ALBERTO DEL RIO: Nope, this was not the work of photoshop.

ALBERTO DEL RIO: Nope, this was not the work of photoshop.

Normally, I don’t look much into tapings, and I don’t watch SmackDown! that much because of the spoilers released online. But this one, I had to blog about, and I couldn’t wait for after it aired to do it, because of what happened. And amazingly, The Rock returning to SmackDown! for the first time in nearly 10 years is not the reason.

Because, we had a title change! And it wasn’t the US Title, or the tag titles, or even divas title for that matter. The World Heavyweight Championship found a new owner on SmackDown! Big Show is no longer the World Heavyweight Champion. THANK GOD! He lost a last man standing match and the new champion is…

ALBERTO DEL RIO! ALBERTO DEL RIO! ALBERTO DEL RIO! And, yes folks. I am so goddamn happy about that! Big Show is no longer the champion, and the new face on the block, Alberto Del Rio, has dethroned the Giant and gained the championship which I thought he should have won during his feud with Sheamus. And it certainly was a shocker to say the least. Of all the guys that were rumored to be in the world title picture at Wrestlemania, Alberto Del Rio was barely mentioned. The face turn has given Del Rio a shift in character, and the shift has turned into a World Title victory! HOLY S**T!

But…. of course, this title change may have been put in place just for the ratings. I mean SmackDown! has been dreadful in ratings, largely due with it being taped. So maybe Vince just wanted a ratings boost. So if that’s he case, I don’t see Del Rio being champion for long. At the moment, reportedly he doesn’t seem to have any World Title plans for Wrestlemania (or maybe he does and we just don’t know about it), so Del Rio would likely either lose it either at the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber. It’d be kinda cool to see Del Rio be champion for a while. He’s had two spells as WWE Champion and neither reign lasted that long. In fact, neither reign even lasted 50 days. I mean seriously, this guy needs a long title reign, and with him gaining new-found momentum with the face turn, he should be walking into Wrestlemania as champion,  and he should retain the belt on that show. Del Rio has so much going for him. Mic skills improving, amazing wrestling ability, and he’s got a ring announcer.

As much as I’d like to see that, I just think this was done for the ratings and I think Del Rio will LOSE the belt in only a matter of time. WWE did announce Del Rio’s victory publicly on their website. So, for the third time in the last several months, WWE have spoiled a title change before the taping aired. Don’t know how smart that is. Why tell the audience they are trying to attract what actually happens? Takes away unpredictably.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Also on that show, The Rock was confronted by Rhodes Scholars (Rock vs Sandow would be amazing to watch) and Sheamus squashed the 3MB.

But this SmackDown!’s was Del Rio’s SmackDown! The Mexican Aristocrat stole the show!



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