keep with his incredible agility. Superman’s speed is off the charts.

Of course, this fight is not about who is the smartest. It’s about power and strength, and I always though Superman would have trumped Goku in these areas before the fight was aired. Superman can move entire planets effortlessly and strength’s more his game anyway. Goku is strong himself, but he’s not even in Superman’s league. He’s the tale of the tape for Superman and Goku’s speed, strength and durability…

SUPERMAN VS GOKU: SEE? Never stood a chance.

SUPERMAN VS GOKU: SEE? Never stood a chance.

So even if Goku was aware of Superman’s exposure-to-the-sun situation, and he was given prep time, he could not have competed with Superman on any of these scales. Goku’s durability is pathetic in comparison to Superman’s.

So, overall, it was a great production that was certainty worth the wait. If this makes it’s way onto YouTube down the road, I’ll be watching this over and over again. Great use of the 3D too and every second of the fight kept me at the end of my seat. Also, I linked up my laptop to the TV and watched it on the “big” screen, so it was a lot more epic. Whatever the result was, it doesn’t matter. This was simply… AMAZING. And hopefully, Dragonball Z fanboys can SHUT THE FUCK UP, accept defeat and end this argument. I mean Death Battle had Vegeta defeat Shadow The Hedgehog. So what if their top guy lost to Superman. That series is still epic. And this fight almost makes up for Batman losing to Spiderman. -.- Still a little mad about that, but Superman won so I’m happy.

ANYWAY… nerd moment over. Stay tuned for my blog posts about TNA’s new PPV Plans, and the TNA review, which both could get done today. I may leave the TNA PPV Plans blog post to tomorrow. I haven’t decided. But stay tuned, and thanks to the readers that have been getting the readership up for me! THANKS

3 thoughts on “DEATH BATTLE: Superman vs Goku! Thoughts And Reactions To The Result!

  1. Unfortunately they broke their own rules. They specified “no outside help” and yet the source they used to compute superman’s strength was a feat that had Green Lantern using his power ring to assist. You can even see it in the image they used in the video. Pause at 26:50 and you can see all that green construct is from the ring and there’s even a text bubble of Superman telling him to add his power. They also referenced clips from Allstar Superman, and the entire premise of Allstar is that Superman has been given an unusual powerup by Lex Luthor that powers him up so much that it’s killing him.

    They did a bunch of strange things with Goku, too. Some were just weird, like how they had Goku using the power pole. That was something he only used as a child and never appeared in Dragonball Z, Others weakened him, like how they based his speed on an event that happened very early in the series. Yet in other cases they gave Goku abilities that contradicted the source material. For example, they had him siphoning energy from the sun near the end, but the spirit bomb technique very specifically is supposed to draw energy from living things. Or even the fact that they include Super Saiyan 4, which is not canon at all. That in particular probably helped him, so it’s not like they were delibertely trying to gimp him….some things they did helped Goku, some hindered him like basing his speed off of a very old feat, some were just weird and probably didn’t change things either way like including the nyoi-bo and the kinto un in the fight. But all around they made several choices that were very strange.

    There were also issues with inconsistent application of the verses. For example, they gave Superman the infinite mass punch, which is problematic because it’s actually not a Superman move. It’s a move given to any DC speedster regulated by the Speed Force. For example, Flash has done it too. The premise is that anyone capable of approaching the speed of light, because of physics, should in theory be able to punch approaching infinitely hard…and there’s an implied secondary power if they can punch that hard and not hurt themselves in the process then obviously they’re durable enough to take hits that hard. The problem is that again, it’s not a Superman move. It’s an “anyone who can move near light speed maneuver” and they acknowledged in the death battle video that both Superman and Goku were faster than light. So to be consistent, they should have picked a universe and applied the same rules to both in which case either Goku should have been given that maneuver and it’s related durability also, or neither of them should have had it. Lots of people have pointed this out in one form or another: the two different fictional universes work differently, and they were inconsistent about how they applied the rules.

    There were a bunch of problems in their analysis. I’m sure they tried…but if they were more familiar with the source material they were using on both sides, things might have gone differently.

    • They(ScrewAttack) leaned heavily on goku.Those strange things you mentioned like the power pole and SSJ4 were given for Goku’s advantage! The spirit bomb draws energy from living beings who GIVE IT VOLUNTARILY, AND SINCE SCREW ATTACK HAS RULES AGAINST OUTSIDE HELP(OTHER PEOPLE OR ALLIES!) THEY HAD TO RESORT WITH INANIMATE OBJECTS SUCH AS THE SUN!

      They added such clips ( all-star superman) for both etertainment and to give you an idea of the power superman holds. You are also not paying attention on his speed they didn’t just calculate the snake way speed and left it at that,No, they calculated his speed in snake way, multiplied it times his base form’s prime(AND with the gravity formula) and then multiplied it by his SSj forms. Also Flash doesn’t OWN The infinite mass punch, that’s just a trump card he uses to fight against very tough enemys, superman can use it too whenever or wherever he want’s to.

      The reference you did about green lantern was also totally inacurate, superman told Green Lanter to add his power so the green construct wouldn’t slip or snap! Green Lantern just made the handle, he really didn’t do anything esept that!As I said before they actually leaned heavily on Goku,Boomstick even admitted he hated superman.They even did an other simulation that doubled Goku’s power and he STILL lost!
      Next time try to watch the whole video and understand! I know it’s hard seeing your favorite Fictional character lose… but GET FREAKING OVER IT! YOUR WRONG, GOKU LOST! SUPERMAN WON! GOKU’S NOT INVICIBLE YOU KNOW HE GOT BEATEN AND KILLED BEFORE, AND TO SAY OTHERWISE IS AN INSULT TO GOKU!

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